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  1. Im in England now but all this debt was created in Scotland, 7 defaults are from 2010/2011, originally the debt was £20k. I have been on 2 payment plans a DPP and a token payment plan through Step Change. After a long period of unemployment i had to sell my house to relocate for work. Im now in a position to clear my debt. I owe 7 different amounts which add up to £15,600. I want to know if its possible to negotiate a reduced settlement figure for each debt. I wanted to do this myself as Step Change seem to have wrong info regarding the amounts i owe, also one guy suggests they might be able to negotiate a reduced amount, another tells me its very unlikely. So i thought i would maybe handle this bit myself. Any tips on how to deal with this ? Has anyone else been successful in negotiating?
  2. Hi, I am so glad I have found these forums - I thought I was alone in all this and now realise that I am not and that there may even be some light at the end of the tunnel. My situation is not unlike most others. I was aware I was in debt (credit cards, unsecured loans) but had never actually sat down and added it all up, mainly as I was 'in denial' I think, I had hoped if I ignored it then it would all go away - very stupid! I was working full-time as was my husband, I think I assumed that as we were both working we should be able to do all the things we wanted to, but with four children, expensive childcare etc it was never going to be easy. I found myself living on credit cards as after paying all the minimum payments there was no money left for food! A few months ago it all came to a head when I realised I was up to my limit with my overdraft (the bank had increased the overdraft on our joint account two months previously - my husband didn't even know about this, they never informed him and it was a joint account!). I also realised at this time that our monthly salaries were due to be credited the next week - and would not even cover the overdraft. We owed money to all my unsecured creditors as well as to the childcare provider. Nightmare!! This meant I had to tell my husband what a financial mess I had got into, including the joint overdraft he knew nothing about! He was furious to say the least but accepted that he was as much to blame for spending 'above our means'. I had to give up work as there was no way I could work full time with no childcare (earnings were just above the amount to get help towards childcare from tax credits), my employers could not let me work part-time and were totally inflexible. The summer holidays were fast approaching so I was left with little choice. I have now found a part-time job (evenings and weekends) that I can fit in and not have to rely on childcare (just my husband!). We have only got through the past few months because we had items to sell (motorbike, laptop) which has just about tided us over. Now all the phone calls are going to start again from the creditors, demanding money we don't have. We went to the CAB as soon as all this happened , they advised us to try to sell our house (brilliant timing!!! Just as the housing market goes into freefall). It has been on the market since July but nothing happening there, no great surprise things being as they are. We then took their next suggestion of contacting 'Payplan', which we have. They were very helpful but just confirmed what I already knew. There is no money left at the end of the month for creditors so we have to make an offer of £1 a month! I have now got these letters to send, but am scared witless as I know as soon as they go out the phone calls will all start again - having just shut them all up with the money from the stuff we sold (enough for 3 months of minimum payments!). I wrote to all of them as soon as I stopped working, explaining the situation. Some were brilliant (M&S, Sainsburys), others were phoning 8 times a day (Virgin MBNA surprisingly!), we have changed our bank current account as advised by CAB and First Direct have been sending us letters ever since, despite being told of the situation. We now have to change bank accounts again as we had not realised some of the accounts are linked to the same organisation and out money is not safe! I realise from reading these posts that I am at the start of a long road, I don't know what to expect apart from having to go to court. 'Charges' on the house have been mentioned as being possible - but I don't understand this as the house is technically worthless at the moment - we can't sell it, we have tried! At the end of the day I cannot pay what I do not have , I accept that trying to has made the situation even worse. Any words of wisdom greatly appreciated. I just feel like having a bit of a rant! To say this is stressful is a gross understatement, I am currently on 'happy pills' which says it all really! For the record my creditors are Abbey (personal loan), Egg (personal loan), Egg credit card x 2, Virgin MBNA credit card, GE Money Asda Card, GE Money Paypal Card, Sainsburys Card, M&S Card, Argos Card, Simply Be catalogue, First Direct Visa Card, First Direct overdraft. Grand total £29k minimum payments amount to around £800 per month. They will be getting £1 each, from this month
  3. Prices of some snacks almost triple if you buy them at the station rather than on the high street a Sunday Mirror investigation can reveal. https://www-mirror-co-uk.cdn.ampproject.org/v/s/www.mirror.co.uk/money/huge-markups-price-snacks-station-14004342.amp?usqp=mq331AQCCAE%3D&amp_js_v=0.1#referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com&amp_tf=From%20%251%24s&ampshare=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.mirror.co.uk%2Fmoney%2Fhuge-markups-price-snacks-station-14004342
