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  1. My partner is a carer. She has been sent to work for a lady who wasn't equipped with the correct device to keep her upright. She fell on my partner and my partner suffered a back injury leading to incontinence, pain and time off work. We took the case with xxx LLP, who wrote a letter to the employer and got a response, offering 4000 pounds as final settlement. xxx advised us to reject that offer, saying, over the phone, that we can always fall back on the 4000, but they believe we can get much more. Since then, my partner has been to Royal Berkshire Hospital, where the doctor said he doesn't see any injury and any pain she might have is a result of earlier injury. Her incontinence might be an infection (totally rubbish). Now it feels like the case might fall through, as the doctors do not want to confirm her injury and we see the 4000 pounds as a better-than-nothing solution. However, when we WROTE to xxx, they said the offer is off the table and we can't fall back to those 4000 pounds. 1. She will be seeing a doctor from xxx privately to assess her but I reckon a judge might be more interested in an NHS doctor rather than a doctor from an interested party? 2. What can we do in regards to xxx making us think we could get at least 4000 pounds and now they are implying we can come out empty handed? 3. Any other advice regarding the situation in general will be appreciated I will just add that the reason my partner was injured is that she grabbed the falling lady and saved her from rolling down the stairs. And that my partner is truly injured. It took her 2 weeks to admit that she's incontinent because of the shame.
  2. Hello I hope I can get advice. I took out a secured loan in January 2002 for 8000. I obtained the loan through dial4aloan. The loan was arranged and the lender was endeavour. It appears I also was sold ppi of 1200 added to the loan. Well I am trying to reclaim the ppi. However all organisations are blaming each other for selling it. Dial 4 a loan state they only recommended ppi. Yet the ppi policy is on endeavour paper. Aviva say they have no responsibility either. So what happens when no one will accept responsibility? Thank you
  3. this will be a long one so please bare with. I want to make sure i am not going insane as I feel like i am slowly losing my mind where this firm is concerned. Ive seen the others who have been threatened by BW Legal and offered advice, but i think i need some too ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In 2012 - I suffered a case of ID Fraud. There was a loan from TMS for £100 I think. I also had another loan taken in my name for £300-odd which is not with them thank god but is with PDUK who are under the same brand. I had tried with both firms to prove it was ID Fraud. We didnt reach an agreement on both accounts and subsequently i left them well alone at this point. Now the PDUK is still with ICL but i think this will not be going anywhere for a while due to the fact that I have enough proof for that one from 2012. Now here's where BW Legal come in. In December last year they had purchased the £100 loan from TMS. It had been inflated to £200-odd. In Jan i got the usual welcome to BW Legal letter however the tone of the letter was rather threatening from the offset. They told me that my account was being considered for legal action right off the get go i complained to the CEO Sean and his cohort COO Rachel. back and forth we went with me trying to prove that i was not liable while they provided no evidence that I was. I refused to provide any ID because its not my issue and i fed this to Actionfraud and got the usual reference. this is where Sean decided to access all Social Media related info about me. From then on I was rattled... And with good reason, how would you feel if your social media was used against you in that way. Photos and photos of you being spammed into your inbox. the end result i put them into a pass where the account was closed off as they werent able to verify the loan was mine. this wasnt the end of my nightmare. The FOS stated that BW Legal hadnt overstepped the mark which by that point it was over with the FOS. in April i had subsequently found out that they had purchased another account from 2016 - £722. Slightly concerned i dont recognize it - I began to investigate it. BW Legal were rapidly threatening to take legal action on this one. to stop it - I agreed to pay £1 per month to them to lock up their system so i could investigate it and collate evidence to disprove my liability to them. Before this i had asked for 3 months to allow me to investigate the issue - I was abruptly told no in writing and over the phone. hence why i decided to pay them the equivalent of a small price of lambrini over the last 8 months. