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Found 3 results

  1. Hi I wonder if anyone can help, been really stupid and moved in with partner in 2012, I was due to move in in 2009 but at last minute bf changed his mind, all mail was set up to come to his address, doc registered at his address etc. BF was claiming widowers pension and CTC for his 2 children, getting rent and council tax paid, I was working but neither one of us claimed for our child together my wage was £700, I had a large amount of debts car loan credit card etc so all my wage was used up on my debts. We have had letter from DWP saying they believe us to be living as a couple from 2009 because I used address for child benefit. We have contacted them to advise that I was living with my mum, but as she lives in a caravan park I used his address for my mail, they have said to get a letter from my mum to confirm this. However since all mail is for his address, I was registered at doctor etc I don't see how they will believe it as I wouldnt. They said not to worry about prison fraud etc etc but don't believe them, if they decide they don't believe us and that we were living together from 2009 and that we have to pay money back do they take into account what we should have got if we had claimed together ? sorry if I doesn't make sense, we claim ctc now as partner works full time and I am 7 months pregnant so this is really worrying me. Thanks in advance for replies
  2. Hi All, Have been reading alot of the threads on here and really appreaciate the information provided. I am in a bit of bad situation, I have about 6 different loans with different paydayloan companies. The higher amounts are with QuickQuid and PaydayUK around 6-800, and smaller amounts with other companies. The first two were taken out just before and after Christmas, at which point I lost my job and had to find another. I rolled over the two loans, which bled all of my wags and wa really struggling day to day. I therefor had to take out other payday loans to both cover the cost of rolling the higher loans over and pay for food petrol etc. I now have a new job but wont be paid a full months wages for another 6 weeks. I'll be recieving a small amount on my next payday but will need the money I do recieve to live and get to work over the next 6 weeks. It looks as though I'm going to default on the payments of all the loans at least until I get a full months wage, but even then I will need to ngotiate smaller payment amount sas I simply can't afford to pay them all of at on time. Does the fact that I was taking out multiple loans to cover charges and live until the next payday mean that my actions were fraudulent? The reason I left my job was that my hours were being cut because I had complained about being forced to do overtime to cover for people on new yars day, after being promised time off due to working overtime to cover for people on Christmas and boxing day. I was being treated unfairly so walked out and started looking for another job immediately, but having read other posts on here I hear that some payday loan companies ask for written proof of your financial hardship ie, letters stating change in hours etc, but as I walked I wouldnt be able t provide this. Also I have read that companies can threaten to take you to court for not providing a reasonable reason and proof of this for not paying the loan, stating that taking the loan without the ability to repay it is fraudulent. I am really worried about how to proceed. Any advice really appreciated.
  3. I have been incredibly careless and stupid and never properly checked my Child Tax Credit Award or renewal form. I found it all very stressful & all I did was fill in figures & sign, and all my partner did was sign. So it turns out I have been getting the Severe Disability Element of CTC for my child for several years when I shouldn't of (do get DLA so I do qualify for the first element) All I can say in my defence is that when I first notified Tax Credits I was receiving DLA for my son I was asked what level he was receiving. I said I didn't know gave them a reference number and was told "we'll check that out" What has happened now is I got a Compliance letter which quirried my child's elegibility for the Severe Disability Element for Tax Credit Award to 5 April 2012 saying their information did not confirm it. I was asked to contact them by 5 July 2012 if I disagreed and to finalise my Tax Credit Award by 31 July 2012. I contacted the Child Tax Credit Helpline earlier this week changed my details and did confirm income details for end of tax year. I am now totally terrified as to what I should do. I know the overpayment I have had will be huge, and it will take a very long time to repay. Will the compliance department have already picked up that my claim has be wrong for so long? Is it best that I ring them and admit my fault? My partner is oblivious to this, he has work issues at the moment and I am really worried that this will push our relationship over the edge and I will be homeless on top of everything else. I know I have been totally irresponsible and I am sick with worry as to how this might end up. Me in prison and my life over, my son in foster care and all the pain hurt and embarrassment I will cause my family. If it wasn’t for my son suicide would definitely be my answer. I know contacting CAB would have probably been a good idea, but circumstances meant it was difficult. Please help any advice will be gratefully received
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