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Found 11 results

  1. Hi, Im new here, but needed to find somewhere I can get some advice. I will just put it out there, I have been put on sick leave by my doctor due to depression, which I have never suffered with before. I am a cleaner for a medical centre, 2 months ago as I walked into work, the manger told me to follow her, she walked me into the kitchen, pointed to crumbs on the floor and told me to clean it up then walked out leaving me stood there like a lemon, I had just started work and would of cleaned it when I got to that room, 3 weeks ago, I walked past her again as she was talking to another member of the practice, she cut her conversation short, and shouted to me, that needs cleaning in there, pointing into the staff kitchen, ,the member of staff that was with her at the time, came and apologised to me saying she was embarrassed at the way I was spoken to. Her and I both!! A lot of little things have happened I thought I would arrange a meeting with my supervisor to tell her what had been happening, she told me matter of factly that bullying happens it happens everywhere, I couldnt believe my ears,she also said that I was a scrubber, I told her no i'm a cleaner, she replied saying your a scrubber, we all are in this job, I told her she shouldnt be a supervisor saying these things to me, Since then I have gone on sick leave due to depression, I wrote to my boss explaining what had happened so she could document it, I explained in the letter to her I was unable to go to her work place which is a considerable way from where I live she replied saying, rather than read your email, come to my workplace, she hadnt even bothered reading it it took me a whole day to write down everything that had happened and she just couldnt be bothered. The next I heard off her was her emailing asking to do a home welfare check, I had been on sick leave for just 6 days, I felt like crap and was tearfull all the time, I asked her what a home visit entailed, and also that the email I had written her wasnt a formal grievance it was so she knew what had been going on, I havent heard off her since, even though I handed my notice in last week, I think when she saw I wasnt raising any grievance she thought bugger it, I dont need to keep in touch with her now..it has all left me feeling worthless, I did a good job if I didnt the medical centre wouldnt of been able to open, im just wondering if i should put in a grievance, she is the top boss, she built the business so who do i go to, who can help me if it is her business?
  2. Hi CAG, thanks for taking the time to read this. I'll keep it snappy. I recently worked for Lloyds bank but left on 20th June 2016 because I emigrated to Spain, where I now live. I had worked at Lloyds for 6 years. This past weekend (29th October 16) I went back to my old UK address to pick up my post and discovered that at the end of July Lloyds sent a letter informing me they had erroneously paid me my 2015 deferred bonus, and a second letter dated 24th October, stating my 'debt' has been passed on to DrydensFairfax solicitors. The bonus in question was £10k after tax, based on my 2015 performance. £2k was paid on March 20th with the remaining payable £8k on June 20th. The 2k march payment is not disputed, but they want the £8k back I was aware of the deferral system and after discussions with my boss (who i had a great relationship with) delayed my resignation until March 20th, which we both thought was the cut of date, meaning I would mean i would pick up my full bonus on June 20th - my last day as I was on 3 months notice, which I did. I have since checked the small print on one of my letters and it did indeed stipulate that if you are serving your notice period on 1st June 16 you are not entitled to the remainder of the 2015 bonus. So it appears me and my boss were indeed wrong about the date you needed to be not serving notice on to receive the second installment of the bonus, and lloyds made a mistake when they paid it to me. From what I've read this seems to fit the criteria for Estoppel. Discussion with my manager led me to believe this money was mine if i resigned on March 20th, and I have since spent the money (and quote a bit more!) on emigration. If i'm right, then I don't know how to put this in motion. I've not replied to anything yet. I have not had any calls or messages from DrydensFairfax directly, just 2 letters from Lloyds, with the second one asking me to contact drydens to payback the £8k I don't really want to do nothing and risk a court order of black mark on my credit record Thanks again for reading. Any help/advice/thoughts would be hugely appreciated Nick
  3. My complaint is about who is repsonsible for a security breach of my credit card account. I am blaming a 3rd party company to whom I applied for a card for using critical information on that application to hack the credit card account in question (rogue employee). Adjudicator ruled against me - I complained that she had applied a beyond reasonable doubt standard of proof instead of balance of probabilites. My complaint went up the Case Management chain and was fobbed off on each occasion so I put in a very strongly worded complaint to the Independent Assessor. File gets passed on to the Ombudsman who writes to me and says he is aware of the complaint to the Assessor. Then he issues a decision refusing my complaint saying that he has seen the fraudulent transaction it relates to and the Business are not responsible. I asked for a copy of the transaction he had seen - since I had not supplied it. The Ombudsman wrote to me stating he had made a mistake in saying he had seen the transaction but had based his decision on how fraudulent transactions are carried out and that there had been a fraudulent transaction in my case. The evidence before him was that my account had been hacked not that my card had been used fraudulently. I have written confirmation of this from my credit card company who also confirmed that they have not shared details of that transaction with anyone. He has basically fabricated the evidence he based his decision on. Aside from a renewed complaint to the Assessor any other observations?
