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Found 1 result

  1. Hi guys & gals, found this website and thought / hoped some-one on here may be able to help. It’s a bit of a long story so I’ll give you the initial outline and then I’ve done a bullet point list to help more clearly display what has happened to date over the last 4 years. In 2005 I took out an unsecured loan (I’ll keep company anonymous in attempt not to give too much detail away) I made regular repayments on the account with the last payment being made on 26th May, 2008. However, following a credit check in 2010 I discovered an outstanding balance still showing as in default in respect of this loan. Story begins......... · 18.02.2010 Called loan company (LC) I advised that I understood the loan had been completely re-paid and settled for a long period. That I had not received any correspondence from LC or a 3rd party organisation advising me to the contrary. LC advised there was a balance of over £4,000 showing as outstanding on their system and this was on verge of being passed to a 3rd party. He confirmed that no regular statements / chasers had been sent however he did believe it was company policy to send an annual statement. I responded by confirming that no annual statement had been received. He lastly confirmed that the “Account was charge off. The loan had expired and interest had been frozen since 30 April, 2008.” · 10.05.2012 Letter from LC advising that loan was being transferred to Britannia recoveries S.a.r.l. and will be managed by Arrow Global Receivables Management Limited (AG) w.e.f. 21.05.2012 · 14.05.2012 Letter from (AG) confirming Notice of Assignment. · 07.08.2012 Letter from (AG) – Annual Statement. · 15.10.2012 Letter from Rossendales Collect (RC) – trying to establish if I lived at the address they had written to. · 05.11.2012 Letter from (RC) advising since they had no response to previous letter, further action may be taken and debt will be pursued. · 26.11.2012 Letter from (RC) intending to recover debt immediately. · 28.12.2012 I sent Royal Mail recorded / signed for letter to (LC) asking for full copies of all contract which they believe existed. List of transactions and statements. Copies of documents etc. etc. Letter received by (CF) 31.12.2012. · 07.03.2013 Letter from Transcom Worldwide (UK) Limited (TW) on behalf of (AG) chasing payment of balance. · 15.05.2013 Letter from (AG) confirming Notice of Assignment from Britannica Recoveries S.a.r.l. · 13.12.2013 Letter From Akinikia Debt Recovery Limited (ADR) – trying to establish if I lived at the address they had written to. · 23.12.2013 Letter from (AG) advising management of account has been transferred to Akinika Debt Recovery Limited (ADR) · 30.12.2013 Letter from (ADR) confirming their appointment, their intention to recover the outstanding debt and their further intention to arrange for a Doorstep Collector to visit my home to confirm liability of the “overdue balance”. This is where the story ends... for now. Should I respond to any of these debt collection companies by phone, in writing, or perhaps I should just continue to ignore them. I understand the debt becomes statue 6 years after the last payment had been made (unless person in debt had accepted liability for the outstanding debt in writing - of which I have not done) Pretty sure these debt collection companies have no powers (as a Baliff would have) but the threat of sending some-one around to my house has now got me a little concerned. Sorry for the long posting and if I need to explain anything clearer please let me know. Yours faithfully
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