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Found 15 results

  1. How would i go about finding out if a landlord (housing association) is liable by law/regulations or contract to perform certain repairs/modifications on the property? I have a few issues that i would love to get remedied but have little luck getting them looked at seriously. One being a very common problem for all the flats i know in my block is that people upstairs simply walking quietly across the floor causes all kinds of very loud creaks and bangs. Very disturbing if your underneath even with tv or music on and ive seen how unavoidable it is from the other side too walking on such fl
  2. Hi everyone, firstly, apologies if this is in the wrong forum. If so please tell me off mods and feel free to move the thread! I need to find out the VAT code and the Unique Taxpayer Reference (UTR) of a company. I found the VAT code easy enough. Has anyone got any idea how I can find this UTR for a particular company? Thanks.
  3. I have been suspended from work on pay. It has been over two months now and I was invited in to work last week for an investigative (fact finding) interview. I had already prepared a statement of fact which I presented at the interview. I also answered all questions asked of me. I completely deny the allegation set out. I am extremely stressed and anxious by the whole situation and I 100% know I am innocent of the allegations (I know, that's what they all say..). I have said all I need to say - I have given my side of the incident and do not wish to say anything furthe
  4. Hi all, I hope someone can help. I'm not going to go into the full details of this but in short last August the police attended my home following, (what they claim), calls from members of my family with concerns for my welfare. I refused to speak to them, or let them in. About 5 hours later fully armed police burst in through the door, (both front and back door was locked), and found me in the bedroom in a heavily sedated state. The crux of this is that in my complaint to the police the findings state that forced entry to my home was used because I was in the process of a
  5. Hi, I am new to forums and have just joined this site, I need advice about a parking ticket i got in a private car park. I wont go into all the details here but i can't work out where i should post the whole comment or how to do it. Could anyone please tell me so i can post my whole question please, Thank you in advance... from a learner
  6. Hello I would like to get some advice please. Me and my partner are both are on IVA and on year 2. 2.5 years ago we decided to rent out a property and our contract expires end of March 2016 , idealy we would like to move out of the flat asap to a house as its small and a lot of condensation the letting agency advised us of 2 months notice period – which was fine (last date 31st April). The letting agency found someone to move in end of March (what we originally wanted) and asked if we can leave early- which we accepted. Now the problem we are having
  7. Morning, all. For some reason, I can't find one of my old threads, which I need to link to for someone in need of help herself on FB, so... It's a thread which I wrote about covert recording and the law which applies to it. I can't remember what I called it or where it was posted, for some reason I seem to have forgotten to subscribe to it, so can't find it in my user CP and can't find it when searching. If anyone knows what I am talking about or knows where to find it, I would (and so would the lady in distress I am helping!) be very grateful. BW.
  8. Hi lads and ladies i'm new here so first a quick HI! Now a quick question I'm a union rep so like to play with facts not hearsay and tales. Ok the question. A guy/lady is called in for an investigatory meeting on suspicion of X/Y. At this meeting they are not suspended and then a few days later get called back in front of the boss who subsequently fires the person. Now it's an understanding that if someone has not been suspended and gone to disciplinary the employer should not / cannot then dismiss? However, others say they have not suspended someone from work and
  9. Back in summer 2004 i took a loan out for £1500 a few months after that i borrowed a further £1000 with my x girlfriend as a joint loan. We split in 2005 an i was devastated to find that with interest i owed them £6,000+ back! Since then although i paid my half of the debt for a couple of yrs she never paid a penny my credit got destroyed and still is. I never spoke or paid a penny to them for a few yrs now (out of protest that they've always harassed me for the debt an never her). So i havent spoken to or dealt with them since 2009 even then that was a debt co
  10. SO long story short, I need to somehow magic up £300 or so in the next few days - i've chased every possible avenue (family/friends/selling stuff/etc) and this is my last resort by far. Now I had a tiff with payday loans last year and never ended up paying back so my credit history is a joke. Is there anywhere I can find a payday loan with such terrible credit? I know it's terrible for my financial future but that is something i'm willing to deal with at a later date. (I've tried all the mainstream ones such as quickquid/wonga/minicredit etc) and they all say no. If this is in the wr
  11. Hi, im looking for help finding and posting a new thread on the vodafone forum. can someone lead me in the correct direction please? many thanks
  12. I'm about to apply for a DRO but realised that all debts listed have to be 100% accurate. But when my debts are being sold over and over again to different companies, I've lost track of one in particular. If I list the wrong company, the real company can still legally chase me! I'm using credit expert, and this debt (an HSBC Overdraft) is listed as default with HSBC but I know it's been sold on and I can't find out to whom. They haven't written to me for some time so I don't have the details :-/ Is there any way to find out who I owe money to now? On that subject, is it really fair f
  13. I moved into a flat in a shared building almost two months ago. Despite receiving gas to the property we haven’t been able to work out who our gas supplier is, or if we even have one. The landlord sorted out the electricity supplier but said that he had no idea who the gas supplier was. He said should just register with whoever we wanted to. That’s what I’ve been trying to do but I’m getting nowhere… I’ve tried ringing all the major gas suppliers to see if they have the property on their records. They have all told me that the information on the database for the building is incorrect/mixe
  14. Hi, Just looking for some help. I am about to move home, the new house is currently empty, being sold by agent for bank, I believe it was repossessed. So not a huge amount of detail is known about who supplied the electricity. Can I just pick anyone as it will be a new contract, or do I need to find out who the "current" supplier is, and if so how do I go about it. Thanks
  15. After 2 years of claming benefits as a lone parent i finally get myself a job and the jobcenter bascially do me over. On 30th june this year i was told because my son had reached the age of 6 i wasnt allowed to claim income support and would be moved over to JSA as part of that i had to look for work so thats what I did. I got the claim sorted applied for work and had an interview it went well but at the time a decision had not been made. On the 12th July i had to attend my first signing day and was told i had an appointment on the 20th June to find out about the help and suppor
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