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Found 10 results

  1. I'm barely 24 years old and after working hard from the age of 13, I decided to treat myself to a new car with my savings after my beloved C2 started turning. Unfortunately a fortnight ago -only having the car 4 months - on the first day of my break after the Christmas season, I was driving along and with all the bad weather - according to the police - lost my back wheels and steering after hitting a bad patch of leaves. This caused me to descend almost 6 ft down a mountain banking - thankfully a tree stopped my car or I wouldn't be here. The fact that my airbags didn't deploy meant I wasn't even driving at a speed, it was just purely environmental coupled with bad luck. after two weeks of inquiring and phoning - something Hastings representatives promised to do back but failed every time -we were told I would be receiving a good offer today. Friday they had sent a decent offer but unfortunately it meant I couldn't replace my car. I explained that I didn't spend most of my savings to end up with a lesser car. Today however, we were fobbed off. Different departments, all who claimed to know nothing of what was going on, to have no information about the Friday conversation and any other information relevant to getting me my car. It would even take 24 hours for a manager to get back to us with a phone call if that was what we wanted. I need to go back to work this week - and there is no public transport to my job. While some of the representatives have been wonderful, 60% have been awful to the point of rude. Back and forth, back and forth on so many occasions, it exhausted me. This poor treatment has even reduced me to tears at an already emotional time - I've never had any incident when driving, I'm lucky to be alive and I've barely slept since. And to top it all off? My excess increased by £200 from what was stated when I took out the policy because I'm under 25 so no matter what I get, I am down a lot more money than originally thought. If I'd known how high the excess would be I don't think I would have taken out the policy. Then the back and forth of "yes you can have a courtesy car" " no you can't." I understood eventually that a write off meant I wasn't entitled and it was in my policy but I didn't need the constant contradiction between staff raising my hopes at some normality. Can someone help me? What do I do? All I want is the money so I can buy my car and for my life to resume as close to normal as soon as possible and for me not to have to phone them again. Surely it doesn't take two weeks for that? Especially when it's not even down to another driver etc.? I just want for everything to be sorted and for peace to resume. Thanks in advance for any/all help!
  2. :mad2:Ok where to start before taking this out for my daughter we phioned hasting to see how much her insurance would go up once she passed her test as the quote was for £158 whilst she was learning We were told around £100 - 250 for the year depending on her driving feed back - Fair eneough i thought so understand that she did not use her car much for 6 months as she was learning in the drivers instructers car and did not do a lot of other driving infact the car stayed in the garage for nearly 3 months Whjen she passed her test in Dec the insurance jumped to £376 A MONTH when i finally got up off the floor and called the insurance company they said that was correct and e-mails since sent have had no reply asking them to justify this cost My daughter at most will drive 60 miles a week in a radius of 9 miles this has got to be a rip off, its a fiat panda 1.2 no mods basic car low mileage
  3. Hastings have raided my bank account with an unauthorised debit of £93.61 on 8th November without any reason or prior communication. I purchased a new motorcycle policy from Hastings in June 2013. It does not expire until June 2014 and the premium of £83.92 was paid in full on commencement. Upon emailing Hastings about the anomaly, their response email was a PDF copy of their complaints procedure. My follow up email requested a return of the full amount within 24 hours along with the removal of my debit card details from their system. Hastings has stopped all communication with me. In simple terms, Hastings have retained my debit card details from June 2013 to pick-pocket my account at will. It would appear that maximum publicity of this matter, Ombudsman and County Court action may be my only recourse. All advice appreciated please.
  4. I insured with Hastings Direct which I am now really, really regretting. Whatever you do DON'T insure with them. Unless you want a truly bad experience if you ever have to claim. I recently had an accident on the inner ring road in Leeds, a dangerous place at the best of times. There was a stopped lorry and the car in front panicked (maybe) and did an emergency stop for no reason. It was a low speed impact. I called Hastings and was recovered to Nationwide Crash Repair Centre. I was told on the phone that NCRC would provide a courtesy car. When we got there they informed me that there were no courtesy cars available and there wouldn't be until the following week. this was Friday. I rang them every day after that, until the assessor had deemed the car a total loss. At which point they wouldn't give me a courtesy car anyway. I've had to hire cars for the last three weeks. I received a letter from Hastings telling me what would happen during the claim. One of the items was that the car would be taken to secure storage and I need to take out any personal belongings before it is moved. The letter was dated on the day of the accident, but I didn't receive it until a week and half later, by which time my car had been taken to Copart in York. Copart sent me the tax disc back the next day. Last week, I received a letter from the Total Loss Team at Hastings asking fro my documents and referring to the Policy about how an estimate is made. I never received any documents from Hastings Direct in the post - no certificate, no terms and conditions. I've called three times asking for copies of the policy. The first time I was emailed a copy of the certificate, which I din't ask for. The second time, I was told that they don't really do this, then after speaking to her "senior" for several minutes was told it would be emailed to me. The third time I was told that the t&cs can't be emailed but that a paper copy would be posted to me. That was several days ago, so not holding out much hope. I've also been told that I can't buy the car back once an settlement is reached. They said to phone Copart and ask them. A very nice lady at Copart informed me that they don't sell privately, but only via auction. She said she didn't know why Hastings don't sell back to the owner, and that they are the ONLY insurer in the UK who don't do this. The policy was a bit cheaper than others, but no surprise because it is a nightmare. To buy the car back via auction, this would mean driving to York, removing all the handsfree and audio equipment behind the dash, transferring my number plate, joining Copart, bidding on the car, reinstalling all the equipment and re-transferring my plate back to the car! The car is a rare one. It took me ages to find this car with this exact spec. I'll never find another one like it, and the parts will go for a fortune at auction! Is there anything I can do? Should I see a solicitor? I have access to a low loader, a mechanic, all the parts needed and a paint shop. I can get the car repaired for a third of what the assessor has said. Not worried about Cat C, as I never want to sell it.