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- towards August I start to get frustrated with the firm as I begin to go through their complaints process. During the entire time of this process - I found out that the address that the loan was paid out from was incorrect. It was apparently changed i had no idea of what was going on behind the scenes. I also subsequently managed to find an email address that had been hijacked that Ive managed to gain control again (Thanks to Google). However there are no emails in there from TMS - Only from BW Legal escalating their claim. During September - I get my Final response from them stating the below; I further challenged them to provide a copy of the agreement and statement which they provided what they gave me was most certainly not a correct calculation of the balance etc from what i received from elsewhere on my investigations. Since then i have been to see the police and discovered that some of my post may have gone missing around that time. This was March 2016 when the loan was "Taken" - Heres the clincher. I have checked with my bank which BW Legal claim the money was paid into. There is no deposit on the date in question - Infact there isn't one until the 28th of March which was my salary from my job at the time. There was no deposit between End of Feb and End Of March. I have had this verified on a number of occasions by my bank and they confirm every time - Nothing to be found. On top of that - I requested a copy of the Famous "Fraud Declaration Statement" that we have seen here on CAG to retain in the event that this goes any further. I have also now reported this to Actionfraud and got a ref. When i went to see the police again early this year to double check Actionfraud was the right move, they agreed and they stated that i should be left alone after that. on the 5th December i receive a letter telling me that "We have already identified that you are liable for this in our previous investigations so we wish to know your reasons for why you want the "Fraud Statement" - Then they still sent it anyway without me even responding... I then snapped at work with a few people after i got no sleep when i responded to their letter for the Fraud Statement. Im not gonna lie - Its kinda taken sleep away from me and put tremendous strain on me... They seem so tenacious. last bit to now... i snapped and gave in and offered them £200 over 10 months. But with some caveats. - Full removal of CRA info - Full removal of searches by BW legal. - No further contact... Free money to them - Just to get them off my back. They declined and I was told that it would 50% of £356 and no removal of info. My response "I didn't ask you for a counteroffer, Douchebags" - i upped it to £240 over 12 months. Told that that had also been rejected. i responded telling them that my offer would remain open until the day that a claimform hits my doormat. And then after that day - All offers are off the table. Now here we are... While this part might be irrelevant, but ive known for a while - Rachel is also Director of PRAC Financial - It turns out they have virtually no staff and that all offers for consideration (Even though my offer doesnt need to be considered because they dont get a choice in the matter) go only to her. Consider she is Sean's sidekick as well as COO of BW Legal its kind of gutting that the director is pulling the strings on what is acceptable. I found this out tonight. aside of that i need advice on how to proceed. I have invited them to litigate because they dont have what i have but some good news - they have the correct address so no backdoor CCJs. This really is doing my head in i know i shouldnt contact DCAs in this case I have tried to open a positive, constructive discussion with the firm only to have it bounced back in my face. They appear rather greedy in my eyes... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  4. I ordered a Lenovo laptop from Very in November 2016 for a birthday present in December. It was around £375. I tested it before we gave it to our daughter on December 21st and it was fine. She used it to browse the Internet, watch YouTube and play games. And occasionally used photoshop. Around May 2017 I did a scan using the lenovo help centre application that came with the laptop and there was a couple of hard drive errors. I contacted very and they said to contact Lenovo which I did. They said it was hard drive failure and we arranged for it to be picked up and taken to to Germany to be repaired. It took a little over a week to come back. They replaced the hard drive. I switched it on and there was strange display issues. The screen was glitchy and it was unusable. I contacted lenovo again and he told me to try a few things which didn't work so he arranged for it to be picked up again and taken to Germany for a second time. When it returned to us they had replaced the motherboard and the processor. This was around June 2017 and its been working okay until this week when it won't even turn on. I've just about had enough with very and lenovo. I know the warranty is up but surely after replacing three core parts of the laptop I shouldn't be having yet more issues.