  4. I forgot to notify them of change of address and stopped deferring so they're now chasing for the full amount of my 1998 loans. I've been a stay at home mum since 2013 so no income at all. They've passed it on to Link Financial which I'm assuming is their debt collection agency. They've said my last deferment ended 2014. Which might be right as I moved that year. They've also said I've breech the terms ie cannot defer anymore and loan won't end at 50 I can't declare bankruptcy or do an IVA. Unless I win the lottery there's no way I can pay this and don't want a ccj. What are my options if any? Thanks
  5. Hi, I am new to the forum. Thanks in advance for any advice given. Student Loan Has Matured/ Full Payment Due within 14 days letter received from Erudio I am 45 years old and had taken out two student loans(95,96) and one (98) so under the old and new style loans. About 10 years ago I had arranged a payment plan (spread across all 3 loans) with student loan company (I think I was over the threshold to defer but was experiencing hardship). I had set up a standing order which remains in place to this day. When Erudio took over I received letter, calls , statements etc from them but have never contacted or corresponded with them in any way (just figured I am paying something towards the loan and was worried that if interacted with them in any way it would somehow trigger a new agreement or obligation, so just left it at that). I have recently received 3 letters within the last two weeks from them stating that my loan has now matured and full payment is due (aprrox £3600). Only after looking around on forums have I become aware of statute of limitations, but am I correct in thinking that my payment plan still running to student loans company constitutes acknowledgment of the loan? I believe that these payments continue to just beforwarded to Erudio (as I never signed or arranged for the payment to go directly to Erudio, only to the Student Loans Company details I had at the time). I’m wondering why there sending me letter so closely spaced, are they trying scare tactics to get me to contact them? I have other priority debts so do not want to pay this off if there’s a chance I could continue to do it over a longer period. Does it make any difference that I have not acknowledged anything to do with Erudio, accepted calls, responded to letters etc. Any advice is most appreciated. Thanks
  6. Good evening all, I took out a unsecured personal loan around 2 years ago with Tesco bank. My financial situation has changed quite a bit in the past 6 months, lost a family member, dealing with depression and anxiety and due to this my self employment businesses sales have plummeted. I got a part time job to help cover my living expenses so i'm trying my best to keep up with all of my payments. My outstanding balance is just over £16k. Monthly payments just under £400. The past 4 months I've been paying late. At the end of every month I end up giving every single penny I have toward this loan payment. Tomorrow I am planning on sending this letter off I found in the forums. https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?387346-Ask-Creditor-to-Accept-Pro-Rata-Payments-**Correct-as-at-October-2013** I was just wondering where I can find a I/E sheet? and do I include this loan payment in that sheet? Also what is considered a reasonable offer that they would be inclined to accept? Is this the best way forward? Thank you in advance
  7. Hi I was wondering if anyone can offer some advice. My partner took out a Northern Rock loan at the end of 2005 for £25,000, with agreed payment of around £37400 over 120 months. As an aside it just shows how badly NR were engaged in unethical lending as she was only on £11k a year at the time. She made 39 of those payments totalling just under £12200, and additionally she made around £470 in over payments to a grand total of £12670. After being diagnosed with a long term illness, she lost her job and then found it difficult to repay the loan. She organised token payments beginning April 2009, and paid an additional £50 before the debt was written off at just under £24700 at the end of November the same year. She continued to make token payments until the end of July 2013 at which point she could no longer afford to do so, so she stopped. The debt appears to have been sold on to Cabot in October of the same year (2013) for just under £1400 according to the full transaction statement they have returned, but there is no Notice Of Assignment documentation. She started receiving letters from Cabot in June 2018, and she wrote asking for a copy of her CCA. They have complied within the time limit with a full copy (doesn't appear to be reconstituted), including full transaction statements, and they are threatening CCJ action unless payment for the outstanding balance of the loan is made under agreed terms. Like mentioned however, there was no Notice Of Assignment documentation to say how the debt was transferred to them. My partner is very stressed by all this (especially due to the nature of her illness) as she has a very limited income from part time work (being unable to work full time), and I pay the rent and all bills so my money is stretched also. By the way, no debts appear on her credit file, so we are worried that Cabot can also mess with that now. Anyway, does anyone have advice on next steps to take? My partner is looking into a (Debt Relief Order) DRO as a possible solution. Does anyone have experience with these? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  8. Hi. I've attempted to find the answers on here but my head is swimming... I've received notice that i'm in default and erudio want full payment. I thought i was in deferment although now realised that this had lapsed in September. I haven't received any letters prior to this one. I've logged into my online account and not sure where to go from here. I thought id be paying the monthly amount after my deferment lapsed. This i realise hasn't been taken. My loans are from 1996 and 1999. I can afford to pay the monthly fee but not the whole amount which is what they now want... What should i do?!
