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Found 5 results

  1. I put in a PPI claim against Grattan and have been notified that they have turned my claim down. The letter I have received states that my account was started in October 1993 and the Payment Protection Insurance was taken out on the 22nd March 1994. It also goes on to say......... All of our policies are optional and have always been sold as such. The Payment protection insurance has shown on every monthly statement you have received where charges became applicable and has made reference to the policy and it has always been possible to cancel at any time by whatever means and without penalty. Processes have always been in place to ensure that the conversation with one of our sales people complied with legal requirements that were in force at the time, including the obtaining of consent. As a consequence of that consent, the product was recorded as being active on your account. They go on to say that this is their final response but I have the right to refer my complaint to the FOS. I did this and was told that because it was sold before 2005 they can't help, I expected this so no surprise. As it was such a long time ago I honestly cannot remember any conversation and couldn't say 100% that it did or did not take place. Is it best just to forget about this with Grattan or should I ask for proof of said conversation, If it was a telephone call then they wouldn't have any proof would they?
  2. Hi all I have an old Grattan debt that has now been taken over by Grattan's. With Grattan's bizzare accounting system they had divided the account into two: Up until a month ago there were two Grattan accounts on my credit file, one was a default and the other showed as settled and dated 2011. - Neither show on my credit file now??? I had CCa'd Grattan and got this response: Dear.... Your email has been passed for my attention with regard to the above numbered account. With regard to your request for a copy of the agreement unfortunately your request for information under the Consumer Credit Act 1974 does not comply with the requirements for such under the act, and therefore we are under no obligation to furnish you with the information requested. I trust this resolves your enquiry, if I can be of any further assistance please contact me. Yours sincerely I know this is bogus (well I hope so) and the fact that they did not supply an agreement puts the account into dispute. Lowell however are ringing and sending their letters. They have just sent me a statment of account for both accounts. I am worried that they will now place a default on my file. Do I send them a prove it letter and if so which one?
  3. I owe just over £1500, which I was paying up until I was off work with a illness and then diagnosed with anxiety back in December. I wrote to grattan asking to make reduced payments and freeze interest, they wanted doctors letter which I sent and they reduced and froze interest for a few months but now they want the account paid in full. I've asked to keep reduced amounts as there is no difference with my medical condition but they've said no they want me to get a debt charity involved and another doctors letter before they will think about freezing interest and looking at a reduced amount. I'm going to cca them but I think I opened this account in 2008 but could have been slightly longer than that. As they already have on record a doctors letter do I need to send them another one? not sure I should have sent them one in the first place! I've been paying £10 a month which I know isn't much but my electric was in arrears and have been clearing that as its a priority debt.
  4. My mum and myself have been with Grattan catalogue for well over 30 years - so you can imagine the amount we have spent.. ...3 years ago I ordered a 50 inch tv/fridge freezer/washing machine/laptop/ipad and the bill came to £5400 .. ..i've now paid half of it off and have a current debt of £2600 (which I'm still paying)... .my mum has a debt of £1,000 with them. According to the credit available to spend we have over £8,000 available (I say we as my mum is elderly and I have a computer and I arrange the monthly payments online). For christmas, my children wanted a desktop computer each (to stop them arguing) at a total of £1600 for both (Yes, a lot I know but, when you don't have cash on hip to go and buy one - you have to pay through the nose). Two credit agreements arrived (already signed by Grattan's head office) - I signed them and sent them straight back....and was awaiting delivery. I checked online and the computer's had been 'cancelled'. ..mum rang them and they were quite abrupt and said we didn't have enough credit available (????£8,000 is what then?). We have never failed to pay, never defaulted, my mum is a VIP agent having been with them since 1983 . Grattan have said people have ordered items from them and never paid - so they're stricter with their credit terms. What I want to know is - is my credit agreement legally binding?
  5. Just after some advice really... My Grandmother has had a Grattan book for as long as we can remember. A couple of weeks ago she asked me to have a look at her statements as there was something on there she didn't understand, it's something called "Complete Care" and currently it's on the last 6 month's worth of statements at roughly £50 a pop. She rang Grattan and they said it was to protect her if she ever fell ill and went into hospital. My Grandmother is 79. She has always been a housewife and hasn't worked since she was in her 30's... She currently receives several benefits including Pension Credit and DLA. Anyway I emailed them on her behalf asking exactly what it was, how much she had paid over the years and if they had any proof. They simply told me what they had told her. I then asked when she had apparently signed such an agreement... they didn't reply. Today my Nan tells me she received a phonecall yesterday from Grattan saying that they are prepared to offer her £700 and that she has been paying this percentage since 1995, when it was just £3.30 a month. They asked if she remembers singing anything, she told them no and she also told them to shove their £700. Today they rang again, this time offering £1000 as a final offer.... BUT the £1000 won't be cash it will be off of her balance. I think her balance is around £2800... Obviously these people realise they owe her a lot of money. Can anyone offer any advice on what I should do next? She has turned down their offer of £1000...... Do I simply send an SAR and take the official route? Any advice would be grateful! Thank you.
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