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Found 3 results

  1. After all the years of stress from trying to defer with slc and them making mistakes with incorrect arrears etc. then rodeo trying to change the original t&c's with their forms etc. etc. etc. ... I get a cheque for £50 and a "sincere apology". This arrived with a letter watermarked with "copy" in large letters of a resolution letter that they supposedly sent last year .. ... but this is the first I've known of it .. . I was still waiting for this and the copy of my original signed loan agreement that I requested with a £1 postal order (this has still not been provided). I complained through the fos last year and it's obvious that they didn't manage to provide a solution in the time allotted so just left it till the 6 month time period for me to complain was up hoping that I would forget about it (which is what happened). Anyway, £50 .... just doesn't make up for all the years of hassle, infact it makes me more annoyed .. .. especially when it's accompanied by the out of date resolution letter that I should have got last year. Anyone else had one of these fob off payment offers?
  2. Hi All, I recently put in a PPI claim from Barclaycard as they sold me a PPI policy on a university campus in 1996. I was under the impression that this was too long ago to claim. I basically told them that the girl who sold it advised me to take it out as it would mean I would have a better chance of getting the card. I had the card for about 10 years and for a long time had a balance of around 11k. So I put the claim in with the following reason in Section E of the form "The sale took place on the campus of Leeds University. It wassuggested verbally that if I took the insurance then the application wouldhave more chance of being successful. At the time I did not know this would nothave been the case and am horrified to think I was misled in this way" A couple of weeks later I got a call from Barclays who said that they just wanted to confirm some details about who I worked for when I had the card. I mistakenly gave them different details to the ones on the form as I was going back to Uni as a mature student and changed jobs around that time. I didn't realise I had given them the wrong details until I just reviewed the form now. Last week I got a letter from them stating they were refusing my claim on the basis of the following. This is an exact copy of what they have written - ~I don't even understand it as it seems to make no sense: First bit does make sense but is factually wrong. "In your complaint you feel you were: given misleading or inaccurate information about the policy" The second bit which is confusing: "We have identified that your application for PPI was submitted post. At this point of applying for PPI, as no advice was given the process required you to select the specific type of cover required. In addition we conducted a review of the documentation you viewed during the sale. We are satisfied that the documentation presented accurately described the scope of the policy, and was sufficient to provide you with all of the information necessary to inform you of the terms and conditions of the policy. As a result we are unable to uphold your complaint" So - I didn't fill in the form. The girl that stopped me on campus filled in the form - I signed it and that's all I remember. Is it likely they are just fobbing me off ? Should I take it further with them, SAR them or just go to them ombudsman ? Any pointers ? Thanks Hamish.
  3. Hi, I recently sent the PPI Questionnaire to Recats about an Empire Stores account I held up to 2005/6. First of all they sent a reply stating that I had the wrong account number after which I sent them a copy of an old statement. Their following response was that since my account had been dormant they have no records and cannot varify my account. If I send them a SAR together with the £10 fee are they obliged to send me information about my account? Would this then give me the right to pursue my claim or should I just send this to the Ombudsman? I have sent other claims to the ombudsman and am still waiting. Thanks for your help. -JS-
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