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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all, I will keep it brief. I bought a car from BMW a few weeks ago, the price quoted on the New Order Invoice jumped a day later to include £2k of 'extras' that were added to the finance document! I didn't notice them until I had signed, but unfortunately for the dealer I did notice later on (after collection) and requested they be refunded ASAP. The products/services were: Tyre Insurance GAP protection Chip Protection and Gard X Paint protection crap (£500) The first 3 were refunded, the dealer refused to refund the last 1 as the GardX has already been applied apparently! Of course this made me very angry, why did it mysteriously appear between invoices without anyone even mentioning it.. They didn't even provide me with the new invoice until I had to request it. Anyway upon requesting the refund for GardX, the dealer said it was not covered by the 14 day cancellation period that is applied to all insurance type stuff and had already been applied etc so they had incurred costs. Not really fair as I didn't ask for it or know I was getting it, but fair dos I signed on the dotted line, if you like... just chalk it up to experience and never go back.... However the GardX pack I have, includes a pack that refers to it as a 'warranty (i.e. we will come out and repair your car if X and Y are met, which of course never are). Is there any grounds for cancelling this still? One other interesting thing the dealer said, that GardX is automatically added to the invoice and then cancelled only if the customer requests it, before it's been applied. Is this some sort of grey legal area they are occupying? I paid for the car on finance, surely this cannot be completely above board to do that and not mention it. If anyone can help me take this into a suitable direction, either to SMC or FoS/TS, I would appreciate any guidance, I am livid!
  2. Hi i purchased a new car today and the salesman showed me a video about Gardx and asked me if i would like the car treated with this at an extra cost to myself of £299. He explained that after my car has had the treatment, Gardx are so confident that the product would protect my car from any scratches, that they would come out and repair any damage should this occur. After reading some posts on this forum about the product i am a little concerned. I did not receive any paperwork to say i had had this treatment, nor did i receive a separate receipt (the cost of the treatment was added to the price of the car and is shown on this receipt) The only things they did give me were a car care pack with some fluids in and a voucher to use against my new car should i wish to trade it in, in the future. If anyone could give me any details as to whether i should have received any other documents for this treatment i would be most grateful. I do have the option to return the car within 7 days if i am not happy with it although it states i will have to pay for any mileage used, if i find i have been mis-sold a product, do i have the right to return the car and refuse to pay for the mileage?
  3. Hi this is my first ever post - I've spent the last few hours reading a sample of the various posts, can't believe WCF has 47 pages of separate threads! Anyhow, I'm here for the same reason as so many of you - Welcome Car Finance have totally stitched me up...I've been paying off my overpriced second hand car for two years, thought I was close to the VT point but they moved the goal posts... I don't have access to a scanner but I can copy and paste from my letters to them if need be. I've just drafted the rant below - haven't sent it yet as I know I need to whittle it down and simplify it but I would welcome your opinions and thoughts while I work on it. Thanks in advance and I hope between us we can bring down the remains of this lingering malingering excuse for a company. Cheers : ) Dear ***** Please pass this letter to the complaints and compliance team as discussed during our conversation today (22/02/2011) I have been informed by your colleague at the Bracknell branch of WCF that I opted to have something called GARDX when I started my credit agreement. I can assure you most reservedly I did not consent to any such treatment, and as it was explained I would have incurred a one-off payment of £299 for what I now understand to be some kind of protective paint coating, I am certain I would recall such an expense. Given that I collected the car from the Feltham showroom on the same day as signing the agreement it is implausible that there would have been time to apply any such treatment to the car exterior. The car was second hand and had 25,500 miles on the clock, several trims were missing, there were scuffed bumpers, a broken wing mirror, a temperamental gearbox and defective upholstery - and yet still deemed worthy of over £10,000 including interest. I doubt any sane person would have paid extra to have the paintwork protected. When I contacted the after-sales department (now closed) I had a real struggle to get any of these points addressed. WCF eventually conceded to have one wheel trim and one vent re-fitted, these repairs were carried out badly and both new parts fell off the car within a week of being fitted. There is absolutely no mention of the additional cost for GardX on any of my paperwork from you, and if it is