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Found 22 results

  1. My daughter bought a new flat, made by Barratt homes about 18 months ago. Last week she had a letter from some solicitors called FS Legal about a "Leasehold Action Group for your Development", essentially warning her of the potential problem of a ground rent clause which may make life difficult in the future. I have the agreement but can't work out if she has a problem or not. Does anyone know what to look for? who could point me in the right direction? Many thanks. Regards to all. Fred
  2. Morning I have just been sent a letter asking for over £2000 in ground rent for my flat payable in 14 days otherwise they will pass it onto their solicitors and add fees and charges. Long story short. Management company changed hands a few times, I asked for an outstanding balance in August 2017. I now have whats outstanding some 6 months later. I have done some research and correct me if I am wrong but according to Section 166 of the Commonhold & Leasehold Reform Act 2002 they must send me a letter in the correct format and allow me between 30 and 60 days to pay the ar
  3. The parking around here is all private property, and we all have permission to park here for free. There has been lots of works going on recently due to the bad quality of the buildings, so they've used cherry pickers to inspect the works, especially due to lack of fire protection. Today they needed to get into a bay that a van was parked in, in order to put a cherry picker there. They've used a loader and loaded the van onto a flat bed to move it away. And literally right now, I can see them getting ready to load another one. There is no prior notice to them needing access to
  4. Got keys to HA property in March - Within 10 days I noticed infestation of Wood Lice Wood Worm (didn't move in until April due to having flooring fitted and furniture delivered Reported to Housing officer 30th March who said that I am liable as I was now the tenant and if the wood lice were coming through a gap I was to block it up (messages kept) Explained that how could I possibly of known there was an infestation when I viewed the property back in January as viewing was very quick less than 5 mins and who goes around looking for Wood Lice, the same as when I got the keys in
  5. I purchased a Leasehold property on 30 Oct 2014. Since then I have had no demand for ground rent until this morning. I have received 13 x 6 monthly demands for ground rent dating back to July 2011 totalling £975.00. All of the demands are stating that payment is due on 7 October 2017 so there is no suggestion that previous demands have been sent. I have yet to discuss this with the solicitor who undertook the conveyancing. Can anyone tell me the legal position with this?
  6. My mum lives in a flat that has a communal garden (she has access from patio doors as do all the grd floor)' A few years ago she cleared a bit of unkempt ground near to her and erected a shed. She told the freeholder she had done this. They then started making all sorts of demands and requests for monies and said that they would not accept any ground rent until it was sorted out. My mum continued to pay the ground rent (was even sent a DD form by he management company) and is up to date. The shed has been subsequently removed. She is trying to remortgage and needs confirmat
  7. READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/ban-on-women-in-ground-close-combat-roles-lifted
  8. I have just received two letters from a solicitor acting for the freeholder of the flat. We are currently in arrears on the ground rent on our flat. It isn't a huge amount, £250. Unfortunately I have been off work due to disability for the last two years. First letter was dated 23rd March. It demanded payment of the account in full within 7 days. They also added £180 in admin fees for the landlord and a further £120 in legal fees for the solicitor. Second letter was dated 1st April. It says they have choice but to issue proceedings as they have not heard from us.
  9. On Friday I was extremely concerned about a thread on one of the ‘Beat the Bailiffs’ facebook sites that eventually led to the debtor being removed from his car and with many police in attendance. Background: The debtor (Tony) did not seek advice on the site. Instead, his brother Paul sought advice from the Social Media Site on his behalf. It would seem that ‘Tony’ had not paid a penalty charge notice and accordingly, a warrant of control was issued and passed to Marston Group to enforce. The bailiff attended the property early last Friday and after a short period of time, cl
  10. I have a terraced house with a lease that is 999 years old in July this year I received a ground rent demand with additional admin charges totalling £198 I panicked and wasn't sure what to do I thought the extra admin charge was ludicrous and wrote back to them but receive no reply since then I have received additional ground rent demands and on 9 December received a letter from a firm of solicitors Landau and cohen demanding an extra £180 (£150 plus Vat) the ground rent demand is for the period 1/4/11-1/4/2015 which is £6 with fees added on top
  11. I am thinking of moving to a retirement flat. I currently receive Pension Savings Credit and Council Tax Benefit. If, when I move, I have the same capital and income would I be entitle to help with the ground rent and service charge? Also, I assume the if I did there would be limit to this or does it depend on the number of bedrooms? Thank you.