  5. I called up yesterday as i need to tax a car before finalising the sale of a car and was told they'd get emailed to me and yet i'm still waiting a day later. Not having them posted to me wasn't a problem when you can insure online but when you can't and need to tax at the DVLA office apprently they don't have access to the insurance database...
  6. I'm so frustrated and angry with Hastings Direct i imagine their profits are through the roof with the way that they use customers for their gain. ( i realise they are a business but every part of the policy they use against customers whether its a non fault/fault claim) I was bumped in the rear of my car and the 3rd party insurance excepted the liability. the 3rd party asked to process the claim but after speaking with Hastings i was advised it would be in my best interest to stay with them. I reported to my insurance the accident and was advised that they would move the claim over to Albany assistance who would come look at my car and get the repairs under way (not having to pay my excess) on the understanding that when the car went in for repairs id have to take a hire car. eventually Albany advised the car was a total loss and i was told the claim would now go back to Hastings direct. after 2 days i was advised that as my car was a previous cat d it would be worth £1075 (looking around at trade cat d more like £1400 to £1500) but to be deducted from the amount would be the remaining years insurance (which i pay monthly) £450. I was absolutely distraught but after speaking with a friend felt much better has she had just been through a similar situation and bought her total loss car back for a small fee. So again spoke to Hastings to discover THEY DON'T DO THAT!! After 10 minutes research i come across stories of Hastings customers that have actually been allowed to buy back their total loss cars. Any help are advise would be welcomed i am so frustrated that a non fault situation can cause so much STRESS and EXPENSE Thank You
  7. Apologies for the length of this!!! :mad2:On November 16th 2012 our car was hit by a council van while parked at work. My husband reported it and Hastings sent it away to Nationwide for the damage to be assessed. We were given a hire car which was sub-contracted to Enterprise. The council's insurers accepted full liability and wanted to deal with us directly but we were advised to deal with our own company first to see what they would offer. On 26th November I rang them and they had deemed it a total loss-the damage was to the bumper,rear lights and a small part of the body work. My husband was advised by the initial representative that he would be able to buy the car back. We were asked to send all our documents showing full service history etc-year's MOT etc etc which we did so that they could assess the value.(6th Dec) We received the tax disc back from Copart on the 4th December saying that our vehicle was in safe storage. On the 20th December, Enterprise telephoned to ask if we had heard from Hastings. We said No. They said they'd been in contact with Hastings who said they should have phoned us but they were so busy-could we phone them? We didn't hear anything. We received a letter dated 19th December,2012 on the 28th December as a receipt for the safe arrival of the documents. On the 4th January,2013 we had a phone call from Enterprise saying the 3rd party insurers were cancelling the hire car as it was taking too long. WE were advised to phone them to get it extended. We waited on hold for 40 mins and eventually got through to a rep who promised to extend the hire car for another week. He told us the offer they had come up with. We were not happy with it and doubted that everything had been taken into account. IT certainly wouldn't allow us to buy a similar car. The rep said to my husband he could cancel the claim and get it repaired himself which was different to what we had been told at the start. The next day Enterprise phoned to say they had not heard of the extension and we would be liable for the cost. At 11.40 we had a call from someone else at Hastings saying the hire car was to go back and they would send us a replacement but from another company but not until Monday.I tried to contact On Saturday we emailed our first complaint to the company at the poor communication etc. On Monday(7th) we had the second hire car delivered to us and when I telephoned Hastings to find what was happening to the first was told it had been extended for another week and that the new hire would be collected! This meant that the same driver who had just dropped off the car came back to collect it . WE spoke to a senior loss adjuster about our complaint (8th) -he agreed that the offer was too low and that he would work on it. He spoke to my husband on Saturday and agreed to up the offer, return our car to us and then said " OH bad news-it's been sold" Today I received a notification from the DVLA that we are no longer the registered owner of the vehicle. The Senior loss adjuster accepts that they have made mistakes and not dealt with things properly but the car has been sold by Copart and there is nothing they can do. I have contacted the FOS but that all takes time and I feel like I have been mugged. We did everything that was asked of us but have met with incompetence and misinformation at every turn. Does anyone have any advice?
