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Found 5 results

  1. Hi there - am new to this forum just want some advice whether to pursue my story further or just give up! Very brief history: 12 June - Comet delivered integrated fridge/freezer ordered online - could not install fully as cabinet doors of different fixing mechanism to the previous appliance and now needed hinges. So installed appliance in cabinet but without the cabinet doors 4 July - fridge door came away at top and fell on my left arm causing bad bruising 15 July - Comet came to inspect (had come before bot gone to wrong address!!) and agreed it was not fixed properly and I needed an exchange. Agreed to refund installation fee 5 August - still no word from Comet. Whole door fell off - luckily I caught it before it smashed on my feet Emailed Comet. Furious. 7 August - exchange hastily arrived. Installers very helpful - said top screw of appliance being removed had not been fixed on properly which was why the door had fallen off. Not able to install in cabinet (because no hinges) so left as free standing. Confirmed refund of installation fee. Assured me that appliance fine as stand alone and door would not fall off 8 August - email exchange with Comet to confirm exchange had taken place. However I asked them what happened next in terms of I now have an appliance that is not installed (cos they can't - fine - will get kitchen fitter) but no apology / concern / compensation for me being injured by their negligence. They offered me £30 for "inconvenience". I said not happy - they told me to write to Customer Services (Clevedon) 20 August - finally drummed up energy to write to Customer Services, got letter back 31 August "clarifying their position" - they will only offer me £30 as the door fell on me "due to the fact that the hinges were not in place when the item was delivered to your property" Just composing a letter back to them now to say that no, the door fell off because the screw was loosened on the top (their negligence) and that the second installation team had assured me the appliance is also fine as a stand alone appliance and that the door will NOT fall off simply because it is not attached to cabinet doors. I am saying in the letter that their information contradicts itself and their website clearly states (section 11.2 ) "There are certain things that We can't limit or exclude Our liability for (such as where We negligently cause personal injury . . ." BUT am just getting fed up with this now. I am back to work next week and haven't the time or energy to keep getting pushed from pillar to post. I'm not bothered about the money to be honest - but just feel angry at the shoddy treatment I've had and the way Comet really don't seem to like their customers! Advise me please - is this worth pursuing further (if so, how?) or should I just say yes to the £30 , be done with the whole sorry episode, and put it down to bad experience? Many thanks!!
  2. Nannyjen

    Comet complaint

    Hi, I've just joined but have seen that there are lots of threads about Comet. I came across these by searching the internet for "problems with Prestige fridge freezer" I won't go into all of it here but what I want to do is write a letter of complaint and ask for a free repair and I wondered if there is a name I can write to? I've seen that Hugh Harvey is named as managing director, but I'm not sure if that's up to date information. My main concern is that I've left it too long - this freezer's had a problem for a while and we went into Comet when it was 2 and a half years old, to be told we'd have to pay for a callout etc etc. We decided not to go ahead, used our old freezer (20 years old and still working), and didn't get round to doing anything. It's now just over 3 years old but I still feel this is not good enough for a freezer that cost £400! I now have built up a lot of resentment at the situation and have decided to have a go at them, any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  3. I bought a Miele FF from Comet for £699 in April 2009. It stopped working two weeks ago, just outside the two year warranty. Phoned Comet Customer Service to arrange engineer's visit 4 days down the line, for a £69 call-out charge. Engineer diagnosed blocked fluid circuit and thinks it has to be drained and refilled. He arranges for system's engineer to come and fix it. Engineer 2 arrives the following week and diagnoses a broken diverter valve. Says Comet/OnCall cannot fix that, which renders appliance unusable. Engineer 2 says he will inform Customer Services to arrange a refund for the £69. He also says that they will contact me by Friday (today) to let me know what happens with regards to compensation/replacement etc. Of course, I hadn't received any call by lunchtime today, so called Customer Services again. They only have a refund of the £69 on file, and that the FF cannot be fixed. They know nothing about replacement etc, so need to contact the Service Centre internally and then get back to me. When they get back to me, all they say is that they won't do anything more than repay the £69 call-out charge. Citing the SOGA to them makes no difference, so I ask to speak to someone higher up the chain. They cannot do this immediately, so I am promised a call-back from head office on Monday. Now my question is: where exactly do I stand? What should I demand on Monday? For nearly two weeks I have been without a working fridge or freezer and I desperately need to have this resolved. Do I have to wait for Comet to offer me something on Monday (I doubt they will!), or can I already go out and buy a new FF and then a partial refund of the £699 later on? Do I have to give Comet a written ultimatum before I go out and buy a new FF? I would think that under SOGA, I should get about 80% of the £699 back if they cannot repair it or find a replacement. Reason is that FF should be expected to last 15-20 years, whereas mine packed up after just two. Thanks for any advice!
  4. I've been browsing through the forums to see how I go about getting some sort of refund/replacement for my faulty fridge freezer and wondered if someone would kindly help me out? I bought the Beko CDA 543F fridge freezer in July 2008 and have had no problems with it until now. However, the last couple of weeks I noticed that the food in the freezer was not frozen properly and that the milk was going off a lot more quickly than usual. I called comet, who sent out a technician for a fee of £69, saying that I would be refunded if he deemed the appliance to be faulty. Well, sure enough it's faulty alright! Apparently the gas has leaked out (through no fault of mine he said) and it would not be worth my while to get it repaired as the same thing would only happen again. I'm going to phone Comet back in a sec to ask for the £69 to be refunded, but wanted to know how to claim under SOGA? Help! Also - should I hold off buying a new one until I've contacted them? Don't know if I can survive that long without a fridge! Thanks guys
  5. Hi all, Purchased a "Hotpoint" fridge/freezer from Next (online) in Feb 2009 and it's now packed up (freezer section kept icing up really badly and fridge light kept going on and off and has now just shorted and electric my Husband). At time of writing it's 19 months after the purchase date so past the manufacturers 12 month warranty period. I did not purchase any extended warranty from Next or Hotpoint (Fridge/Freezer Manufacture). I just wondering what the next best action to take would be, should I contact Next or Hotpoint. Would be grateful if those in the know could let me know what they think. Any help/guidance appreciated, thanks.
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