  12. I am in the onerous position of having to deal with SIMARC who are the agents for my freeholder. I missed the payment of ground rent in January of £60:00, I have now received a demand for £120:00 which I believe is unreasonable. The only method of payment is via the SIMARC web site using credit or debit cards, neither of which I have access to at the moment. I have emailed SIMARC explaining the situation, but I cannot obtain a reply or any form of communication. They have also threatened further costs, if I do not pay the full amount within 14 days. Is there any furth
  13. Hi, I'm a new user so hope I've started this thread in the right place !! I am planning on having an extension built on to my property and the plans have been passed by Stockport council. I emailed the Ground Rent company and informed them of the intention to extend. They replied to my email and asked me to forward copies of the plans which I did. There was no mention of "Admin Fees" in the email. Today I have received a letter from them stating "We wish to confirm that the fee in connection with considering the possibility of granting the consent is £600.00" This will take 10 workin
  14. I made a huge mistake earlier this year, and briefly considered moving to TalkTalk from Sky. My complants letter should make things clear: ==== Customer Relations Department TalkTalk Group P.O. Box 360 Southampton SO30 2NP 8th January 2013 Cancellation Number: XXXXXXXX Dear Sir / Madam I am writing in regard to the above cancellation to confirm it in writing as I have no confidence whatsoever in the ability of your telephone ‘helpdesk’ staff to follow simple verbal instructions. In a moment of madness we considered switching over to TalkTalk on Friday 4th
  15. We have received a demand on ground rent from a new company which owns by same shareholders of the landlord of our flat. The demand was chasing not only the yearly ground rent of GBP100 (which we paid yearly), and also the difference of inflation amount since the flat was built in 1995 - that is GBP830:mad2:. However we did not own the flat from 2004, we rejected to pay the amount for the period that we did not own the flat. We then wrote to them for dispute. The landlord did not response to us at all and later they sent the demand to our mortgage bank and requested the amount:-x. At the same
  16. Hi, Can someone please help with this issue!!! I received a letter from my mortgage provider, stating that they had received a letter from my Ground rent company,showing that I was owing arrears for 2 years. The letter included various copies of the Ground rent company's correspondences to me. I never received any of these demands and on close inspection, noticed that all the letters had been sent to my previous address. I have previously been receiving letters from my Ground rent company at my current address and know that they in fact have my current address. They have now add
  17. In July last year the company we pay our ground rent to changed. I had happily been paying it monthly to the original company with no problems. So as soon as i learnt a new company would be taking it on i emailed them straight away to explain that i can only afford to pay it via monthly payments. I emailed them a few times with no response, and then at the beginning of Dec i received a pack detailing what i owed them for the remainder of last year and for this year. They said that i must pay them what i owe for 2012 by the 1st Jan 2013. Not having the money to pay what i owed in one go i a
  18. I am looking to buy a 50% shared ownership of a house which has been repossessed. The amount is only small and I have the right in the lease to purchase the other 50% but here's the question- could I be responsible for any rent arrears in relation to the other 50% of the lease. It is highly likely that if they couldn't afford the mortgage then they couldn't afford the rent. There is no mention in the lease or in the sellers details.
  19. Proposals to regulate buy-to-let mortgages in the same way as residential loans are set to be scrapped from the European mortgage directive. Negotiations for the directive were held in Brussels last week between member states, European commissioners and MEPs. Conservative MEP and shadow rapporteur Vicky Ford says it was agreed that buy-to-let will not be regulated in the same way as residential mortgages, as initially proposed. Ford says progress was also made on tough new rules for packaged products, proposed by the European Parliament last year, which would ban all products that requ
  20. Hi All, I am about to start the process of extending the lease on my flat (currently at 73 years). I am not sure whether to go down ther formal or informal route yet. Is there a difference in cost? If the cost is the same I think the formal route would be best as I get a longer lease and peppercorn ground rent. I don't have the valuation to extend the lease yet but I have made an inital enquiry and the Freeholder/landlord has recoommended extending to 99 years with a £250 a year ground rent. Is £250 a reasonable and standard ground rent for a converted 1 bed flat in Brighton? I have
  21. Hi guys, I took out a loan with toothfairy finance almost a year ago for £100 and after being unable to pay on the agreed date due to a change in circumstances I have been threatened and mentally tortured by this company. I've tried emailing them countless times to work out some sort of payment plan but I get the generic response. I currently have no job as i have just finished college and i literally have no money so I cant even make token payments. Yesterday a ground collection Muscle Man from marshall hoares came to my door and tried to pressure me into repaying even after telling him I had
  22. Can my landlord charge for administration on my ground rent demand ... I have a set ground rent of £25 per year .. I have a demand for £28.75 .. I dont mind paying the extra .. but is this within his rights? The demand is just for the ground rent .. also does he have to include a legal statement of my rights as a leaseholder, im sure what he has added is outdated, it reads 'for the purpose of the landlord & tenant act 1987 section 47/48 etc...
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