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  1. We are starting a major forum upgrade. We have been working on it for several weeks.the upgrade process will begin today (Tues 26th Feb 2019) in the afternoon In the morning we will be preventing any new registrations. In the afternoon at about 14:30 we will be resetting the forum to "read only". This will prevent any new posting. The idea will be to freeze the data at that point in time. We will then take a copy of the forum and begin the conversion to the new platform. We expect that the conversion process will take at least two days. During that time the forum will be open for people to visit and to explore but it will not be possible to post new questions or to post replies or for people to register. At some point on the Wednesday the existing forum will be replaced with the upgraded forum platform. This also will be set to read only for a few hours whilst some of the initial rebuilding and indexing of data takes place. The forum will then be set to "read/write" and people will be able to register, to post questions and to post replies. However, the indexing process will take several days and so for a while some posts may appear to be incorrectly formatted, or they may not be available at all or they will not appear in forum searches. As the indexing continues these problems will gradually disappear and we expect the process to be complete after a further three or four days – probably the Wednesday or possibly the Thursday. You may also need to configure some aspects of your personal profile, upload a new avatar – et cetera. We hope that all the data will be intact but please be prepared to come across problems – and in particular there may be attachments which are not available or don't seem to display properly. Please let the site team know – but be patient. We are trying to convert 13 years worth of data and none of it is straightforward. We hope that the final result will be a more modern platform, a more secure platform, and generally a better experience.
  2. If you discover issues caused by the recent upgrade then please post them here.
  3. Hello I am posting this on behalf of my father who used parcels2go to return a zimmerframe which cost £89. He also paid for extra insurance on the web site in order to sent this item back. My father was unable to use his printer to print out a label and informed Parcels2go. Parcels2go sent Hermes to collect the parcel. The parcel was collected by a Hermes courier on March 15, 2018 and has been missing ever since ! After numerous chat sessions and emails no progress in finding the parcel whatsoever was made. Hermes admitted that the parcel was lost by them, but told us that we had to contact Parcels2go. Parcels2go said that we should contact the retailer etc .. Long story short Parcel2go offered a refund... only for the delivery costs. The total sum of £12. My father was ready to say goodbye to his money. Luckily I found your website and on Saturday I sent them a letter before action giving them 4 working days to respond, because so much time has already passed. If you read the correspondence it really seems as though they are just trying to waste time . This is what they sent as a reply to the letter before action: Good Afternoon Ashley. Thank you for your email. Firstly, please allow me to apologise for the inconvenience caused to you and your recipient. I cannot see the links you have provided in your email Ashley. If you have sent attachments, we are unable to view this on this account due to security reasons. Please upload this directly onto your claim or email ,,,,,,, Should you have any further queries Ashley, please do not hesitate to contact us. Kindest Regards A Ali Parcel2Go.com What a joke ! We did not send any links or attachments .This whole back and forth with these people has been an absolute nightmare. I think they do it on purpose to wear you down so that you just give up. I convinced my father not to let them get away with this. He paid for a service then paid for insurance for the service ... ( so bizarre. ) Could you please advise us on the next steps to take Thank you so much for taking the time to read this
  4. Apologies for posting here but I haven't used CAG for a while and can't get a new post box on the help for landlords forum. Can you help me please?
  5. As I posted. I am not sure if this site is the best place for this sort of thing, but I am hoping to find out more about this so as to try to negate what I strongly suspect will be a contentious time when my mother dies. I live abroad and visited my mother in the UK when she turned 99 last month, as I have done for the last 9 or 10 years. She was pretty healthy last year but has begun to show her great age this year. Although still fairly compos mentis, she has become quite deaf and started to become more forgetful and confused. She can still get about somewhat but is now also very slow and needs help. Due to her confusion, she has invoked a pre-2007 Power of Attorney she made in 1992 so that my younger brother will be taking over her financial affairs, and I have some concerns about that, but I am 6,000 miles away and he is 10 miles from her, so it is reasonable that he takes over - with some scrutiny. However, it is his impulsive and thoughtless nature (and other issues) that he has displayed for years that concerns me and his conduct after she dies. He finds her an irritation and has voiced many times that once she dies, he will just 'go in with a skip and chuck the lot and be done with it'. As we are joint executors, we have a duty to do things properly and realise what we can for her estate (which won't be a lot) but he has refused point blank to make any contingency plans for when she does die, despite me suggesting it a number of times. Nor will he discuss anything and just shuts down, even switching off the phone mid-conversation. He just says 'I'm not doing anything and I'll deal with it all when the time comes'. He forgets there are two of us involved. This is all to do with deliberate stubbornness and not emotion about her impending death (which will be within 18 months, I suspect). As he has said many times, he would like her out of the way as he sees her an encumbrance. I'd like to be able to be prepared for any future problems, so if there is a way of discussing them on here, or a more appropriate site, perhaps other members could point me in the right direction. Thanks for reading.