  4. Hi everyone Long time lurker, have successfully used advice from these forums in the past, so a big thank you to everyone taking time out of their busy lives to help all of us who are unfamiliar with how to deal with such agencies. Back in 2010 I fell into debt due to a business failure. I have a few creditors and all but one have been very reasonable. Following advice from the then CCCS I entered into agreed payment arrangements with my creditors and this has been working fine for both parties involved. I recently received a letter from Shoosmiths with regard to the Natwest debt. It was my understanding that Shoosmiths were debt collectors who had purchased the debt from Natwest as I am paying Shoosmiths directly, and have been for quite some time. They are asking quite aggressively for me to fill out a pretty invasive form which includes the expected income and expenditure but also lots of other personal details that I wouldn't normally pass on to anyone, such as employer details, asset details etc etc. My question is, what information am I bound by law to pass to them? I feel that a basic income and expenditure budget sheet should do, but they are threatening court action if they don't get everything they want. I am furthermore uneasy about providing personal information after having read of their failings by sending a lot of debtors information to one debtor they were pursuing. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  5. listening to radio about being left handed..
  6. My daughter had her car seized and taken away for 6 unpaid £35 parking tickets, all received outside her own front door whilst waiting for a residents parking permit. The parking trolls knew she lived there but never once knocked on her door to give her the chance to move the car. She has lost her job and cannot afford to pay car park fees and has been trying to move her car around, not easy when you are a resident and there is nowhere to park if you are not a resident. She was not given any warning that they were going to take the car and it cost us £2200 to get it back. The bailiff from Jacobs didnt even give her the chance to pay any money to stop him taking the car, he just took it. She then received a letter, the day AFTER they took the car, warning her that she had 10 days to make an arrangement to pay the outstanding amount. This was dated the day before they seized the car and was for £1700. Strangely, the debt increased by £500 over night and she wasn't even given 24 hours notice. These people are shysters and operating on the say so of a shyster council. The bailiff even had the hard face to call my daughter a liar to myself as I was handing over the money to release the car!! She is not a liar, he did not hand her a notice, or post one through her door. This is now proven by the fact she received it through the mail/post!! And he rang to tell me his office had not posted any letter out They have not acted within proper lawful procedure and I am sure this is happening more than we know about.
  7. Hi... i was caught shoplifting in tesco this morning, the alarm went off and the jacket i had stuffed in a shopping bag was found by the guard. ..i had no receipt so he asked which till i went through. ..here is where it got messy. ..to try to wriggle out of it i made one up and the woman on there said no she hadn't served me ...the guard called the manager who went away to check whether i had gone through the till.. .i was severely panicking by now, sweating and feeling terribly ashamed that the fact my daughter needed a coat for school that i couldn't afford resulted in me trying to steal it. ..the guard went over to a till to get the woman to try to find the tag. ..while they were looking they just left me standing by the entrance ...so after about 2 minutes i just walked out, got in my car and drove home...in a state i might add. ..i have quite rightly spent the day and evening feeling totally ashamed, terrified of a knock on the door and have now got up at 3am as i cannot sleep. ..i am sick to my stomache. ..the jacket was priced at £26. ..they never asked my name or address. ..i had paid for some shopping with cash but used my clubcard. ..now what.. .will they come after me ...will the police be informed.. .what am i to do. ..i will add that i will never let the shame i felt at not being able to afford a coat for my child to let me do such a stupid thing again.. .please someone help me as i have been searching the internet for answers all day ...i am terrified of the repercushions and am thoroughly ashamed of myself.
  8. I handed my notice in 3 weeks ago and my boss is disputing my hours / workload for the period of time I worked (2 weeks.) My job is working from home and I completed some data entry which they are saying doesn't add up for the hours I've said I work. Where do I stand legally? I was never set objectives or a input per minute schedule for the work.