  5. Hi all, Just looking for some advice on what I should do going forward. For the record I am a resident in Scotland. I have accrued around 47k of unsecured debt among six creditors in the UK. 1 Ratesetter £23.8k P2P loan 2 Barclaycard CC £4.9K 3 Tesco Bank CC £5.9k 4 Virgin Money CC £6.2k 5 Hitachi deferred payment £4.5K 6 V12 Secure Trust Bank £1.8K I am now at a point that I am about to start missing payments and will end up defaulting. I have spoken to step change who have recommended a DPP under the Debt Arrangement Scheme as I have a flat with equity that I wish to protect. While this is the formal way of things I thought I could perhaps try the informal route first and doing a self managed DMP with it being more flexible and being able to pay off creditors with lump sums if I can get some overtime built up. I filled out my income/expenditure sheet and included this in a letter to each of my creditors explaining I can no longer service my debts and included a revised payment amount (pro rata of £585 surplus). The letters were sent 1st class recorded signed for. All direct debits have been cancelled today also. I assume it is now just a waiting game for their responses? I reckon they will more than likely reject especially Ratesetter - this is the debt I am most worried about as it's a high amount and essentially other peoples money. Am I doing the right thing here? Should I just be going straight for the DPP to save any court cases? Any help or advice on the matter is greatly appreciated.
  6. Hello, This is an addition to another thread I had on a £5500 Barclaycard credit card which was transferred to debt collection agency, which I ignored, and have not corresponded with at all. I responded saying that they had given up but I suppose they haven't. The debt gets transferred to Robinson Way, why I don;t know, but then I carried on not responding to letters or calls. Then I get a letter which I open and it says that they will send it to a solicitor (howard cohen) who will take legal action.... Can this solicitor take successful legal action? I don't know why they would not have done this in the first place and gone so far to get me to pay them. Is this solicitor in any more power to get me to pay than the DCA?... Thanks
  7. Wonga going into Administration. READ MORE HERE: https://www.wonga.com/
  8. Hi - I've recently received three letters from Lowell headed 'Pre Legal Assessment' that goes on to say they are deciding whether to pass my account(s) to their legal team. Has anyone seen these before and should I do anything? I wasn't sure if I should send the Prove it letter or CCA request. They are for CCs and a store card. I have moved since the debts defaulted and they are around 5 years old. I have a scan of the letter with personal info obfuscated if anyone would like to take a look to make sure? I know the legislation for LBAs changed recently, so wasn't sure if they are allowed to send me a court claim next or it would be better to wait for an actual LBA. Thanks for any advice.
  9. I am a primary school teacher (year 6) and don't let children go to the toilet during lesson time.
  10. If you are going on Holiday Abroad always check if you need any Immunisation/Medication beforehand for the areas you may be visiting. NHS Choices Travel Vaccinations: https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/travel-vaccinations/ Travel Health Pro: https://travelhealthpro.org.uk/countries
  11. in a few days time we will no longer be entitled to mortgage interest payments, instead what the DWP was paying in mortgage interest payments will continue to be paid however like a load of other people we will have to pay this back with interest, and on top of that our property will be subjected to a charging order. our mortgage interest payment does not even reach £150 every 4 weeks. yet we get stuffed for having our own house, by the way i was in full time employment until health deteriorated and could no longer work. my question is ...how come we have to pay the interest payment back with interest when there are lots more people on benifits who have larger rents that get paid and they dont have to pay that back. seems like those who where working and doing their best and have their own homes gets penilised for having it.