  6. Hi, sorry if this is the wrong place to post but need some advice about a reward card from bt. been waiting since last November !
  7. I have been lurking and reading the forums for sometime , I thought it was finally time to sign up and say Hi ! and thank you !!!
  8. Not sure which forum to post this in. I signed an estate agent agreement this week and have since had a friend who wants to rent my house with a view to buying it in the future. The agreement I signed is as follows: typr of agreement - sole selling period - 20 weeks then 14 days notice to terminate and I see that I also signed a waiver of my cancellation rights. Do I have to keep it on the market for 20 weeks even though I don't want to sell it now? Many thanks.
  9. My name is Mike (edit) I work in a IT company, I love travelling Recently I travelled to Africa but the travel company Crystal Travel didn't provide the value of money I pay to them.So i am here to complain that.
  10. I have monitored this CAG forum for many years and since the introduction of the Taking Control of Goods Regulations almost exactly one year ago it is clear that the level of forum posts has dropped dramatically. I would also suggest that the seriousness of the forum posts has reduced even further with many just asking what to do after receiving the NOE or questioning other forum guidance. All in all a positive thing for the enforcement industry as whole wouldn't you agree?
  11. I thought it would be useful to have a list of common abbreviations that are used on this forum. This way, newbies can look up what the main terms used are. I hope it will save the forum regulars a bit of typing. If anyone has further suggestions or notices something I may have missed, I'm happy to amend the stikky. Here's a link to the stikky. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?460057-Lettings-forum-abbreviations HB
  12. Here is list of abbreviations you're likely to see used on threads here. With thanks to mariner51 for their input. ADR Alternative Dispute Resolution [Mediation] AST Assured Shorthold Tenancy CCJ County court judgement CT Council tax DPS Deposit Protection Service F/F Fully furnished HMO House in multiple occupatiom LA Lettings agent/agency or local authority LL Landlord MD MyDeposit NTQ Notice to quit pcm Per calendar month PR Private rented pw Per week rel Relevant SCC small claims Court temp Temperature T Tenant TA Tenancy Agreement TDP Tenancy Deposit Scheme, the generic name for government-backed tenancy depositshemes https://www.gov.uk/tenancy-deposit-protection/overview TDS Tenancy Deposit Scheme UNF Unfurnished
  13. Hi there I would like to ask for advice re unfair parking charges at Lidl / Athena car park in Eltham SE9 Thanks Ross
  14. First let me say hello and thankyou in advance for any advice or help. A brief account of my problem... Received court letter from hoist holdings re debt from Lloyds. It is a CC and was used from around 2007 - defaulted around 2011 . They are claiming in total with court fees and interest a total of just over 9k. They have and will continue to add interest every single day so this debt will only get bigger. This is what I have done so far - 1. Sent a letter to hoist holdings asking for copy of credit agreement etc 2. Sent letter to their solicitors requesting CPR...agreement/contract and Default notice. ** its not really relevant but it was never my intention to get to this postion. the CC was taken out while I was married and naively I thought that my job would be secure..my marriage would last... In 2011 it all changed and I found myself divorced and on job seekers.. I did in 2011 write to folk with a breakdown of my finances and a letter explaining my situation. Offering a token payment with the promise of larger payments when I found work etc. They did not want to know, and went on to sell the debt on... ** Sooo fast forward to now. And I got the court letter... which I have dealt with as above. I have looked on another website and only seen this website today. I wonder ----> what forum would be best for me and this issue? any advice or comments would be appreciated. Thankyou folk :0)
  15. Hi there I've just attempted to post in banks,finance,credit forum but it states that it's not accepting any more posts.. .. I hope you can re direct this for me and hopefully help. I have four credit cards (all defaulted against) and one loan (with a ccj) that I am looking to settle . two of the cards are in my husbands name but I will be negotiating in the same instance. All of the creditors have payment plans in place which I negotiated myself which have been running and paid on time for a minimum of two years agreed payments are between £20-£40 per month each. I have recently contacted Vanquis and Halifax with proposed settlements and have used template letters from the Internet requesting full and final settlement to avoid the debt then being sold on. Vanquis has a balance of £1800 of which I have offered £1000.. ..they are happy to accept this but only on the basis that the debt will show as being partial settlement on my credit file. They have stated that the account will be closed and