  8. My vehicle had front end damage, some visible to me some not. Hastings arranged for the vehicle to be taken to Nationwide Crash Repair on a Wednesday, this didn't happen till pm on the Thursday. A day off work for no reason. I was left with a vehicle with a flat spare tyre. It took over a week and several calls to get this sorted. When I was informed my vehicle was ready, I said I couldn't take delivery till 3.30pm, and was told it would have to driven to me as the transport drivers would be over on their miles/times. But any fuel used would be replaced, it wasn't. On delivery I pointed out the bonnet wasn't closed properley and wouldn't close, the driver called Nationwide who said they passed it so I would have to speak to Hastings. I have done time and time again, both Hastings and Nationwide are saying I need to speak to the other. They are saying a cheaper bonnet had to be used to make the repair economicle. This would be fine if it actually fit. They also replaced a headlight. The bonnet touches the seal on this headlight but I can put my hand between the bonnet and other headlight. Either the bonnet is fitted incorrectly or just the wrong size, or the headlight is in the wrong place. The fact that the bonnet would lock should be reason enough to get this sorted. The drivers door had to have paint work done, some bare metal is showing. Since the accident, the steering wheel is slightly out of line, apparently I should have reported this at the time. I didn't notice at the time. Hastings said they would arrange an inspection. Today I was called by Hoopers Engineers who had been give the job of inspcecting the steering. They told me I would have to arrange for a garage with a ramp for them to use. I don't have time to do this and as a Fully Comprehensive customer an absolutley astonished I was asked. I am due to go on holiday in 3 weeks, where I have to drive on the motorway, not even thinking of the steering, I am woried about the bonnet coming open, also water getting in the gaps. This needs sorting ASAP.
  9. I had an accident at the end of January. After sending all my documents in as requested, the underwriters have voided my policy. They say that I didn't tell them about 2 SP30 convictions. My position is this: I believe that I declared all accidents and convictions when applying originally online. I never received any documents at all, which I only realised at the time of the accident. I always keep the insurance certificate in my car. It wasn't there. The attending police officer at the accident informed me who I was insured with, as no contact of any kind had been received from Hastings since buying the policy. If I had received the documents I would have checked them, as I always do. I would have noticed the missing information and contacted Hastings. Their underwriters are saying that because I didn't contact them about the missing documents they are concluding that I did receive them and they have voided the policy AND cancelled my policy on the car I've had to buy in the meantime. They have informed me that there is a third party claim, and said I must complete and return a "Form of Consent and Indemnity" so that Hastings can deal with the third party claim on my behalf and then bill me for it. Is this last part a joke? I withdrew my original claim a few weeks ago, having had to contact them again after my initial request apparently was ignored. Hastings Direct are the worst insurance company I have EVER dealt with. EVER. I have told all my contacts and business associates the same to save them form the miserable experience I have had since the accident. Any advice on this would be great. I'm hanging fire at the moment, but I'm thinking that I need some legal advice. By the way, the person named by the third party (motability) as being involved in the accident is NOT the person that was driving the car. I don't know if this is relevant.
  10. Last Thursday I was in a accident. My vehicle was hit from behind whilst stationary shunting me into the car in front. I am a vauxhall trained mechanic and my car is a vauxhall do did a brief check of the vehicle, mainly bolt on parts needed, a bit of paint and two radiators (one being air con) I got in touch with Hastings direct and the moment I informed their call centre worker of the accident she said 'ohhh it will probably just be written off' now my car is a special car and not many where made, and fewer in the colour I drive. Under no circstances did I want my vehicle scrapped especially for cosmetic damage. She informed me that I would be given the option to buy it back if that was the case, so I began pricing up parts headlights etc just in case. Hastings direct use a company called national for their repair centre and after ME spending the past few days chasing them I got a quote for damages. £3,500 The repair list made up of bumpers Paint and then they claim a jig is needed (to pull the underneath of the engine straight again) this is what has bumped the bill up by over 1000!! Now I know this jig is not needed. I inspected the car myself before it went to national. The lines on the front of the car are all sitting straight. There are no kinks in the wings of the car (and national have quoted bumpers are only body part needed) I am very very suspicious of their quote. So I've got back in touch with Hastings direct. They claim that national are independant blah blah and they wouldn't lie (sorry but they are on your books, I've been told they are the ONLY company you deal with) so I have asked if I can have a independant check at my expense done. They have told me no as I could get a 'friend' to do it. I then asked for them to provide a price to buy te car back, and that is also a no. Apparently I can't do that even tho the lady I spoke to originally claims I could. Is there anyone who can offer me any advice on this? Surely I must be able to get a independant check? They are also asking me for everything I have on the car eg log book my service book receipts from day one but will NOT accept copy's. I really don't want to hand this over yet. Can anyone offer me any advice on this claim please. This is my first insurance and Hastings are about as helpful as my local council!!!
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