  9. Hi, My Dad received a claim form with an issue date 1st November. AOS entered on internet. Says service date 8th Novemver. (they sent POC separately) Claim form amount is £35 more than owed amount, even their evidence shows original amount. (This is not including fees and costs). Background. Service charge (not disputed). Offer of £20 a week offered in August, was rejected. Offer of complete amount by family to extinguish burden by letter (The defendant is a disabled OAP) on 5th October. Heard nothing back. It should be noted the defendant tried to contact the claimant to settle many times but they wouldn't talk to him anymore. N1 received as above. Tried phoning claimant again, "not there, they will call you back". Never did. Phoned solicitors, they won't budge. Want the (wrong) amount plus fees, costs and interest. I'm bewildered by their behaviour. This is a large and very well known landlord in Kent. The issue of liability is not in question. P.S. It should be noted that had they accepted the offer of £20 a week it would have extinguished the debt before the date of issue!
  10. i had to pay marston money, called them and aranged the payment to be taken in 3 instalments… i thought all was done and dusted i just received a call that i hadnt paid the full amount, and that i must have messed up aranging it with my bank. although i didnt contact my bank at all, i only aranged it through marston themselves and even confirmed at the end of the original call that everything was sorted. the guy i spoke to (called me on a mobile number) said i hadnt paid in full however i had aranged the direct debits with marston who failed to take the full amount in the last payment. they took money, and the full amount was available at the time, they just didn't take enough which i found out just now after checking my bank statement. after informing him that i had aranged it with the marston call centre, he told me he will send an enforcement agent and that i would owe another £265 (ish) didn't ask me to pay the extra before saying this, just jumped straight to that after i said i had arranged for the payments to be taken and it must be the fault if the company. apparently, its my responsibility for marston to take the correct amount according to this guy. what are my rights here? guy was pretty rude calling me son and pal and making it out to be entirely my fault and not the fault of marston.
  11. Hi, I’ve been on a DMP with StepChange for 10 years and have never missed a payment. I still owe 12k but have been offered 5k by a relative. What are my chances of getting this accepted as a full and final settlement? The companies and amounts involved are two accounts owing 5k to PRA, one with 1400 to Link and one with 700 to Westcott. Only the Link debt shows up on my credit file. Advice appreciated thanks.
  12. I have a couple of debts I am paying monthly to dca' s , balance on each about £550. I have some money coming to me. Even though I am repaying by arrangement, could I still make a full and final settlement offer to clear them?