that the debt will not be sold on ( which I do not believe) I have had a very basic email accepting the offer (with no mention of the debt not being sold on) I really am not in the habit of liasing over the telephone but meerly contacted them to confirm they had received the letter. I then asked for all dealings to be done in writing. I am not disputing the debt as my credit file shows all payments to them, hence the phone call which I hope hasn't jeopardised any future negotiations. The account was opened in 2006 with an initial credit limit of £1200 which rose to £3000 I'm not certain when the default took place but I'm guessing approx 2013 it's fair to say every penny of the outstanding balance is charges and interest only. (Cringe) The Halifax letter I have yet to chase but is of lesser amount being approx £700 of which I have offered £350 taken out in 2012/13 again being made up now of interest/charges this is still accruing interest and only approx £3 per month reducing the balance I am certainly not flush but in a position to clear these hopefully over the next 6-12 months based on each creditor accepting approx 50% of the debt. Your advice on how to push for a full and final settlement would be very much appreciated as I'm finding it very difficult to get any help elsewhere and I don't want to jump out of th frying pan as it were by settling on a non favourable basis. Any other loopholes would be very much appreciated you guys appear to really know what you are talking about!! The other outstanding cards which I have not yet contacted are with lloyds approx £1200 held by my husband literally forever 25 years? and is made up totally 100% charges/interest........ ... ppi has however been claimed against this account as it was the only one with it (we have just had a letter reducing the balance by £800 due to some legal error on their part also) this has been outsourced to Robinson way for some time although the refund letter came directly from LLOYDS you never know who you are dealing with!! Barclaycard....held since 2005 balance approx £5000 AGAIN all charges/interest nightmare negotiating with to stop interest and charges managed by LINK (charge refund request made a couple of years ago by requesting bank statements to no avail) Finally a loan initially taken out with LOMBARD for £12,500 in 2008 then passed on to idem/Arden/idem I can't keep up with this!!! CCJ in 2013 sadly again the original loan has been repaid in essence but outsourced due to late payments with an outstanding balance of approx £5000 All of the defaults as a result of my mom dying and me losing the plot for a while sadly!! In 2013 -So frustrating as my credit history wasn't bad until then Any advice you can give me would be so gratefully received - I appreciate you taking the time to read this and appreciate that my circumstances may not appear as desperate as some- my mental health is however suffering a great deal as I am desperate to keep my family home I am the midst of a very complicated lost will scenario three years after my mothers death With a Contentious probate scenario not of my making. My only way out is to raise enough funds to buy out my very wealthy brothers (I am not) .hence my need to clear outstanding debt as efficiently and effectively as possible. This is my only way forward and any help for the sake of my sanity and my children's home would mean the world to us all.
  16. Just putting this out there for now. On occasion, we get calls for help from people who have been given a ticket in an area where they are unlikely to visit again, such as holiday makers. We have members from all around the country who could visit these sites to photograph the signs. If any of you wish to volunteer, can you add the area you live in ( i.e. London, Suffolk, Essex) below then I could then make a new thread with all the info on one post. All we would need is Photo's of the main information sign(s) and the repeaters around the card park along with a rough estimate of how many signs there are. You could do this whilst shopping at the particular shopping centre or private car park. I am concentrating on private parking at the moment but there is also an option to include local authority penalties at a later date. Please have a think and if you can get involved, thank you Silverfox1961
  17. Hi there, When i work night shifts, i have a good read around the forum, and find lots of interesting reading Can someone tell me why, Every night at anytime between 04:00 am, And 04:30 am, the forum stops working ? Colin
  18. Hi, I do PHP and web development as my job. I noticed on the forum some people have trouble uploading images, so end up having to follow a list of instructions on how to save the image as a PDF and then upload it. I've made a simple image uploading tool, and nearly completed the "convert to PDF" option. It will be as simple as choose the image and upload, then paste the link to the forum. No adverts, no data gathering and no cost. I simply have spare servers with huge resources. I wanted to check if I'm allowed to add the link in my signature / recommend users this method. As it will save them time.
