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Found 4 results

  1. Hi all, First off, fantastic community here. I have spent a fair amount of time researching and it really is incredible how companies can act. I have a slightly different situation which I couldn't find anything comparable from searching the forums. I signed up for a 12 month Fit4Less membership where the first payment was taken October-2016. I cancelled the direct debit sometime about August 2017 where the last payment was taken August 2017, this was due to me moving about 1.5 miles away and wanted a gym in walking distance. Therefore, I have only paid 11 of the 12 months. I know I should have waited and paid the last month but didn't check fully. Subsequently, I have received the Harlands letters like many on this forum. What are my options? Should I offer the final payment while stating I refuse to pay any admin or cancellation fees? Thanks,
  2. Hello, Firstly a big thank you to the contributors, having read many of the DW / ARC complaints on here I have managed to get Major Law Solicitors off my back and DW Fitness have agreed to close my account with no further action IF I can send proof of the phone calls. The trouble is the phone calls were made in my parents house down south of which I have no access to the phone records and would struggle to as they live abroad 6 months of the year. I remember making a couple of phone calls that didn't go through on my mobile but later than the date my letter said. I am obliged to prove I rang several times and couldn't get through? During the period I check their twitter account and 90% of the tweets to them were all of people complaining they couldn't get through on the cancellation line - DW are WELL aware of this issue (hence they've changed their policy recently) Here's the email I received in reply to my letter. Thank you! "I am writing in response to your letter received by DW Sports Fitness Head Office, 23rd June 2016. After reading your letter, I can only apologise if you have unable to contact membership services to cancel your membership. Going forward if you are able to provide your call history showing calls taking place in February I can look at closing your account down with no further action. Unfortunately there is no record of a letter being received dated 29th February so I cannot back date your cancellation to this point. If the letter was sent recorded delivery please provide the reference number and I can have this looked into."
  3. Two weeks back I received the standard letter that my CB based ESA will be finishing in June. Now I still have my Appeal pending after is was postponed in December as they wanted more info. Whilst I realise that the letter is pretty standard, if my Appeal is still pending when June arrives can they legally take me off of CB based ESA? Another curiosity, Pension credit told me I couldnt go onto IB ESA when my CB finished and I would need to go onto full Pension credit, there was no option !
  4. I wonder If anyone has any thoughts. I’ve just successfully passed my post graduate diploma in architecture [RIBA Part 2] and today have received a letter from the university [of Greenwich] stating that I owe them over £500 still – I found this odd as I pay my fees myself and I paid them upfront in September as you basically have no choice and are booted off the course if you haven’t paid in full by December. So I contacted student finance and they state I haven’t paid for and 'extra' 20 credits. A little background – the diploma is 240 credits and it paid for on a per credit basis – the University had a major shake up half way through the course and we had a new Dean of school who basically came in, sacked all the tutors, brought in new ones and turned the course on its head. Whilst this was disruptive I seemed to get along fine with the new course structure but the problem is the balance of credits has been changed around so when I started the course was structured something like this: Yr 1 80 credits Yr 2 100 credits Yr 3 60 credits The reshuffle came about after Yr 1 with further adjustments to after yr 2 so what I ended up doing was: Yr 1 80 Yr 2 80 Yr 2 100 New students do 3x80 credits but somehow with the re-shuffle of the course one of the units that is key to the course is now worth more credits than it was when I first stated and as a result has to be tagged onto my final year… …basically I’m not happy that they want £500 for the ‘extra’ credits that I didn't sign up for and had no choice but to do because they decided the final year is now worth more...ts essentially the same as it was when i started but now its 'worth' 20 credits more than it used to be. I can’t just ignore it as I still have to go back and do a further course to become an architect and they won’t let me register for this until the balance is paid in full! I've spoken with the head of finance and the people that assign the credits – they won’t budge. thanks J
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