  12. A few days ago I completed a few transaction over LocalBitcoins.com to a buyer named Muumbis (currently blocked) who seemed to be a trusted user, had good feedback and 2 months of multiple transactions. The buyer sent me the funds through a PayPal transfer, and then I proceeded to send/release the bitcoins to his account once the money hit my account. These transactions were very profitable to me, amounting to about 40% of profit over the then exchange price of bitcoin. Only after 6 PayPal transactions amounting to a total of around £11000, I noticed that the person’s details included in the PayPal account used to forward all these payments differed greatly from the personal information of this LocalBitcoins.com user. For comparison sake, the owner of the PayPal account is a Canadian, while this person seems to be based in Netherlands (Proxy, likely) and has a verified phone number from Kenya, as well as, beginning of a different gender. As of now PayPal as yet to contact me about any irregularities in these transactions and I made sure I transferred all my PayPal balance to my savings account. However I’m confident I got [problem]med and it’s just a matter of time until these payments are flagged as unauthorized transactions and the owner of the PayPal account files a chargeback against me leaving me empty of bitcoins and about 5000£ of negative PayPal balance, which I have no means to payback as I’m student and I already have some debt going. Summary, I sold some bitcoins at 40-50% in profit to a guy who used a hijacked PayPal account to pay me. It’s just a matter of time until the victim of the hijacked account files a PayPal unauthorised transaction/ chargeback against me. PayPal then reverses the transaction and the [problem]mer gets the bitcoins while I’m left to pay around 5000£ of debt due to the profit margin. I’m divested by this, as I’m a victim too just like the affect PayPal account owner, plus I have no means to payback if these transactions are found to be unauthorized. Perhaps, in the end, all I could do is payback the some of the money to the victim excluding the profit/debt margin that was employed in this [problem]. God, I can’t believe a fell for it, I’m aware of this sort of thing yet due to my own stupidity or being a student with no income I just went for it….Never felt so dumb. I know I’m making assumptions on what if…however, I just need to a little guidance on what to do next or who to turn to, basically a course of action to reduce all the possible damage. Thank you all
  13. hi. i im a 60 yrs old male.and failed my esa assessment last week ,0 points . i use a walking stick as i have pain in my right leg from motor cycle accident.i had years ago,(leg as metal rod and pins in) i also suffer from nasal polyps nose constantly blocked and running.awaiting another op this will be my 11th op.as they always come back several weeks after, my job seekers appointment for a new claim is tomorrow.just wandering what type of work i should say im looking for, my doctor recommended part time. i can not use the stairs so will have to have interview on ground floor,
  14. I have received my data to see if I could claim PPI and they state it was not applied. Okay but I did incur overlimit fees between 2008 and 2011 which I have not claimed back. Is there any point in trying to claim them back now? There are also entries called 'promotional interest' which are for less than 0.50 a time - might this be PPI?
  15. Hi there all New to the site - but would welcome some urgent advice. I had a payday loan with Uncle Buck back in 2010, which I had to rollover on several occasions because of debt problems. I thought everything had been paid off, I moved home a couple of times, got married, changed banks, got on a better financial footing etc. All ok in the world. My postman has handed in 2 letters today - both are for addresses which do not exist (it's using the area as a street name which is wrong), and which I have therefore never lived at. The postcode & house number is right, but the address is plain wrong. He has tried my address as the other people on other streets have no idea where it's meant to be. by sheer luck - I have received a letter from Moriarty Law, on behalf of MMF (an old Uncle Buck debt) saying that despite earlier letters advising of x, y, z they are issuing proceedings in the County Court against me. And, he has also handed me a claim form from the County Court from MMF for the debt of £350 plus over £100 of costs! The court claim form is also for a wrong address (not just that I have never lived there but it does not exist). Here's the rub -IF , I do owe the debt I have no problem paying it off. I have no problem facing up to my responsibilities, and happy to pay. I am also in a fortunate position of being able to pay it off (although it will hurt to do so in one fell swoop), which I know not all are. However, I do not want a CCJ, AND, I cannot see how it is fair that I pay over £100 of costs and interest when I have never heard of a single thing for years from anyone until now. What's worse, is that I am going abroad with work next week for 2 weeks so won't be able to do anything and time is ticking (forms issued on 24th August). Moriarty Law are telling me to call them to amicably resolve the matter - but I have been reading online today that this seems an ill-advised course of action. I just want things sorted this week - even if I just take it on the chin. 1) How do I get the court action stopped? 