  9. The Government is to give the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) new powers to suspend a consumer credit licence with immediate effect. It follows outrage from consumer groups after companies that have been censured for breaking the rules are allowed to continue operating. The most high-profile case was Yes Loans, which charged would-be borrowers up to £70 for loans that they would never be offered. The new measure will help the OFT clamp down on rogue companies that provide any goods or services around credit, lend money, collect debts or help people with debt problems – like payday lenders and debt management firms. The new power, which will come into effect in early 2013, allows the regulator to act fast when consumers need urgent protection. The move, announced by Consumer Affairs Minister Norman Lamb and the Financial Secretary to the Treasury Mark Hoban, comes in response to growing concerns that these rogue firms can continue trading despite the decision to revoke their licence being a clear indication that the regulator thinks they are unfit to operate. Currently the OFT has the power to suspend or revoke a consumer credit licence, but businesses can appeal this decision and can continue to trade during the appeal period, which in some cases can last up to two years. Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/news/article-2176054/OFT-gets-power-clamp-rogue-credit-firms-payday-lenders.html#ixzz21BKGWqVZ
  10. I am thinking about sending this letter to Bannatynes as they are threatening to take me to court. Please let me know what you think. Thank you. Without prejuice : I am writing to express how very disappointed I am with your company. I feel you have failed to address my complaints, and your use of heavy handed collection techniques which I believe have no place in the business of dealing with consumers, as stated in the unfair contract term act 1977. I feel no contract has been broken myself, as I have signed no contract with you. so no terms and conditions were told to me. I believe I need a membership card with a picture of myself to use your facilities I have not received or used, ( i.e set foot in your gym.) I contacted yourselves to cancel my contract within 14 days of the contract starting, stating that I myself did not sign the contract which was in my name. I was informed that I was unable to cancel as it was a 12 month contract, which was very strong. I contacted Sue Roberts the club administor of Ashford kent branch and left messages but received no reply. So i feel that unfair terms in the consumer contacts regulations were have been apposed upon me, so will not stand up in a court of law. I will defend my case and costs will be awarded to me. So far I have paid £480 for faciilties i have never used, didn't sign a contract for and didn't want. As a good goodwill gesture I would have imagined Bannatyne's Health club would have at least changed the membership into my wife's name so she could at the very least use the facilities i was paying for. This was not the case. After speaking with your company several times about the fact that the contract is in the name of Mr x, but not signed by the same name, i would now like a copy of this contract sent to me along with my membership card, which up to this point i have never seen. Please understand that i have tried to resolve this matter with yourselves on several occasions, but since you have now threatened me with a CCJ, i feel i have exhausted every avenue with you. Please find enclosed copies of some case law that i have found relevant to this case, which i am sure the judge will find most useful. For the measure of damages in contract, see 12 Halsbury's Laws (4th edn) paras 1174-1176 and for a case on the subject, see 17(2) Digest (2nd reissue) 248, 1271. Cases referred to in judgments Addis v Gramophone Co Ltd [1909] AC 488, [1908-10] All ER Rep 1, HL. Bank of New South Wales v Milvain (1884) 10 VLR 3, Vic Full Ct. Bliss v South East Thames Regional Health Authority [1987] ICR 700, CA. Brown v KMR Services Ltd [1995] 4 All ER 598, CA. Davidson v Barclays Bank Ltd [1940] 1 All ER 316. Evans v London and Provincial Bank (1917) 3 LDAB 152. Gibbons v Westminster Bank Ltd [1939] 3 All ER 577, [1939] 2 KB 882. Hadley v Baxendale (1854) 9 Exch 341, [1843-60] All ER Rep 461, 156 ER 145. Heron II, The, Koufos v C Czarnikow Ltd [1967] 3 All ER 686, [1969] 1 AC 350, [1967] 3 WLR 1491, HL. Joyce v Sengupta [1993] 1 All ER 897, [1993] 1 WLR 337, CA. Monarch Steamship Co Ltd v Karlshamns (AB) Oljefabriker [1949] 1 All ER 1, [1949] AC 196, HL. Parsons (H) (Livestock) Ltd v Uttley Ingham & Co Ltd [1978] 1 All ER 525, [1978] QB 791, [1977] 3 WLR 990, CA. President of India v La Pintada Cia Navegacion SA [1984] 2 All ER 773, [1985] AC 104, [1984] 3 WLR 10, HL. Rae v Yorkshire Bank plc [1988] BTLC 35, CA. Rolin v Steward (1854) 14 CB 595, 139 ER 245. Wilson v United Counties Bank Ltd [1920] AC 102, [1918-19] All ER Rep 1035, HL. Cases also cited or referred to in skeleton arguments Hill (Christopher) Ltd v Ashington Piggeries Ltd, Christopher Hill Ltd v Fur Farm Supplies Ltd (Norsildmel, third party) [1969] 3 All ER 1496, CA; rvsdsub nom Ashington Piggeries Ltd v Christopher Hill Ltd, Christopher Hill Ltd v Norsildmel [1971] 1 All ER 847, [1972] AC 441 HL. Marzetti v Williams (1830) 1 B & Ad 415, [1824-34] All ER Rep 150, 109 ER 842. Prehn v Royal Bank of Liverpool (1870) LR 5 Exch 92. Seven Seas Properties Ltd v Al-Essa (No 2) [1993] 3 All ER 577, [1993] 1 WLR 1083. Victoria Laundry (Windsor) Ltd v Newman Industries Ltd (Couldson & Co Ltd, third party) [1949] 1 All ER 997, [1949] 2 KB 528, CA. Appeal and cross-appeal By notice dated 18 May 1994 the plaintiff, Udele Edirin Kpohraror, appealed from the decision of Master Tennant in chambers on 16 February 1994 whereby he awarded the plaintiff damages of £5,500 in respect of an action for breach of contract for wrongful dishonouring of his cheque against the defendants, Woolwich Building Society, contending that he was also entitled to recover special damages for loss of profit on the transaction and on ten further shipments which would have followed from it. By notice dated 7 June 1994 the defendants cross-appealed against the award on the ground that the plaintiff was only entitled to nominal damages. The facts are set out in the judgment of Evans LJ. Daphne Loebl (instructed by Anthony Gold Lerman & Muirhead) for the plaintiff. Katherine McQuail (instructed by Morgan Bruce, Cardiff) for the defendants. Cur adv vult I look forward to a speedy response. Yours Sincerley Mr x
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