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Found 5 results

  1. Hi Guys I've been using Airbnb during my travels for the last 8 years. I recently stayed with a family in Scotland and on arrival was introduced to the family dog (a golden retriever). The listing stated that it's a friendly dog and I know that this breed has a good reputation for being a great family pet. When I arrived at the house I received a warm welcome from the host, her husband and their children. I was then introduced to the dog and was encouraged to stroke her so that she would be familiar with me. Later that evening the host, her son and the dog came into my room and we were chatting and again I was stroking the dog and there was no problem. However, on the 2nd evening when I saw the dog lying outside the kitchen door which is opposite my room, I approached her and was stroking her on the head for about 30 seconds when I saw her lips curl up as she started growling. Obviously, I knew that wasn't a good sign so I quickly jumped back but she still managed to bite me on my right hand but because I jumped back she didn't break my skin. I know this is unusual behaviour for this breed but what the host told me on arrival was that the dog is terminally ill with cancer and she pointed to the dog's stomach to show me that she has a massive tumour. The following night when I had to go to the bathroom in the midddle of the night, the dog started growling as I was coming down the stairs to go back into my room (the dog sleeps outside the kitchen and I had to go upstairs to the 1st floor to use the bathroom). I believe that the illness is the cause of the dog becoming temperamental but the host is blaming me for approaching the dog. when I reported the incident to airbnb they suggested that I request a refund from the host. However, when I made the request the host said they disagree and put the blame on me. I had stayed 4 nights that cost just over £200. I would appreciate some advice on where I stand with this. I'm not trying to gain a large sum of money out of this as I wasn't injured but it was a frightening experience and I was very wary of the dog after that. I personally don't think a refund is an unreasonable request but as they're blaming me for approaching the dog that they introduced me to I am now considering the next step. I would appreciate any legal guidelines on this matter. If anyone has any factual information then that would be really helpful.
  2. I attended a evening wedding reception at the HOLIDAY INN SOUTHAMPTON. I drove around the car park twice but didn't see any signage about parking fees. I parked my car and went in through the side door of the hotel which was hired out for the wedding party and guests. I was very upset and shocked yesterday to receive a parking fine for £60 through the post. I telephoned the HOLIDAY INN straight up and explained I was a guest to the wedding of ?? and ??, on the 14 July but she said there was nothing she could do. Do I just pay it and not have a leg to stand on? I have never had to deal with anything like this before so thats £60 down the drain
  3. Hi I need some advice... I am on ESA (Support Group) and get Housing and council tax benefit. My good friend has come from South Africa and is staying at mine until he finds somewhere. He is sleeping on my sofa as I have a one bedroom flat. I am not charging him rent and he buys his own food. He is also doing temporary agency work part time to earn some money. I have informed the council that he is staying here and now they want to reduce my housing benefit/council tax benefit because they believe he should contribute towards the rent! So would he be able to claim Housing Benefit if he only works part time and is on a low wage? The council have asked to see evidence of his incoming wages and I have to now supply his wage slips. Any help/advice please? Thanks Phil
  4. A little bit of background, my disabled mother got into a bit of bother and started to get penalty charges added to her account back in 2007 just before the test case, she sent her SAR off to Lloyds and they responded by sending a list of charges and fees added since 2001, as a result she put a claim in for around £3500 in just fees, but Lloyds refused to look at it until the test case was decided. She wrote again a couple of times pleading with them as the money was being taken from her disability benefit and pension and she was being left with nothing to live on, twice they promised to look into her hardship case, twice she never had a response. Skip forward a few years, after being passed around the DCA's it finally went to Nelson Guest and Partners who have now issued a Northampton Court Claim, this was issued on 5th Nov and today we acknowledged it online saying she intends to defend it as she feels that the charges and fees they have taken from her in the past far out ways what they are claiming. She doesn't remember ever receiving a default notice but as she is getting on a bit she might be wrong (her words, not mine), we have most of the paperwork from when we SAR'd Lloyds a few years ago but just wondered where we go from here? I believe we have to send a CPR 31.14 to Nelson Guest to try and find out what info they actually have, anyone have a link the CPR that i can copy and edit please? Is there anything else we have to do? Baring in mind my mother is 65yo on a pension and disabled she is panicking like mad as she thinks they are going to take her house and all her money etc, she is constantly being ripped off and it's about time something went her way for once! I look forward to any responses Thanks
  5. Good afternoon all, I read the forums pages, usually all the transport ones, quite often with out logging in, and have noticed that on more than one occaision guest viewers are treated with a bit of suspicion, especially on one or two of the longer threads in the private car parking section. My apologies but its usually quicker not to log in as it normally takes me a few goes to remember my password. Thank you very much
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