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Found 6 results

  1. Hi all I have an old Halifax credit card account opened in 2001. For the last few years Cabot has been trying to collect on a balance of £2097.60. I sent a SAR to Halifax, they sent me back a mountain of paperwork from which i found that the last time I made a payment to them was in 2006. Statements continued to 2014. There was no mention in the paperwork of transferring ownership to Cabot. There was also a copy of the original CCA. For the first few years I was paying PPI and the outstanding balance is made up of a lot of fees. However it is my understanding that the account is too old to query this. I sent a CCA request to Cabot. They replied saying they couldn't find it and that collections would stop until they could produce one. They sent me an unsigned word processed doc which would have approximated the real one - is this legit? Moorcroft are now acting on cabot's behalf and threatening doorstep visits and phoning at 8am everyday. This account does not show on my credit file. Just wondering what anyone else would do in this situation - should I make a f+f offer to Cabot? Moorcroft? Any advice would be thankfully received.
  2. Hi All, There are some debts that I'm trying to deal with, some of these debts have been going on for some time now.However I have a copy of my credit report and a sizeable warchest of around £15k promised. HSBC: Credit card balance: £3,500,Unenforceable CCA,Defaulted Loan: Balance = £4,000, defaulted Bank account = 900, defaulted Lloyds Loan1: Balance = £6,500, Defaulted, taken out in 2004 Loan2: Balance = £7,500, Defaulted, taken out in 2007 Bank account = £2,700, defaulted Credit card: Balance = £6,300, Defaulted, taken out in 2007 Halifax Loan: £6,500 balance, defaulted, pay £1 token sum I have had all the debts passed onto DCA over the years, but now I'm thinking of writing to the actual banks with a F&F, I have done this to the DCA but none has since accepted. Also, there is often confusion on which DCA to deal with as it seems to be getting passed over and over again. Any ideas anyone.
  3. Hi, I have three credit card debts which I have not been able to meet the repayments on for over a year. I make token payment of £1 per month on each and have done so for 6 months. The total of all three debts is just short of £21,000 The largest creditor (under £15,000) now with Link Financial. The other creditors are B. Diamond card £4,000 and Nationalised bank £1,500 The reason for my token payments is that I am unemployed at present - on JSA. Successfully claimed back charges on the MBNA debt 4 years ago but did not do so with others. I am going to ask my family to loan me the money for full and final settlement. Any advice as to the best actions to move forwards ? Thanks.
  4. i have just done a deal with my creditor whereby they have agreed a reduced fee in full and final settlment although they are insistent that the best they can do for me is mark my credit file as settled by a partial settlement. i know nothing about this and was wondering if i can hold out for any better of if I have actually got the best possible outcome in terms of how my credit file will be marked. Thank you.
  5. Hi, I'm looking for some advice. My boyfriend recently told me he had a few issues with money a few years ago when he was out of work and spent a lot og money of credit cards and loans. As we are saving to buy a house we want to sort out his debt and try clear some of his defaults.He has one big one which is now with Arrow global for £3900Another one for £2000 with Halifax loansA couple of others small ones for Lowell PortfolioAll debts are from 2008 and have not been paid since that time. Please can you let me know the best way to deal with these? I have read a lot of information about full and final settlements and am considering this as we have a bit of money saved. We just want to get these sorted so we can start fresh. I've also read a couple of threads about trying for CCA before offering a full and final. what does this mean and how would I do this? As we have 2 years left before the faults drop off, if we pay a full and final figure, will this 6 years start from the day we pay some money again?Any help would be greatThanks
  6. Good evening. Following a recent windfall I'll be getting around £6400 and have around £9500 worth of debts which I'm paying off via PayPlan at around £160/mo. I'm wondering if anyone knows how much I should offer my creditors to make them more likely to accept an offer? If I order two thirds is that likely to be okay, do you think? Currently I owe around: Barclaycard £1,200 HBOS credit card £2,600 Lloyds card 1: £1,500 Lloyds card 2: £850 Lloyds overdraft: £230 Old Lloyds loan (assigned to Moorcroft) £3,200 It would be nice if I had some change left out of the £6,400 at the end, but I appreciate that not all of the creditors would accept 66%, but otherwise I'll be paying everything until 2017 or later Also, not sure how I'd go about making an offer (obviously in writing) but assume I'd just ring the creditors up, ask for a balance for them all, then write to them offering them 2/3rds to settle the loan now or they can continue having their £x/mo until the debt is settled?
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