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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, I have been renting an apartment for the past year with a previous friend. We each paid a £500 deposit to cover a month's worth of rent (£1000 in total) . Long story short, my flatmate failed to make two of her rent payments so the landlord is trying to claim back the whole deposit to cover each of the £500 she failed to give him. We are on a joint tenancy so I understand the landlord has the right to do this as technically we were both liable for the rent even though I paid all of my 'half', however the question I have is do I have any chance of seeing my £500 again? The deposit is currently in the deposit protection scheme where my landlord has requested the full amount back. Should I go into a dispute even though I know I would probably loose? The only small thing I have on my side is that my landlord was not a very good one and we had issues with the flat when we moved in that were never resolved even though I emailed him several times that I have records of (the shower leaked so badly it caused a damp patch on the ceiling of the apartment below, the drains smelled of sewage, the blinds in the bathroom were mouldy). Would this give me any leg to stand on in claiming a bit of the money back or is this not worthy to get some of the deposit back? In terms of my flatmate we are no longer in contact however I have messaged her several times asking her to pay at least one month of the rent so I could get my deposit back at least, to no avail. She already has a lot of debt against her name (unpaid loans, unpaid phone bills ect.) so is there any chance I could claim my lost £500 from her another way or would going through the courts be a waste of time due to her previous unpaid debts she hasn't repaid. I know I was silly signing a joint tenancy with her but hindsight is a beautiful thing and now I'm just trying to look for a way to resolve it and get a part, if not all of my money back!
  2. Hello everybody it has been a while since i have had the need to post anything but I need a bit of help on this one. My daughter shared a flat with an old school friend of hers for about 3 years with no problems whatsoever. the arrangement was that her friend transferred half the money to her account for the rent or handed it to her in cash, she in return paid a regular sum every month to the friends account for the various bills, council tax, water, electricity and gas and sky tv. All went well up to about three months or so before my daughter left the flat to move in with her boyfriend, and it was at this point that she found out that the various bills were in serious arrears and that her flatmate had used the bill money to go on an exotic holiday. When confronted the friend apologised, and said that all arrears would be dealt with and my daughter had nothing to worry about. Receipts were shown to my daughter after this to show that the flatmate was repaying the arrears but in small instalments. They gave notice to the landlord that they were quitting the flat and because the rent was being paid through my daughters account there were no arrears. My daughter moved out of the flat on the weekend before the lease was up and her flatmate was due to move out by the following Thursday, which was the final day of the lease. Unfortunately the flatmate did not move out and stayed on for a further 6 weeks without permission. No rent was paid in that time. Her flatmate did leave eventually but not until legal proceedings had started and the costs of the legal paperwork were charged jointly and severally to my daughter and her flatmate, she also lost her half of the deposit because the flatmate left loads of rubbish and mess to clear up after the flat was vacated. since that time she has debt collectors calling saying that none of the bills have been paid and as she is the only one they can trace she is responsible for them. luckily she managed to convince the council that she had paid her share of the council tax directly to her flatmate and the flatmate agreed with the council that it was not my daughters debt. All the council tax has been repaid but not any of the other debts. We could not trace the flatmate for months until my daughter bumped into the Father of the flatmate and he said to send a letter via him and he would pass it on, this she did but the flatmate did not reply. She wrote this of as a bad experience until last week when she received another unexpected bill from british gas for nearly £200. bear in mind that she moved out of the flat about 3 years ago. She is considering settling this bill but now wants to recoup as much as she can from the flatmate. The total she has lost at the moment is near to £1,000. we still do not know where the flatmate lives but do know that facebook friends have passed messages to say we need to talk but as yet no reply. any thoughts on what the next move should be? Thanks for bearing with me through this long post
  3. Hi, two of my flatmates were living in two separate rooms. Now they are a couple and they are "hosting" a friend in one of the two rooms. They didn't tell me that they are subletting one room to this girl (they want to keep the money for themselves) but I firmly believe they are subletting and therefore breaching our tenancy contract. I don't want to have legal problems with the landlord and I have always respected the tenancy agreement and also also I don't want to be charged with complacency. What shall I do? Tell everything to the landlord. Kick the girl out? Please is there anyone that can give me any advice.
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