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Found 14 results

  1. Hi, can anyone help at all. I received this letter from peter vardy recently. I purchased my car 12 month ago, and paid £399 for Gap insurance for 4 years. The letter is as follows "We hope you are enjoying your new car and would recommend us to your friends and family. As part of our commitment to forging a long-term relationship with all our clients we hope you will allow us to continue to look after your car long into the future. Whilst writing we have taken the liberty of attaching your status disclosure document relating to the insurance product you have purchased from us.
  2. Hi All, Back in January 2015 my wife bought a car from CARSHOP, she took out their finance with Santander Consumer. While in the office with the Finance manager of Carshop she filled in all the forms and handed them to him. He entered them onto his system to get approval. After a little while he said that the finance company had come back and that it would only be approved if GAP and a Warranty was taken out, in his words 'to protect them'. Now this warranty and GAP insurance totals £1100 and went onto the finance. After reading about 'Forced Warranty' it seems that it
  3. Alicat_69

    Gap in tax

    Last month my Dad lent us his car and we have now bought it from him and are officially the new owners. However, I've now come to tax the car and it says there was no tax on the car for August (we bought it in the last week of August) and it can only now be taxed from September 1st, leaving a month gap without a SORN. I realise now that my Dad must have had August refunded but we didn't realise this until now. Is there any way I can backdate the tax?
  4. Hi all. My car has been off road in a friend's MOT garage since July 2015, I genuinely thought I had declared it SORN. Tonight I have tried to transfer the private plate from it but DVLA told me that I have to decalre it SORN first. I did this by automated phone call but then spoke to a DVLA person who said that I must pay the missing period of taxation before I can transfer the plate. However, a previous call handler hinted that there is a way out of this? Any advice would be greatly received.
  5. I have had an accident 2 days ago - as both airbags deployed I am being told it is a write off - car was 7K 13 months ago from a garage - financed and all running smoothly until accident - tp came out from junction into my path. If car is def written off (Awaiting assessors report) i reckon i will get 4k ish for the car - but owe 6600 to finance Company - finance company DO NOT offer GAP insurance on their policies I never thought about it (My bad) am I totally stuffed - is their ANY feasible way of me claiming the 2500 ish shortfall as finance company have
  6. about time too http://www.fca.org.uk/news/fca-proposals-to-tackle-issues-in-gap-insurance-market
  7. Hi everyone and sorry to start with a problem. I wrote my car off middle of last month and my insurers paid out in 2 weeks. The accident was my fault and the police and ambulance were called as it was serious and I was rushed to the hospital but luckily nothing major. I have since tried to claim on my GAP insurance and they seemed not interested as I had to keep calling them everyday just to know what was happening with my claim. At first, it was always " its with the validations team, then with the underwritters, then back and forth" until about a week and half ago when I called and was
  8. Hi wonder if anyone has any info regarding claiming back gap insurance policies sold? I have had approx 5 different cars over 7 years and everyone has had gap insurance which until recently I did not realise. Any help would be appreciated. Regards Ivan PS not sure if I have posted in the correct forum apologies if not.
  9. Hi all, I have just had my 22 day old 62 plate VW Golf mk6 written off due to flood damage. It is on VW PCP finance, insured through Churchill and I purchased GAP insurance from the main dealer. The car cost £24k in total (inc £1k worth of factory fitted extras) but was financed for £17k - the rest paid by £2k VW cashback and my part exchange. Churchill have offered me £19k cash or the option to replace the car under their less than 12 month old 1st owner scheme. Problem is as VW don't make the mk6 anymore so the only replacement I can get is the same car less the £1k in factory
  10. we got a car from ycc in 2003 and we returned the car about 6 months later but even now we are still having to pay the gap insurance 9 years later through a debt management company can anyone tell me if we should have had to pay the gap even though we have not got the car
  11. Okay, so I have just got my first (used) car and I received my V5C today which has myself as the registered keeper from 30/10/2012. My car has a valid MOT until October next year and I have bought the relevant insurance this evening and went to buy car tax online but got the warning that the previous tax/SORN had run out on 01/09/2012 and that the registered keeper will be contacted regarding this offence. And as I have only just bought the insurance today, I am not able to purchase tax until my insurance is on the database (if I knew this, I would have bought insurance earlier but did not pla
  12. Hello I need some advice. I took HP agreement with welcome in 2004 which was settled in 2005. I have been given a final repsonse from welcome stating. "having reviewed the point of sale documentation , I can see that the details of the insurance products were outlined on your credit agreement. I note that you were under no obligation to , you have have confirmed your understanding of this documentation by adding your signature to it. " I have done a SAR and in their letter , it states they do not have a copy of my credit agreement. They can not provide any inform
  13. Has any one taken out GAP insurance? We are interested in the one that pays back to invoice price as it is a second hand vehicle. Is it worth it and has any one used GAP Insurance and been paid out?
  14. Got new car Insurance cover but there is a gap of 1 year from my renewal and commencement of new insurance and the insurer wants to know if ive been insured elsewhere and the reason for the gap. The only reason i have is that i didnt have a car during that time. Will i have to start from scratch?
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