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Found 8 results

  1. Hi Just a little advice please, or a lot of advice, any advice in fact is of course appreciated and I thank you in advance. I'm clueless; I have a loan with FLM which is now Amigo, the last time I made a payment was Oct 2011, the last time I contacted them was Feb 2012. This was a guarantor loan, the guarantor has never paid or contacted them at all regarding the debt. The account is still active on credit file, there is no default and it shows as 6 payments missed despite there being 73 missed payments inc Jan 2017. Is this statute barred, should it say defaulted, will this continue to be open and active on credit file? Should I contact them and offer them a reduced final amount in exchange for the account being closed and settled or.....?? I have recently returned to work and I am beginning to finally get all my affairs in order and it's a bigger minefield than I thought..... I have a few other debts that show as having default dates in Jan 2012 and Feb 2012, do these debts stay on my file, do they affect my credit score and if they do what should I do about these? Cheers Jac
  2. I obtained a £500 loan in September 2009 with FLM quick only to discover to my horror that I have actually paid £1800!! I am not working at present and I cannot afford the monthly interest charge and I don't want to cause bad feeling between myself and the guarantor as we are family friends. Is there anything that I can do?? This company are threatening court action if the payments aren't made, any advice? £518 still owed, the mind boggles....
  3. Hi I have ran into trouble with the FLM account. I was wondering if I offer 10 per month can they still take me to court. My son is guarantor and is also having problems can they take him to court as well. If we pay this 10 per month does it still go on the guarantors credit file.:| I have already paid the 500 plus intrest and they are saying I still owe them 500 any guidance on this will help
  4. Hi everyone this is my first post here, I checked out a few other threads and everyone is extremely friendly on this matter. About a year or so ago my then girlfriend and I were in some financial difficulties until we found FLM Loans which offered quick cash and simple method to pay the money back. Due to youthful foolishness we went for it not realizing what this meant :/. The original Loan amount was £500 to be paid in monthly installments. I would not ask if it were not important although the situation is becoming dire, since July last year I have paid out £833.01 in Payments and Charges yet still have a balance of £477. Every time I make a payment another large charge get slapped on top again. My Balance sheet is here if needed, although I can't post because of the 10 post limit :/ Please if anyone can help me with this I would be very grateful. Thanks Paul
  5. hi, sorry, couldnt find a forum for FLM. but they are known as amigo loans, flm quick, richmond group.. is there any way FLM loans will freeze interest charges? they were told a few weeks ago that there is now financial hardship and they were asked to stop interest so that it would give a realistic opportunity to repay the debt. is there a way to force them to do this?
  6. FLM QUICK Hi I’ve taken a small loan with FLM Quick of the amount £500 in approximately in May to July 2011. I at that time was in full timeemployment and had been for 9 year’s. Towards the end of February I resignedand now I am unemployed and am on JSA. Since I’ve taken this loan I’ve been charged £558.23 & that’s all INTREST& CHARGES. Some month I get INTREST & CHARGES two times within a month and even three timesa month. They are now e-mailing me and textingand phoning my guarantors home phone and mobile and leaving her text messages ande-mails. I have a Guarantor that’s unemployedand was when I was given this loan from them. I have written a letter to themwhich I have put below but with of course parts edited. This letter has been totally ignored, phoned my bank they have put me on amoney management plan so no one can talk money for 6 month as I am already overdrawn. But yet they have my guarantor bank details and have taken money out of heraccount. She phoned the bank (Halifax) but there is nothing they can do as it’s not aStanding Order and it’s not Direct Debit. They say it’s a card payment, she hasonly ever authorised payments to be taken out once yet they have taken two extrapayments without her consent or authorisation. What should she do now as the bank are clearly not helping and FLM are writingto me saying they will take further action. I have paid there £500 I took withthem back but now they want me to pay them all this interest. I am unemployedand so is my guarantor surely they cannot treat us like this. If you think you can help please do I am looking to take this futher, suethem for harassment etc...
  7. Hello, I took a £500 loan from FLM quick on 07/2011 with the agreed repayment of £48.70 per month. I am the debtor and my brother is the guarantor. Okay so I lost my job due to a RTA in january and I've ended up on JSA while im looking for work, (haven't missed a single payment to FLM always on time) but the £48.70 a month is a real struggle whilst on JSA. This is the first month im not able to pay, its due on the 14th. Now my brother and his mrs are expecting a child so if at all possible I dont want to this to be taken from him (he really can't afford it now) so was curious to see if theres any way to reduce the payment at all or any advice ? sorry no idea about these things really, im quite niave Another thing that is frustrating me hugely, is the fact i have been repaying this £500 loan for 12 months now, at 48.70 - 52.28 each month, and my outstanding balance is £475.48. Which means ive managed to pay off less than £25 in one year? Feeling very stuck at the moment, as I've been selling my belongings to cover the repayments but now I have nothing left to sell really, and its clearly not going to be payed off for years and years @ £25/year. Any advice would be greatly appriecated, sorry if this makes little sense as its 5:25am and I've been up all night worrying ha ;/ Thanks in advance
  8. My Son was asked by a "friend" if he would help by providing his bank details to receive a sum of money owed to the "friend" - reason being the "friend" was in the process of changing bank accounts. Funds were received from a company called Haymarket Lending in my sons account and he passed the cash on to the "friend". Two months later my son spotted charges to his account from FLM - -- we queried what was going on, only to be told by FLM that my son was a guarantor for a loan taken out in the name of the "friend". Of course by now the "friend" was no longer contactable / traceable! At no time did my son give any explicit or implicit agreement to be a guarantor, and yes you could say my son acted very naively in giving his bank details to someone else Trying to sort with FLM is proving impossible - they claim that by virtue of funds going thro his account he had effectively agreed to be a guarantor. Have tried to sort via the Ombudsman, but they claim they can only intervene in a case between an Institution and a customer -- whereas our point to them is that my son was not a customer nor had he entered into any agreement with FLM
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