2) The claim form/admission form - I ideally don't want to fill that stuff in, as I don't like the idea of someone holding my personal information somewhere. 3) If I just offer to pay Moriarty Law say £250 now, will they likely accept and cancel everything with the court? I don't want to pay even more interest when I paid the buggers a load of interest 5 years ago!! 4) How best do I communicate with Moriarty Law - and what's the best way to contact the court? I have worked hard to get myself onto a firm financial footing and an old CCJ is about to be removed from my file in the next year, I cannot have another one tagged on after all I have done. Please, can someone advise me - I would be eternally grateful. Many thanks NL
  16. This will be a long post, so bare with me on this. A few weeks ago, my mother received a letter from Amigo loans. Strangly enough, telling her to confirm her details for her recent loan application. Pretty strange, I mean we've heard of them but NEVER used them or even been on their site. I decide to ring up, find out what it's about (maybe its a mistake or error). NOPE. They recieved a application from a company called Express Finance. Again, never heard of them. But amigo gave us the contact information for them, and took mum off their system. And we rang Express Finance. Again, they had an application/information sent to them from yet another company, Finance Train. They told us they'd take the information off their system. We then decided to contact finance train, whom we came to notice were a loan broker. And this is where it all begins... I myself decided to try and email them I had any information from them written down (incase it went further than them as this was getting bizzare now). Every single email address on their website came back not sent. Every. Single. One. i'll ring them? Nope. Their phone always (no matter what time of day) goes through as if ringing and then just says 'our offices are shut. Please call again during buisness hours'. Well, what hours are those? You're a UK based company, working normal buisness hours but I can never get hold of ANYONE. So by now, i'm a little mad. We find the FCA authority number and have a quick look if they're still trading. They are, and another company shows up but its MDX solutions. Apparently, Finance Train is a trading style of MDX solutions i think, Okay, email MDX solutions. Someone there should direct me to the right place at least. I emailed on the 4th Nov. I'm still waiting. Now all this sounds a little weird by now as it is, I decided to look into the companies listed with MDX solutions and there's a few in total. 2 have the same website, a few colour changes, and my favourite part about one of them is that it has 'This is a paragraph' written on their privacy policy, you know, just incase I didn't understand the concept of a paragraph. Every company on there which is a loan broker has the same number for customer services, and same style of email address 'customerservices@xxxxx'. The other websites, have a different number to these, but again, their numbers match (little bit odd to say the least). All these companies are registered to flats in London (or at least MDX solutions is, but on the 'contact us page' the address is that exact same one. And looking at the person who managed MDX solutions (who has his own website for his new company) seems very proud of having 5 companies who have gotten FCA approval by him (I know because of a blog post on their telling me all about it). This all seems very weird to say the least. Has ANYONE else had dealings with MDX solutions or Finance Train (Or even a company linked with them) because I really REALLY want to get to the bottom of this. (PS mother has NEVER used a broker in her life, she has had a loan before but we did ring the company to ensure they didn't pass those details on to a broker or in general and they informed us they do not do that what so ever. They're a fairly large company as well so I tend to trust what I have been told by them)
  17. Can some one please advice ? I have just got a letter from a debt company stating I didn't fill in a n56 form ? of which I haven't seen and now they are sending it to my local court bailiffs to serve me with a n61 attachment of earnings order what do I need to do ? can I set up weekly or monthly payments ? Regards Markez
