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Found 1 result

  1. Shocking Customer Service in my encounter with a internet based bedding company bestpricebeds dot co dot uk / Flintshire Furniture , please read email from bestpricebeds received 17th January 2017, the wording in the said email to any customer is 'unacceptable'. The conduct of these internet based companies need reviewing else need closing down as they could have approached the customer in a more acceptable manner by a significant margin. It's like dealing with Del Boy from Peckham, "now item is sold i'll wash me hands and go to sleep like a baby." Please note - On taking delivery of the bed all we received was a delivery note with Flintshire Furniture details on there, upon finding faults we contacted the sender. Had the sender directed us towards bestprice we would have, however Dobby @ Flintshire by default took responsibility for the faults and attempted to rectify the issues themselves. - Dobby is fictional and was purposely substituted for the real name ------ still awaiting refund and reply.... Hello Please confirm if the refund has been processed. The bed was picked up by TMF Logistics last month. I look forward to your reply. Kind regards ----------------------------------------------------------------- To: Flintshire Furniture; customerservice at bestpricebeds dot co uk Subject: Re: Dobby Invoice #### / PO ##### Hello to whom it may concern @ bestpricebeds I have three boxes awaiting collection ASAP for full refund. Please advise of collection date. I have informed Dobby as well. Many thanks ----------------------------------------------------------------- From: Flintshire Furniture Sent: 18 January 2017 Subject: Re: Dobby Invoice #### / PO ##### Hi Can you please advise bestpricebeds so then can send me authorisation to collect. Regards Flintshire Furniture Ltd Tel: 01244 814673 Fax: 01244 559055 Web: flintshirefurniture ----------------------------------------------------------------- Sent: 18 January 2017 14:44 To: Flintshire Furniture Subject: Re: Dobby Invoice #### / PO ##### Hello Dobby I have the three boxes ready for you to arrange collection for ASAP, please confirm collection date. Thanks From: customerservice@bestpricebeds Sent: 17 January 2017 17:33 Subject: FW: order ##### ----------------------------------------------------------------- From: customerservice@bestpricebeds [mailto:customerservice@bestpricebeds dot co dot uk] Sent: 17 January 2017 17:28 Subject: order ##### Hello I have spoken to Flintshire Furniture who has gone through what has been done with your order placed 1.12.2016 Please let Me Explain to you , Your contract of Sale was between yourself and Bestpricebeds , You had a email order confirmation of our details sent by email With your order and we sent you a written receipt which would have gone to the billing address. If you read the Terms and Conditions that came with your email , it would clearly Explain the Faults procedure , it would also say that if you were not happy with the product You had to let us ( bestpricebeds dot co dot uk) your seller of the product know within 14 days of receiving the bed , explaining the problems , and sending pictures , so we could arrange a replacement You did not Do this at all , instead you bombarded the importer with emails and phone calls , This is totally wrong . For example if you purchase a Silentnight bed from Argos , and something was wrong you would go back to Argos Not contact the manufacturer. So here we are 17.01.2017 and you are telling me that you are not happy with your replacement bed , of which I did not know you had even had a replacement , because I have no emails contry to your first order on 01.12.2016 and that I understand has been with the courier since before Christmas But for some reason you would not take the replacement bed , and now that the replacement bed has been delivered , there was something wrong with that , Which Flintshire furniture has sent to you a part in the post to rectify No offence but you have made a complete shambles of the faults procedure YOU NEVER EVER go to the manufacturer or importer , you go to the company who sold it to you bestpricebeds dot co dot uk The fact that you have not adhered to those terms and not had any contact with me is Breach to our agreement or contract , and I and have reason enough to say , I do not want to have anything to do with you at all I have spoken to Flintshire Furniture who has said , Put the frame you have just received back in the boxes and wrap up the bed once this is done He will arrange collection of the frame , once he understands the bed frame has been collected we will refund you and put an end to this sorry Saga If you do not have the boxes however you cannot Return the Frame At All I hope you understand what I have written as you have done everything the wrong way with your complaint Customer Service ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ BestPriceBeds Ltd 22 Redenhall Road Harleston Norfolk IP20 9ER w: bestpricebeds e: customerservice@bestpricebeds t: 01379 855456 f: 01379 855453 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ From: Flintshire Furniture Sent: 16 January 2017 14:10 Subject: Re: Dobby Invoice #### / PO ##### Hi We received your emails and have a foot waiting to post, alternatively wrap the bed up and I will collect it. Please advise. Dobby Flintshire Furniture Ltd Tel: 01244 814673 Fax: 01244 559055 Web: flintshirefurniture dot co dot uk ----------------------------------------------------------------- Sent: 16 January 2017 13:59 To: flintshirefurniture@hotmail co uk; sales@flintshirefurniture co uk Subject: Re: Dobby Invoice #### / PO ##### Hello I sent this email on Saturday and I am awaiting a response. Please let me know what you plan to do to rectify the issue in the first instance, alternatively collect your bed (the bed is still in their three boxes) and issue us a refund ASAP. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Sent: 14 January 2017 21:30 To: flintshirefurniture@hotmail co uk; sales@flintshirefurniture co uk Subject: Re: Dobby Invoice #### / PO ##### Dear Dobby So we have had our replacement bed today by TMF, unfortunately all three boxes have damages on them and they all have poor packaging / rips. I cautiously opened the main box (headboard) pulled out the headboard and panels to inspect, although headboard seemed in a better condition (fabric etc) I noticed one of the floor stubs / plastic feet broken. I am really disappointed by the product and delivery, is it worth the hassle? I'm not sure if I should open packages 2 and 3 because I don't know what surprises await me. Could you kindly send a replacement floor stub out and I proceed to assemble the bed opening the other boxes? Please bear in mind If I find any more faults I will want to return your bed for a full refund, the hassle just isn't worth prolonging or the money that was paid for it. The purchaser will be expecting the money back into their account. Apologies for sounding upset but its so frustrating I'm sure you'll understand. I look forward to your prompt reply -------------------------------- Sent: 07 December 2016 12:52 To: flintshirefurniture@hotmail co ukay; sales@flintshirefurniture co ukay Subject: FAO: Dobby Invoice #### / PO ##### Dear Dobby We took delivery of this bed yesterday and encountered a few problems 1. Damage to cloth / felt on headboard and base panels (see pictures). 2. Two of the four batons which fit across the base of the bed do not fit into the plastic slots attached to the side boards zipped images to follow. 3. The Slat Frame does not sit on the plastic component attached to headboard (by design according to Dobby), personally i think it should sit on the component. zipped images to follow 4. Holes are not aligned enough to fix the cross bar underneath the slat frame. This was purchased as a gift and it was supposed to be in time before a wedding which take place this Sunday, do you think there is any chance of recovery from issues for the above faults before Friday the 9th? I look forward to your reply.
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