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Found 24 results

  1. Hi, I have been receiving letters from a debt collection agency on the back of a parking violation in braehead retail park Scotland. I have been given a last opportunity before court proceedings. I have never replied or disclosed myself as the driver. What can I write to make them go away before they raise any court action. Would appreciate latest advice and a letter template. Kind regards Followufollowme
  2. I'm due to visit Glasgow in a few weeks time. As someone who lives in England, I'm not entitled to use my bus pass up there, which means having to buy bus tickets for travel. Anyway, I'm flying up. I've done some Googling and have a few questions: - Traveline have pointed me in the direction of First who have a selection of daily, weekly and monthly tickets. Do the weekly tickets start on Monday? Or can I arrive on the Thursday (as is the plan) and buy a weekly ticket? - Can I use my weekly ticket on the 500 service which takes me from the airport to the city centre (ish) ?
  3. I was amazed when i got a fine through the door about July time, i had parked in the retail park at Anniesland Glasgow, i had no idea there was any kind of restriction on the time you can park there, i thought it was a free car park as there are no ticket machines. to get a fine for exceeding the time limit is incredible. No doubt there will be signs posted around the car park but i never paid any attention to them as i just assumed it was free. I ignored the first letters hoping they would go away. Now i have a letter from DRP a collection agency asking f
  4. This week, Glasgow councillors are expected to agree to a new partnership with Glasgow Credit Union. The two year pilot Partnership Mortgage Guarantee Scheme will provide house hunters who can afford to pay a mortgage but cannot raise the necessary deposit. At present, lenders are demanding deposits of between 5% and 25%, which for many people on low incomes is impossible to raise. Glasgow Credit Union will allocate up to £4million in mortgage funding over the period. The council will act as a guarantor for the loan over a maximum five year period, up to a maximum of 20% of
  5. The car park for the Maternity Section at the Southern General Hospital in Glasgow was full on the 20th April this year when my daughter went to give birth. Part of the car park was closed for maintenance work and the workmen pointed us to an area where other cars were parked on a side road within the hospital. When we returned there was a notice on my windscreen from CPPlus notifying me of a £40 Unauthorized Parking Notice reduced to £20 for immediate payment stating I was not parked in a designated parking space. All the cars parked in this area also had si
  6. Caledonian Removal Company Hi brand new to these forums and would appreciate any help/advice how to rectify this problem... I am experiencing issues with this company and would advise anyone NOT to use there services... Some items are lost and despite endless phone calls and communication with them not once have they responded and most of the time he ignores talking to me.... would appreciate any updates on any success anyone may have had in getting their goods back from them.. David Howie who operates this outfit thinks he can treat people and there storage in
  7. Trusty Paws Clinic Glasgow Simon Community has announced a new partnership with 4th year Veterinary students to provide a free monthly clinic for dogs belonging to homeless people at their RSVP Advice and Information Hub. This is a fully equipped/professional “pop up” clinic overseen by a qualified vet and the clinic will take place on the first Wednesday of each month from 2-5pm. RSVP Advice and Information, 72 London Road,G1 5NP. People who are homeless can contact the RSVP service on Freephone 0800 027 7466 This service only deals with Dogs not other pets. htt
  8. About 1430 hours today, Monday 22 December 2014, a Glasgow City Council bin lorry was travelling north on Queen Street when it appeared to strike pedestrians outside the Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) before continuing to travel towards George Square, when it crashed at the Millennium Hotel on Queen Street at George Square. Read More Here: http://www.scotland.police.uk/whats-happening/news/2014/december/264461 http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/road-and-rail-transport/11308468/Glasgow-bin-lorry-crash-live.html Very sad news especially at this time of year. I would like to
  9. Hi, I recently hired a car through Right Cars (right-cars . com) through a broker (Argus Car Hire) for a few days in Glasgow. When I payed for my car hire, there was a £350 deposit added. Now, normally when I've hired a car, they do not add the deposit to the hire bill but treat it as a separate 'holding deposit' transaction (i.e. hold the balance on the card but do not immediately claim the funds). I have returned the car, at which point I was informed that everything was fine and that my deposit refund will be credited to my account the next working day (which was also what I was t
  10. Hello, I have received a final reminder letter from UKPC (offence in May 2014) as I was "not parked correctly within the markings of the bay or space". The letter is addressed to my personal name and a photograph of the parked car. I have not replied to any previous letters. They are requesting an £80 charge. Can you please give me some advice?