  19. In September 2013 BT negligently deleted 9 years of my emails, the emails contained information and evidence on a project that I had been working on, there were also attachments to emails and details of contacts that were also lost/deleted. I duly complained to BT and followed the requirements set out in their complaints procedure, unfortunately BT did not. Subsequent to which I reported the loss of emails to the Information Commissioner in the hope they would take an interest, the breach of the Data Protection Act as defined on their website seemed to have been satisfied. I was at all times told by BT that my telephone conversation was recorded which gave me some comfort, short lived when I found out this was untrue. At the end of the 'in house' procedure I was offered £100 as a 'good will' gesture, this I declined and reported my complaint to the Ombudsman Service-Communications(OSC) which meant my complaint was now Negligence and Maladministration against BT, I had spoken to the OSC at some considerable length to ensure that the nature of my complaint was within their remit and established that it was. The OSC, outside their suggested time scale, issued their 'adjudication' which was/is flawed in many respects in that they claim that my contract for telephone and Broadband services with BT did not include email, which it does/did. The report also blamed the 'negligent acts of BT on a 'system failure' which would/could not have been possible. The maladministration of the OSC that I have been obliged to deal with was/is worse than that suffered during my dealings with BT. I obtained a copy of the BT 'call log' that contains 135 entries and refers to failed 'call backs', in fact there were 27 failed call backs which resulted in 54 telephone calls from me to BT, each call took 40 minutes to get through to a person and even than not the right person. Subsequent events required that I must now issue a further complaint this time to the Independent Assessor who reviews action of the OSC, he found in my favour on a number of issues concerning Maladministration although he cannot review the findings of the OSC or their methodology. The conclusion now is that the service available for complaining about negligence of your Internet Service Provider(ISP) is not fit for purpose, a further complaint now lodged with my MP for progress through the Parliamentary & Health Service Ombudsman whilst still attempting to obtain a meaningful reply from the OSC regarding the false and misleading assertions contained in their adjudication, so far only the 'system failure' has been dropped and false reference to evidence that did not exist also seems to be admitted. Clearly I now need some help and any suggestions would be welcome. As to the value of my claim, this has yet to be discussed or assessed but the 9 years work was done whilst I became disabled and now suffer with COPD (respiratory dis-function) and the work can never be replicated or replaced.
  20. I think this is relevant because this part of the forum is to do with benefits advice. I think the admin team responsible for monitoring these threads should be impartial, and not allowed to act like a blue collar gang, closing threads and then allowing admin staff to continue to post, after the creator has been banished from his own thread. They seem to want to put their opinions across and stifle and repress all opposition to it. This is the behavior of school children, and not a consumer actions group it is often the case that no attempt is made to answer the thread authors questions. instead they gang up to demean the post and post snotty school boy remarks. please look at my other thread in the homeless section
  21. I have a lot of defaults from Capitol One credit card can they be scrubbed off due to late payment and extra charges. Can I do anything after getting default notices. Help Please....
  22. Hi there, I have read some useful posts here, therefore, i followed the instruction and sent Vodafone an email already regarding my problem. basically, something happened 5 years ago with Vodafone, (after yesterday lots of conversation with vodafone customer services, online chat, according to the customer services, there was early termination fee imposed on my account, but i have been moving around of course, didn't receive any letters from Vodafone to say the outstanding balance and so on, so it has been overlooked.) Now, i am applying mortgage to buy my first home, i checked my credit report with Experian and Equifax, everything is fine. but my mortgage in principle with Barclay has been declined, due to a default, and my broker asks me to run a credit check with Call credit, which i did, and then I just realize i have a default with Vodafone on my credit report from Call Credit. the default started from 2009 Aug, it is already more than 5 years, but i can't just wait until Aug 2015 to apply a mortgage. after yesterday many conversation with different people from Vodafone, i have cleared the outstanding balance with my account with Vodafone. i know once this goes through, it will show satisfied in my credit report and so on. However, it will still look no good when i apply mortgage. I can see Lee from Vodafone has been really helpful in here, I am just wondering if Lee can look into my case, i can provide my account number and everything, and as a gesture of goodwill, the default can be removed from my account. I look forward to hearing any suggestion and advice. Many thanks Sisi
  23. Hi all, I'm JamieSoze, not my real name obvs!Please be patient with me. I'm here because I am so fed up with the way companies think they can treat individuals. I have had what I consider success with a few companies on my own but there is so much to know. My pet hates are HSBC and BT
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