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Found 2 results

  1. Hi all. Long time no post I know but I've been occupied elsewhere! I have a WCA booked for 7th September, however I had a nasty fall on the 29th July and fractured my upper right arm. I know an injury like this would trigger an automatic ESA claim, but as I'm already on ESA (WRAG) due to other conditions I'm wondering if there is any procedure in place to cover a situation like this? I'm guessing the answer from the DWP will be attend the WCA anyway. Can anyone shed some light? I used to be pretty well read on benefits issues but I'm well and truly rusty and I know some things have changed since I last locked horns with the DWP and ATOS, Maximus taking over the WCA's being just one example. Any help greatly appreciated.
  2. 2 weeks ago I was carrying a box which I had lifted from a shelf and as i turned to return to my seat I tripped over a box in work (a small factory) that was protruding from shelving on the floor level shelf. When I fell, I hit my forehead off the concrete floor, cracked a tooth, which has since broke in half and fell out, I have also fractured my scaphoid bone in my right wrist and I am right handed, which means that I am struggling to do everything. I have been in work ever since it happened, I had been given light duties which I was managing fine, until they decided to change the job I was comfortable doing with a cast on my arm. The job that they changed for me to do did cause a slight discomfort and was awkward with a cast on my arm. One of the other workers suggested to my supervisor, a less awkward job but she was swiftly told no. The next morning I was called into the office by my supervisor, my manager was in the office too when I went in. He said he overheard me yesterday saying my arm was sore, he must be a mind reader because I honestly dont recall saying that to anyone. He then told me that because of this, he was sending me home, it was in the interest of the company and my own wellbeing, and that he couldnt afford for me to possibly injure my arm further. I could fully understand what he was meaning, but it was them that gave me a different job to do, the job that I was taken off, somebody still had to do it. It was not my fault that their shelving was inadequate and did not house the box properly because the box was too long and protruded out at foot level. He told me to go home, and when I said I couldnt afford to, what about my wages. He told me I would get SSP as that was what I was entitled to, as soon as he said that he walked out of the office leaving the door wide open for everyone on the 'shop floor' gawping in at me. I felt so humiliated, I was very upset, especially as I had no money with me to get home as I always got a lift home when I finished work from another employee. I had to get my partner to come over in a taxi to take me home. Can anyone tell me if this is the proper procedure that has been taken, can he just send me home like that with SSP. Im not sick, 'HE' has deemed me unfit for work due to a Health & Safety issue, neglegence to provide adequate shelving for the boxes that are put on them. It was not my fault that the shelf was not deep enough to contain the boxes , so how can I claim SSP if I am not sick. SSP wouldnt even pay my rent, never mind food and bills as well. I would be most grateful for any help or advice that anyone can give me I forgot to add that they now intend to replace the shelving ASAP for insurance purposes against flooding. Seems strange to me that those shelves have been there for the 6 years Ive worked there and suddenly the have to be changed.
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