being included in the outstanding figure I would ask that it be immediately removed as I am paying this off at a very high interest rate. It strikes me as odd that there is no paperwork available in relation to any of the safety/mechanical checks carried out prior to my purchase of the car. The showroom (now closed) at Feltham sported massive posters advertising the fact that every vehicle had a 160+ Point inspection carried out on it. Given the amount of expensive repair work and general maintenance expenditure the car has incurred from the early days of the agreement to the present day, I find this hard to believe. Even more so as there is absolutely no written documentation to back this up. I also wish to complain about the fact that I have now been told it is not possible to provide me with separate settlement figures for my hire purchase agreement and my insurance finance agreement. I was only aware of this possibility on receipt of my annual statement in January, where it specifically states that this option is open to me. I have requested these figures in writing as specified on the statement. I have also faxed a copy of this statement to ***** who was unaware of this apparently new option for customers. In my recent conversations with ***** , it has become very difficult to communicate without arousing her anger and obvious annoyance. I suggest she undertakes additional training to combat these difficulties. I was not being rude or unreasonable - simply asking for clarification of what was being asked of me, as she had made two contradictory statements. (“Just write to us and tell us you weren’t aware you don’t have GardX”/…“you weren’t aware you had GardX”) Her telephone manner is curt and dismissive, and she interprets my speaking calmly and slowly as patronising and has repeatedly refused to answer questions and accused me of being rude to her. Just to clarify again I am aware that I do NOT have GardX! It also dawned on me after our conversation that this topic has been raised on Watchdog - if I have indeed been charged for this non existent paint treatment you can be very sure that the Consumer Action Group and Trading Standards will hear from me! I think the FSA would also be interested in the differences between the sums stated on the original credit agreement and the sums on the recent statement. There is also a discrepancy between the sum stated on the credit agreement as the point at which I may voluntarily terminate and the sums disclosed in your recent correspondence on the subject. I would appreciate a clear summary of total overall costs and payments received, inclusive of interest so I can compare this to my own records. I must insist that all future correspondence is in writing - it is not fair to demand that I write to you and simply refuse to write back. The tendency to return my written correspondence by calling me during my hours of work in the knowledge that you will speak to the answer phone is very poor practice. (In fact ***** actually criticised me for not taking her call - I work in a ***** , it is not appropriate to stop ***** to discuss personal financial arrangements and I have made it clear exactly when I will be able to take calls; during lunch breaks and after 3pm on Fridays.) I have incurred unquantifiable additional costs by attempting to resolve these issues by telephone and have neither the time nor inclination to pursue this method of communication any further. I have made every exorbitant payment on time, and even increased my monthly instalments in order to settle this agreement more expediently. I have received numerous calls over the last two years inviting me to make early settlement. I have been informed previously that it is company policy not to write letters, and that the company policy itself is not written down or available to read. Having raised this point with the Citizens Advice Bureau they assured me such a policy is a total nonsense. Please act in a professional manner and respond in writing within 28 days. Thank-you for your time and courtesy. P.S. Having just undertaken some research on the internet I see that WCF have a track record of selling GardX inclusively with the car purchase price. I see on the credit agreement there is “inc GX” noted beside the make and model of the car. Therefore I am being charged interest on it, contrary to what I was told this afternoon. Secondly I was not informed or given the option on this at any point, nor was any documentation to prove the GARDX treatment was ever applied to my car - if it had been treated it would require renewal for the guarantee to be valid. Finally, the only reason GardX came to light at all was as a consequence of my request for separate settlement figures, ***** listed GardX as a type of insurance and said I could not have an insurance finance settlement as I did not have “all the insurances”. Could you please clarify whether GardX is A) optional car paintwork treatment B) type of insurance C) included in purchase price of vehicle D) a one-off additional cost. Or is it the cleaning kit the sales representative thrust into my hand after I signed the agreement and collected the car, saying they were giveaways taking up space in the back room? If so you can have it back and I’ll have £299 plus interest for the last 2 years deducted from my outstanding balance please!
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