  13. Dear members, I received 3 x CCJs last year to do with Private parking firms but every time came across them well on time with help of my credit score agency and decided to pay up in full within 1 month of judgement date. Just checked for any judgements for peace of mind by paying up for a report via https://www.rtlproduction.com/search.aspx and report says "Nothing Registered" Question is - I've been offered a job which needs an external company to carry on pre employment checks and one of the questions on the form is "Have you ever had civil proceedings taken against you by creditors e.g CCJ or IVA?, if yes please provide details." What is the right thing to do? Should I say No based on report I just ran? Or should I say yes and put a note explaining why did I get it (all comms sent to wrong address and claimant won by default) and that its all paid up in full? How do these agency check such record? thanks
  14. Hi all, Hopefully someone can help/advise. My other half has a couple of debts (mail order) on his Credit ref file which total £2.7k they are causing an issue on his file due to the amount (apparently), he has been paying them back at reduced interest free amounts for 4 years now and seems to be getting nowhere as the repayments are £13 and £20 per month. Is it worth making an offer for them to write off the debts if we were able to pay a certain amount? Is this do'able? and are they likely to accept at all? My family have offered to lend me some money to do so but its nowhere near the full amount - i just want his credit rating to improve as there is nothing else untoward on there. Thank you in advance... Maudy
  15. Hi everyone, I have various debts, all non priority most with debt collectors now. I am now received some inheritance and will be able to offer a full and final settlement. All the debts were after 2007 so I don't think a CCA request will help. What is the best plan of action? Thanks JJ
  16. I recently entered a contract with an estate agent called Remax signing on the 21st of March 2018 due to the failure to get one visit booked within the first week whereby there was 350 online views and a failed attempt to cooperate with another estate agent to work together in selling the property. I didn’t hear from the agent in a week and he didn’t respond to a message I sent him asking for an update. Hence, I decided to cancel and go with another agent. This is the wording from the contract: If you are a consumer client and this contract was not agreed within our premises you have the right to cancel this contract within 14 days without giving any reason. The cancellation period will expire after 14 days from the day this contract was agreed. To exercise the right to cancel, you must inform us of your decision to cancel this contract by sending us a clear statement in writing to: RE/MAX Right Step, 1b Hall Lane, London, E4 8HH or emailing us. To meet the cancellation deadline, it is sufficient for you to send your communication concerning your exercise of the right to cancel before the cancellation period has expired. If you choose to cancel the agency agreement, you will be required to pay for the services supplied prior to cancelation, such as For Sale boards, advertising, property particulars, Energy performance certificates etc. Where we introduce or have negotiations with the ultimate purchaser of the property before you exercise your statutory right to cancel the contract, this contract will be deemed to have been fully performed and the agreed agency fee would be due, notwithstanding that cancellation took place. Is this legally right given he was notified on 1 April 2018? Thank you
  17. Four unknown soldiers killed during WW1 are laid to rest with full military honours READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/four-unknown-soldiers-killed-during-ww1-are-laid-to-rest-with-full-military-honours
  18. Good Morning, I'm hoping for some advise on here please. I have a liability order with Rossendales for £814 and also signed a WPO/ CGA in January 2018 to agree to a payment plan of £200 per month. Originally, the amount was around £1300. I missed a payment on this and the agent over the phone told me I had to increase this amount to £300 per month or they can't help and would go to an enforcement officer.I agreed (as had no choice) on 1st June I missed the £300 payment. Today, I have a letter from Rossendales to say that no extension/ plan will be agreed and full payment now needs to be made. I called them today and she said no payment arrangement at all can be made I offered £400 on Friday and £400 the week after- this was declined. My question is, has anyone had this situation before I wanted to know how long it will take an enforcement agent/ bailiff to attend my property demanding full payment or seize the goods because it's Monday 11th today and I can have the full balance on 25th but I have no idea if I even have 2 weeks until they turn up Any advise is welcome it's all new to me and I've read through so much conflicting information. The Rossendales telephone agent had no idea either by the sounds of it TIA
  19. Car hire sites to provide full costs upfront after CMA action READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/car-hire-sites-to-provide-full-costs-upfront-after-cma-action
  20. We had a second charge against our home of aapx. £24k about 10 years ago. we have been paying £30 per month since then. So the current balance will be around £20k. My family want to help me remove this charge. Can someone please give me any advice on how to best approach this. A sample letter to write to the debtor maybe asking for a discount to settle and release the charge. Thank you. GH
  21. “ Hi Everyone, Just looking for some advice on the above please? I have not worked since April due to illness and it doesnt look like ill be back at work anytime soon. I have quite a few debts as i had a good job and good salary when i was working. I havent paid any of my debts since May i have now hit 6 months with no payments. I have sold my house as managing the mortgage was also a hindrence due to my current situation, i have some money that i have from the sale of the house, its probably about 70% of what i owe out. I just want some advice on how i should approach the above. Some of my debts havent defaulted yet, should i wait til they have, should i offer the companies now, should i wait longer, im currently at a loss as i dont think my situation will change soon but i also feel a lot of stress due to the situation as its a situation i have never been in before and want to try and remove it as soon as possible. I havent communicated anything to any of my creditors yet which i know is wrong but i just havent known how to face this situation or where to start. Thanks in advance for your replies and help Debts are currently 40K and are all unsecured credit card debts.