  11. Hi there, a couple of friends who use this site recommended I make a post about a problem I am having with a brand new motorbike I bought. I bought my new bike on the 6th of November from Honda dealership Victor Devine in Glasgow. 3 days later I was proudly showing it to friends and almost instantly one of them (an ex motorbike mechanic) pointed out a rough patch on the top of the fuel tank which turned out to be rust coming from the inside of the tank outward. He said not to delay but to get in touch with the dealership and get it sorted, he also said to get the full thing checked o
  12. Hi All, First post, I've done a bit of searching around and found similar issues but nothing quite the same... so please bear with me as this whole thing is quite complicated... hopeing someone can help. Basically, in October 2006 I moved into a flat with my cousin (that sounded dodgy... er, separate rooms !!). We were both full time students at the time, I was at University, and she was at College, and went on to University the following year (same course, so I believe it is classed as a 'continuation' or something similar). Anyway, she moved out in January 2007, and I moved
  13. Hi, apologies if this is the wrong forum, but.... I got caught driving in a bus lane in Glasgow - hadn't even noticed it was one - and got sent a Fixed Penalty Notice of £60, reduced to £30 if I paid within 28 days. I went online and paid it. Or at least thought I had. The transaction looked complete, there were nothing to suggest that it had failed. I have sufficient funds to pay. You can guess the rest - I later received a letter saying that I hadn't paid, and that the fine had been increased to £90. I appealed, explaining that it was their system that had failed to tak
  14. Hi everyone new to the site so please accept apologies if this is posted in wrong thread. I've a potential issue regrading Council Tax in Glasgow. Last year I became a full time mature student (40+) and applied and got an exemption for Council Tax. At the end of that year I realized I was in Credit. I phoned Glasgow City Council to ask for this back. Whilst on the phone they ran some liability check and it came back clear and they put the credit back into my bank account. Last month I had to again put in anther exemption form as I'd been working and paying C
  15. I cancelled a standing order payment to them over a month ago. They have still taken money from my account! Anyone else any experience of them? How can they do this? I will be contacting them and my bank about this. Just wanted to know if anyone else has had to deal with them.
  16. HOMELESSNESS INFORMATION GLASGOW ONLY Document Source: Glasgow Homeless Information Page EMERGENCY ACCOMMODATION Community Casework Teams You can make a homelessness application at any of the Community Casework Teams in the city. You do not have to make your application at the office closest to where you would normally stay: whichever Casework Team you go to, they must allow you to make your application there. There are a number of them across Glasgow, and they are open Monday to Friday 9.00 am to 4.00 pm or you can phone
  17. I have put myself off from writing this because I am already on this site in regards to another situation I am currently going through, and the two people who have been assisting me with that may well see this and think to themselves: “Oh God - not them again”. I left Glasgow in May 2009 with a council tax (ct) debt of, apparently, £1000, covering 3 ct years and 2 addresses. While at these addresses I spent a vast majority of my time unemployed, only being employed for 2 christmas temp jobs from Nov/Dec 07 and Aug/Dec 08. Other than that I was in receipt of JSA. When I left Glasg
  18. Hypozincemia can also be associated with malabsorption, diarrhea, acrodermatitis enteropathica, chronic liver disease, chronic renal disease, sickle-cell disease, diabetes, malignancy, pyroluria, and other chronic illnesses [With acknowledgement to Messrs "Wikipedia", and apologies for the fact that they cannot spell "The Squits", I can't, either] Ladies and Gentlemen of the Forum, from the foregoing, you may have realised that I have come into contact with something called "Zinc" - "Zinc Collections" of Glasgow, in fact. Perhaps the compiler of the definitions above, should also h
  19. Hi I received a parking ticket from Glasgow CC after the parking sticker I had purchased ran out of time, by 15 minutes. The machine would only accept my £1.00 coin and would not recognise the addition 2x20p pieces that I put in. The machine was marked £1.00 per hour but also showed smaller denomination coins. I wrote to them explaining the situation using the following text: I received a parking ticket on the 19th December 2012, while parked in the car park located at Collins Street in Glasgow. When parking the car I tried to pay the sum of £1.40 into the parking machine (an
  20. Hello, I have read many bad reviews regarding Calendonian Removals and am wondering if these people have had their issues resolved? We are having similar problems to those who have previously posted on this site about this company. We have recently moved to Australia from Glasgow and some of our goods didn't arrive. We are certain the remaining goods are in their warehouse as we were there when David Howie loaded them from our car into a wooden crate separate from our other items. It is those particular items that haven't made it to Australia and were not included
  21. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2220041/17-injured-crew-passengers-evacuated-plane-Glasgow-Airport.html?ITO=1490
  22. My tenant is in arrears for over three months now. Unfortunately, I have lost the spare key to the flat but the tenant refuses to answer texts, emails, phone calls or open the door when I went to the flat to discuss the matter. I am learning his son lives with him too, who isn't on the lease. The son opened the door once (which I think was by mistake), and started making all sort of stories that he hasn't seen his father and his nervousness gave it away that dad is either inside the house or that the son was covering up for him. I'm really worried, as I am paying mortgage out of poc
  23. I bought a building plot this morning in Glasgow which I am very very happy about, but leaving me fairly skint. I had already arranged an appointment with the bank for Wednesday to hopefully borrow some of the money back. I have only casual/work clothes with me in the UK - so bought two suits afterwards. One is tailored slim fit and looks passable as a back up, although is a bit tight on the outer arms though you cannot notice this, but I would like to get the other altered as a comfier fit. Jacket is 50 inch - trousers are 32 - and my niece can stand inside the front and it
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