  18. I've just seen a post from a guy on here who was (150k in debt) now 70k in debt. Something like this myself started paying through stepchange at £269 a month for just over 2 years now for 23k work of debts. total paid to date is £2,959.00 which brings my account to £20,510.58 My debts are with. Halifax (Credit card) Capital one (credit card) Barclay card (credit card) Tesco (credit card) Natwest (credit card) Zopa P2P lending (Loan) (13.5k loan, 19k with interest) However I've been going through some of my old statements and a recent one today from Halifax who send them very sporadic and I noticed which I thought was stopped interest wasn't so for 2 years they have been keeping the interest going at about £28 a month while my stepchange payment plan with them is about £21 a month after all this time my account with them should have been £1,460 however I checked today and it stands at around £1,780 I've not actually paid anything off. They aren't the only ones Zopa had my debt at about 13k down to about 11k now but they have been keeping the interest on my debt with them stands at 14k now even though the original letter after a defaulted said the debt was 13k and never mentioned the interest. Now my finance has changed I can't afford the original payments as the debt calculator on stepchange now puts me at minus £284 a month. What do I do at this point? Do I do what the other guy did and get letters sent off to them and what should I expect if I stop paying stepchange by DD and only offer creditors about £1 a month each? Capital one is also keeping interest going. after 2 years of paying and looking at all my accounts again today my debt stands at £23,657.14
  19. Hi All I bought a 2nd hand Nissan X trail on 13th January from a local dealership. On 6th February I reported to the dealer that the car was making a loud noise from under the bonnet and that the engine management light had come on. We agreed to send it to my local Nissan dealership for them to run a diagnostic check. They diagnosed the fault code as an EGR fault and said that the noise could be coming from a worn turbo. They advised replacing the turbo and intercooler. After speaking with the dealership I bought the car from, I returned the car to them to investigate and they diagnosed a worn turbo which they took over 2 weeks to replace. They acknowledged the EGR fault, but did nothing to rectify it as the engine management light had gone out. Upon receiving the car following the new turbo, the noise was still there. I reported this again only to be told its to be expected with a car of this age and mileage. Over the past 3 weeks the noise has gotten worse and the engine management light has come on again. I have had 2 garages look at the car for me in the last few days and both say that the gear box is shot and that the EGR fault is still there and the EGR valve needs replacing. I have written to the dealership rejecting the car under the Consumer Rights Act 2015, but after speaking to them this afternoon I fear that they are just going to ignore me and try to fob me off. He is all ready talking about trying again to fix it. Do I have to accept this? or is there anything I can do to force the refund?
  20. Have 69 k of credit card debt, all other priority debts are been paid .. ...mortgage,securedloan,gas,electricity,council tax etc. This debt had built up over time as husband was made redundant a few times in several years. Have still been paying cards, some I have been robbing Peter to pay Paul with. Have defaulted by one month a couple of times but bought up to date. My question is can I ask for a CCA on accounts while I am still paying them or do I have to default and if I do ask and they have proper documentation can they then ask for all monies under the agreement at once. Thanks.
  21. Where are we going with Renewable Energy in Great Britain Just starting a thread on renewables.Just a few articles. Please add articles and comment if you like.I will add some more articles as time goes by. Had to start somewhere, hopefully with your ideas, knowledge and thoughts, posts we can see what is happening in Great Britain and elsewhere. See where we are going, how we are doing compared to the rest of the world. Who wants it who does not. And for what reasons. Is investment falling or rising? How many jobs being created, things like that. Ever since someone gave me an upcycled solar light I thought I have a feeling this is not in everyone's interest. Free power.Perhaps the powerful ones would not like this idea. Do you know? Renewables growth breaks records again despite fall in investment. Falling costs allowed the world to add record new renewable capacity even as investment fell, according to a new report. https://www.carbonbrief.org/renewables-growth-breaks-records-again-despite-fall-investment UK breaks solar energy record on sunny March weekend Amount of electricity demanded by homes and businesses one afternoon was lower than it was during night for first time ever https://www.carbonbrief.org/renewables-growth-breaks-records-again-despite-fall-investment Sustainable Energy – without the hot air.Loads of links to interesting articles. http://www.withouthotair.com/ G.B. National Grid Status Data courtesy of Elexon portal and Sheffield University The meter, you will soon get used to it.For someone like myself it may take a little time but interesting. To see what is happening throughout the day. http://www.gridwatch.templar.co.uk/index.php Well to tell you the truth I do not know that much about renewables, wind, solar, tidal and all the rest. Sustainable energy etc and hope you will add your knowledge, thoughts and add to this thread. I said I would start a thread on renewables etc and have started one as promised. And if you are outside looking in, bursting with information or wanting to say anything you can join and have your say we are a friendly lot in the forums. Link here.http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/register.php Thanks for reading anyway. I wish you a good evening wherever you may be. Tawnyowl.
