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Found 5 results

  1. Hello all. I was stopped this morning at Moorgate by the ticket inspectors and my details were taken as apparently I had not touched in at my originating station (I had). Essentially they had to report it and I had to sign a form. My question is, should I have been given a copy of that form? I requested a copy but he refused as it is not policy to do so...my argument of "but you could write anything on that after I had left" seemed to fall on deaf ears. I even asked if I could take a photo, but that was denied. I do not think that I will be given a penalty fare (famous last words!) judging by the circumstances, but I wondered if anyone had any thoughts on this and whether they have ever asked/been provided with a copy of the report? Cheers. pikeal
  2. Hello I'm 18s years old and received a letter from First Capital Connect last Monday stating they were in intending to prosecute me under 5.3.a of the Regulations of Railways Act 1889. Basically, I was an idiot and purchased a child's ticket in order to get to College for an interview. Upon getting to the ticket station I realised I was without the money to buy an adult ticket in my rushed state purchased a child's one instead, figuring it was better to pay something than nothing. Upon getting to the station I then panicked further and stated I bought it by accident before admitting the truth on the form. I desperately need 3 things answering and would appreciate any help given. 1: What is the maximum possible sentence for violating this part of the act? 2: What is the likely sentence? 3: What should my course of action be? Should I attempt a settlement letter? Thank you
  3. Hi there, I am very worried about the situation i may be in. Last week i was travelling from cambridge to Kings cross and i bought a ticket for a return with a 16-25 railcard. At the time i did not check , but my rail card was out of date on Oct 30. I only realised that the railcard was invalid at the time when the inspector asked for my ticket. I understood my mistake but did not have enough money to pay for the ticket at the time. So i was issued with a caution. I answered all questions without hesitation. The only thing at the end was that i asked for the railcard back and he would not give it to me, i said surely he was not aloud to keep my property but then he said that it is the rails property so i let him keep it. I have now received an intention to prosecute and i am so scared, i don not want a criminal record, i am only 21 i have never been in trouble with the law i am very worried. If charged will i defiantly get a criminal record or will i just have to pay the costs? Please help!!
  4. I'll try and make this as short as possible. In December 2011 I was travelling from Borehmwood to Kentish town and then on into town for a job. I topped up my oyster with £20 and touched it to the pad and walked through the barriers. Once on the train I was approached by a "Revenue Protection Inspector" who asked to see my ticket. I handed my oyster card over and expected it back straight away. It was kept from me and I was told that I had skipped the fare. I explained how I'd topped it up and even touched it on the way into the station. I was given 2 options: 1- Pay the fare 2- Pay a fine. I said "Fine I'll pay the fare" as in to say im happy to pay the fare if the machine hadnt taken it properly. The First Caiptal Connect man then started taking my details. Confused I asked why. He said that I'd asked for the fine and not to pay the fare. I explained what I meant but his english wasnt very good. After being told that I couldnt now just pay the fare as he had "already started the paper work" I was annoyed but started to give my details until we got to my stop. He still had my oyster and refused to hand it back. He agreed to continue on the platform at Kentish Town, where I provided my address, and all other details. I even spelt my name for him 4 times using J-Juliette O-Oscar E-Echo L-Limo etc etc etc. After another 5 or so minutes he was still refusing to let me leave so i called the police stating that I was being "illegally detained" on the platform. At this point he started getting a bit agitated and angry with me (i was also getting ****ed off with him) and I tried taking back my O-card. Eventually (after kicking up a loud fuss on the platform) I grabbed my card and walked off. I have just recieved a Court Summons in the name of JOAL SEFOLD (not my name at all). The summons states I was aggresive (physically and verbally) and refused to pay my fare. As a result they are asking me to pay the fare, the fine and court costs on top (a little bit unfair). The Court Summons is dated 24.01.2012 and gives me 7 days to respond before they go ahead and try me in absence. It was recieved on 21.02.2012. My Names are wrong (even on his original note pad) the timings are wrong(can be proven by meta data on the photo I took). What should I do??? I'm very tempted to send it back as "return to sender NOT KNOWN AT THIS ADDRESS" I would appreciate any help Thankyou.
  5. Hi My sister has been summoned to appear at magistrates for 'failing to hand over a valid ticket for inspection and verification when asked to do so by an authorized person contrary to Bye Law No 18(2) of the Railway Byelaws made under section 219 of the Transport Act 2000.' She admits she offence (which took place at the end of July this year) but does not know how to proceed. Can she settle out of court? If so how is this best approached? (writing to First Capital Connect Prosecutions Dept?) If so is there anything specific she should put in a letter? Is it worth calling their prosecutions dept to speak to someone and ask about settling? In the event they don't want to settle and she pleads guilty will this offence give her a criminal record? Thanks all
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