  22. Hello, I have credit card debts that are unsecured. They are with debt collectors including Cabot, Robinson Way, Moorcroft etc. I cannot describe to you how down I have been. I can hardly lift my head. I don't answer my mobile they keep phoning. A family member may be in a position to assist but she wanted to know how much in total would be required for a full and final. If we paid, would that be the end of it? These debts are years old and my bank account (basic) shows my balance is very low with missed payments. What is the minimum % they will accept? Do they all have to take the same percentage? I would love to be able to sleep again without feeling so sick. Thank you.
  23. I have a CCJ from BW Legal / Lowell Portfolio that I was issued 2 years ago. It is for around £2000 from an old credit card debt. I'm not sure if there were any PPI payments made for the card, but there were probably some 'unfair' charges on there. I'm pretty skint at the moment, I'm trying to get a business off the ground can't get any funding due to this CCJ (my credit is fine apart from this). I'm thinking of offering them maybe £200-400 as a full and final offer, I wondered if anyone would be able to answer a few questions first... How likely is it that they'd accept 10-20% as a full and final payment? Would this mean that the CCJ was marked as 'satisfied'? Would this actually improve my credit score? Thanks, for any help.
  24. I am going to make full and final offers to my creditors since a relative will lend me the money , when I send the offer in do I have to name the creditors or can I do creditor a .b . c etc showing their share and also what is a good starting point I was told start at 40% of the total
  25. I am making a query on behalf of a friend. She is a carer for her autistic sister and made her employers (local government) aware of this 5 years ago when she started work as a Registries and Ceremonies Officer. She was frequently late for work as she had to wait for the transport to collect her to take her to the day centre daily due to this she asked to start work later instead of the normal 9 am. During her period of employment she felt bullied and harassed by her supervisor who complained about her lateness consistently and belittled her by calling her 'Oi you' and not as part of the team. Through the stress of caring for her sister daily and harassment my friend put in a complaint about her supervisor on 3rd June 2016. The councils policy on complaints is stated as: complaint received, investigation and response - within 5 working days any investigation necessary - with 10 working days She did not receive any response to this complaint and there was no investigation. She was asked whether she could undertake a ceremony on 24th July 2016 at 1pm however due to her caring responsibilities she was unable to do this. She informed her supervisor of this on 23rd July whilst at work and it appears that there was a disagreement and her supervisor stated that ' she behaved in a threatening and intimidating manner' towards her during this discussion. My friend stated that she did not but was very anxious and stressed on this day due to the pressure of her caring responsibilities and has been supported by her GP but felt very unsupported by her employers and her supervisor. Allegations made by the supervisor were stated as correct by people that worked with her but not regarded as colleagues due to their exclusion of her. Anyway following the allegations she was suspended from work on 25th July 2016 and interviews were taken in September, November and December 2016 from my friend, the supervision and other witnesses. During this period my friend sent further complaints of harassment and bullying on 9th and 14th September bearing in mind that her initial complaint made in June was not investigated which she also highlighted. She was ill advised by a union representative to accept the charge of gross misconduct and was dismissed on 26th April 2017 and placed on the redeployment list for 12 weeks, in which she was seen weekly for any suitable positions. 12 weeks was also her notice period. The documents state that any complaints made during the periods of disciplinary will be dealt with within the hearing but they were brushed over and the initial complaint has never been discussed or addressed. She has appealed against her dismissal citing that she was wrongly advised, she had a nervous breakdown and they refused to re-schedule the meeting as she was unable to contribute and agreed to everything, she worked with the local authority since 2002 and had a clean record. It was recommended by the Investigating Officer that she was transferred to another role not dismissed or redeployed. She now needs to write another appeal and after seeing a solicitor she would like to still list the above but also add associative disability discrimination as she has caring duties which have been confirmed by the local authority in writing and also been supported through this ordeal by her GP, harassment as they refused to allow her flexi time to attend to her sister and also the behaviour of her supervision by calling her 'oi you' and the conduct of her employers. (The later has been suggested by a Solicitor who looked over the papers). Can anyone advise as she needs to write an appeal to hand in on monday:sad:
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