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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, I am looking for some advice. I bought a car from Arnold Clark yesterday andthe signed vehicle order agreement. I am still awaiting to hear of approval hasbeen granted for the credit however on leaving sales room I am not happy with what’sin the agreement. Initially I was quoted a price, £167 pm that included all their extras(warranty, service, road tax, fuel and mats and VIP insurance). I said no andthe deal was lowered to £157 pm. I left and went back the following day todiscuss. They then offered £146 pm but the VIP insurance was removed and the warrantyreduced to 1 year. The service agreement was still included. I was advised a costof £136 if all extras were removed. I was also told that I would maybe get thewarranty (FOC) if it was a deal breaker. Anyways, long story short, they agreed to giving me the road tax (only £30p/a), the petrol and mats for free. We signed up. We didn’t actually get to seeanything though and did the electronic signature that they look for on thevehicle order agreement. Now looking at the agreement, I have paid the stickerprice (no discount at all), have no extras and have paid £30 road tax and £25for fuel (was initially £50 for fuel and mats). No mention of the mats. I feel like I have been done. Wherewas the £167 pm price initially from? Can I do anything? I thought I was makinga saving somewhere and do not even seem to be getting what was discussed (mats etc.).The agreement refers to Terms and conditions but none were attached. Can anyonehelp? Thanks
  2. Hi All, Discovered my Barclays Account was around £800 short .and that Its down to Barclaycard helping themselves ,yet again!!!! Its happened once before(£350 last summer) so it could have been avoided if I'd have started banking elsewhere ,but I was assured that it wouldn't happen again after B/C worked out a fair payment plan ,based on my priorty outgoings & living expenses etc... At the time I was in the early stages of recovering from pretty bad back injury and in reciept of Incapacity Benefit, when I told them this,within 2 days I got a full refund,the only stipulation being not to default on the payment plan they had set up or they'd do the same again.. Had to pay £12 p/w which I have without fail since so I'm at a loss as to why they've burgled me again, even though they're aware its my benefits account and that I'm actually,albeit slowly,paying it off. I deposited a £1800 cheque recently,so that might start their bells ringing, but this was my partners wages, her Santander account has been compromised 3 times in as many years so she had her cheque re-written and used my account as a quick fix. In total theres about £230 to cover about £1100 out goings!!! I suspect we may actually drod dead sometime during the back end of the month!!!!!! I know they can take whatever they want pretty much, but I was making regular re-payments which I'd agreed to increase as soon as I could, they set the payment amount/standing order and how often i pay. ..Ive not been contacted about any changes at all They've just blatently done what they ,so clearly,told me I shouldn't do otherwise they'd nick my money again. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Are there any "unchangable" rules that cover this anyone knows of? Even though I got a refund last time,I don't think I'll be as lucky this time round for some reason. Got to wait till Monday to contact B/C,if I get no joy there a few pointers on how best to approach the whole thing would be magic!! We really cannot get by without this money to be honest Thanks for any help Jules
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