  22. Hi CAG, Just looking for a quick bit of info. Was placed in ESA Support Group for 2 years from Feb 15 - Feb 17. Obviously we are beyond that date so I'm waiting to hear something any day now. I go away for 10 nights on May 15th (First Holiday in around 10 years) wondering what to do if they throw something in my letter box asking for a re-assessment while I'm set to be away? Am I entitled to go away while I'm in the ESA Support Group and should I inform somebody that I have chosen to do so? Anybody got any idea how long I may be waiting to hear from then as we are now over the 2 recomendded years since I was placed. Thank you in advance for any input, Adam
  23. I am a little concerned as I have insured a friend to drive for me whilst I have an ankle injury. We was heading down a dual carriageway where roadworks were happening, lots of cones throughout this 2 or 3 mile stretch which is usually 60 in to a 70mph zone. To be fair he stuck to 40mph for the majority of the road, however there were only three signs stating maximum speed as 40, these were yellow signs with just text and not the usual type, also not the easiest to see as it was raining and there were tons of differing signs. These only covered the first 1/4 of the dual road which had now been coned off in to a single, once we got most of the way down the road he started to put his foot down as there was a 'no stopping, end' sign which he SOMEHOW mistook for an end of roadworks sign. I asked him why he was returning to the usual speed limit of the road, then he realised and slowed down. Now the reason I am worried is because I did see someone with an item in their hands, although likely one of the workers with a tool but I am super paranoid. We drove it back around to have another look, couldn't confirm this. We did notice though even after the road returned to a dual carriageway that there was nothing to say the speed limit had returned to normal. This was quite late at night, around 11pm? I know there were no fixed cameras, I am just extremely worried about the speed guns. If what I saw was in fact a speed gun, would we have been stopped immediately? Does he have any reasonable explanation, should signs have been implemented for most of the road? Also if it was a speed gun and he happened be going 20+ over the limit, how long would contact take? Sorry about my English, its my second language. Thanks!
  24. I have drawn a complete blank! It's been so long since I've had to use this part of my brain and I'm not having much luck 1 of our employees who works part time (4 days per week) is going on Mat leave, her last day is 31st March Our annual leave runs from 1 Jan - 31 Dec She wants to know how much holiday she would be entitled to before she goes off Has anyone got a calculator or website I can use please? Thanks
  25. Over the next few years there are going to be some dramatic changes in some benefits, caps will come in and more help to be made available. Full details available here: http://www.disabilityrightsuk.org/ho...nges#early2017 All of this starts in January 2017... 'From early 2017 New Tax-free Childcare scheme aims to provide up to 1.8 million families across the UK with up to £2,000 of childcare support per year, per child, via a new simple online system. Trial start early 2017, with roll out beginning upon completion of the trial. See autumn statement 2016 and HMRC press release - 1 July 2015 Tuition loans will be extended to students wishing to do a second degree in STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) from 2017-18. See Spending Review 2015 page' From April 2019 'There will be a cap on the amount of rent that Housing Benefit will cover in the social sector to the relevant Local Housing Allowance, which is the rate paid to private renters on Housing Benefit. This includes a Shared Accommodation Rate for single claimants under 35 who do not have dependent children. The cap will be applied to all supported housing tenancies from April 2019, though Local Authorities will receive funding to meet the additional costs of supported housing in their area. For general needs housing, the cap will apply from April 2019 for all tenants on Universal Credit, and to Housing Benefit tenants whose tenancies began or were renewed since April 2016. See autumn statement 2016, DWP Secretary of State Damian Green's written statement and earlier Spending Review 2015 page' There is far too much to state so please look carefully at the main page and follow any links that may affect you from January 2017..... Maybe admin could consider making this a sticky so it does not get lost on this part of the forum. This new information could affect 1,000's of claimants one way or another! Especially those that get capped and are on Housing benefit too.. Please read very carefully as to what is listed and if you have any questions please start a new thread so your answers can be given for your situation, as all claimants have different needs and will get different responses. Happy Christmas to one and all ....
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