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Found 10 results

  1. Hello everybody this may turn out to be a bit long but I want to be precise, some may seem irrelevant but i feel i should give all facts as to events I had been working as a sales rep for a catering butchers(since 30/03/2014), supplying meat to pubs, restaurants ect, but normal business was NOT to supply to private individuals just to business(relevance of this will become clear). In addition to sales duties I also deliver my own generated orders, so have a company marked van. The company offices and factory is located some 70 miles away from my home address, so it was
  2. Hi, I have had nothing but grief for a few years from my employer. A local council. I have put in a few complaints of bullying, being treated differently etc but always tried to just do my job. I have challeneged my employer in the correct process but it is very much an old boys club Yesterday I was suspended on a possible gross misconduct charge of theft of council time and frog marched out the building. I admitted to using the internet but I have to alot as I am the only person that does my job and I network with other specialists around the country for advice. I have to do this as
  3. My son is 27. He has worked for a local shop since leaving school, rising from assistant to assistant manager in the 10 yrs. 5 months ago he was asked to work at different location for a few weeks due to them having no management in place. He covered this absence a number of times. On his last cover, he decided to take the team out for a goodbye drink the night before his last day. During that night he stupidly made a play for a colleague and asked her back to his hotel. There had been flirty texting and calls between them since he had been there. she said
  4. Hi All, Apologies for the long post but I would like to convey all the details. I have been with my employer (a major car company) since Jun 2011. Recently I attended an international 3-day training course to showcase some of the new vehicle. This is an event that has been held annually for over 15 years by the company but the first time anyone from my department has been invited. To cut a long story short, this was a driving event and I don't drive. For all delegates there was a mandatory breathalyzer test for anyone driving in the morning, though there were mixed messages as
  5. Hey. I am a Care assistant, and started working in a Care home on September 10th 2012. On March 13 2013 I walked into work at 13:00 as I had POVA training to attend. As I walked in my senior leader said the manager wanted to see me and I assumed it was about the transfer I asked for as I wanted to relocate to a care home closer to home. I wen't up to the managers office and she said to go back to see her after training. At 16:30 I went back to the managers office and the manager then went and got the clinical leads. At this point, I started to worry. I asked what this
  6. Hello, Its a bit long winded but please stay with this. I would be greatful for any help. In February my girlfriend told work that she is pregnant. She works as a senior care worker in a nursing home. She was expecting a risk assessment to be carried out but there was no mention of it. After continually asking, her manager said that one had been carried out and she told my girlfriend that she was not able to work up stairs where the more difficult residents are. My girlfriend did not see or sign this "risk assessment" and she was not given information about the works maternity policy
  7. Hi everyone, This is my first post on here, and the first time I am sharing this news with anyone, but I need some assistance. I am a Canadian immigrant to England, I moved over in July, so my knowledge on employment rights in UK are a bit foggy. I started my employment with a company, as assistant manager, in mid-November 2011. Fastforward to 3rd December 2011, the store manager realised there had been a theft (approx. 3pm) from the store's safe. It was only the previous nights deposit, all the floats were still there (heavy coin). I closed up shop the 2nd December 2011, with another a
  8. Hi everyone, I could really do with some advice please? I have been reported to HR by my manager for using my corporate amex card for personal expenses. This does not mean that the company paid for my personal expenses - I used the card and then paid the bills myself. I know that there are many other people in the company who do this including many senior managers and my boss's boss. There is a line in the expenses policy about not using the card for personal expenses but then there is also a checkbox in the system that says 'do not reimburse - personal expense'. I admit that I let i
  9. Hi id lick some advice please. I have my Employment Tribunal coming in a week or two. I was summarily dismissed in Febuary this year for alleged gross misconduct. specificly posting (alleged) confidential material on facebook. This went the the dissciplinarys, and appeals etc.. and as far as i know they follwoered the correct proceedures etc.. I am still compiling my evidence statment, getting prepared for the ET. One thing i have been thinking about is, The alleged gross misconduct happened while i was signed off work for Stress. would this have any bearing on
  10. I have been working for my employer, a supermarket for nearly 2 years. In the summer, our store had self scan tills installed. During the training, a person outside the company did it and showed all the screens. On the reused bags screen, a colleague asked on the lines of 'Whats there to stop you from entering the maximum number of bags everytime you use it?' The trainer laughed and said 'How much is few points extra to (supermarket). I work on the checkouts. On Saturday, I clocked in as per usual and reported to the supervisor station at the checkouts. Line Manager was there and ask
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