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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, I bought a Volkswagen Golf (63 plate) in January for £14,500 cash, since buying it, it has suffered five misfires, three of which have occurred in the past three weeks, the first two of those three I was told it had been "fixed" and it's currently in the garage again being "looked at". The trouble is, this has left the car incredibly untrustworthy and it's reliability questionable at best. The last two misfires occurred in the first 9 miles of a journey to work, not exactly a lengthy journey. Volkswagen are prepared to offer me a new car "at cost", but will only give me part exchange value for this car that has the misfires and is clearly defective to be suffering misfires on two cylinders. It has spent around 10 days in the garage now in the past six weeks. Although they say they'll "definitely fix it" before I get it back, they said this twice before, so I have lost trust and confidence that the car can actually be fixed. Unfortunately, the part exchange value leaves me around £4,000 short of what I need to settle the loan I took out for it, they're prepared to give me this extra if I agree to add £4,000 on to the finance of a new car, which isn't ideal. Do I have no way of getting a full refund or a better price? The car is unsafe to drive and at this rate I'll have no choice but to take my car back and quite literally risk my life on the roads - the misfires leave me with no power and as I travel on single and dual national speed limit carriageways, this makes overtaking and anything else you may reasonably expect to be able to do in a vehicle rather difficult. Forgot to mention the car has only done 12,300 miles, nowhere near what I would consider engine-breaking mileage.
  2. Hi Not sure if this is the correct section, so please move if needed. This is a question regarding golf courses / players and liability We stay close to a recognised core path, recently the land to the inside of the path was converted to a 9 hole course. The owner has planted some small trees, looks like it may become a beech hedge in a few years. My question is, should someone be walking along the path, which is outside of the golf course boundary, be hit by a golf ball, who is liable? The issue I have, it is a turn up and play course, so all non members. The people playing are unlikely to have insurance that covers them for this. I would also expect there could be some denial too on the players part. Does the owner have a duty of care to have some protection in place to compensate for the significant injuries that can occur? Thanks
  3. Hi All I wanted to get some feedback from people as i feel like i want to take action against Volkswagen. My mum purchased an ex demo car from Shepherds Volkswagen in Bishops Stortford (now managed by the Vindis franchise). It came with a three your warranty and the car has literally just passed it's warranty by about eight months. In the last few months the car paintwork is bubbling. Back panels, side panels, roof etc. VW have acknowledged this is a problem and offered to contribute half of the repair bill. They have also acknowledged through their dealers that "something was done to the car" (ie it was resprayed) before they sold it to my mum. They have even offered to discount a new car in acknowledgement that it is poorly done. My question is that if the work is that poor and job was done by a dealer then surely they should put this right fully? Who buys a car where the paint bubbles, fractures and peels away within four years? No one! And why do people buy Volkwwagens - because they are allegedly well built and manufactured. I've done a lot of reading online and this seems to be a known poor quality area for VW. I am so angry that my mum has purchased a car from a reputable manufacturer, thinking it will last her and now they know it's a problem, only want to cover half of it. Please can you let me know any thoughts on how i can get this sorted or take it further. Nick
  4. I am a new member (12 month subscription) at a sports club that I have recently learnt is soon to run out of money and is no loger able to pay it's debts to the bank (just under 1 million in total). This is a members club, not a Ltd business. The general consensus is that the bank will take over the running of the club, and eventually it will be sold to a buyer and current members will not really be affected either way. I am not so confident. Would there be any legal requirement for the new owners to honor existing members? Or would the bank even continue running the club and not simply shut it down.
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