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Found 6 results

  1. I parked at Nene Park, Peterborough on Friday 1st June 2018 for 50 minutes. My daughter met me and parked up as well. We paid cash for both cars at the same machine. We both received a parking charge notice on 18th June dated the 14th June. After several letters and emails, we have now received a Take Formal Notice letter from Equita stating that the matter has now been passed to Equita Ltd with instructions to recover the outstanding sum of £110.00. In my very first e-mail on the 18th June, I wrote I have today received a letter from yourselves. They are obviously ignoring this information. The amount due keeps going up. 04/12/18 Take formal notice threatening that non payment could lead to legal action through the county court. 21/12/18 Take Formal Notice letter. Quoting Supreme Court decision parkingeye v Beavis (2015). Do I continue to ignore these letters? Interestingly Nene Park Trust are of no help. However, Park with ease no longer operate the car parking at Nene Park. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Hi everyone, just thought I would drop this in for a bit of input and advice... My mom had a policy with DL to cover her cat for the last 2-3 years. She cancelled the policy in June 2013, the last payment she made was on the 10th Of June 2013, I have confirmed this from her bank statements. Her policy documents state that the 'new' policy would (if she were to continue) would commence from 18/07/2013. You can view the policy schedules below: 2012/13 Policy - [ATTACH=CONFIG]45752[/ATTACH] 2013/14 Policy - [ATTACH=CONFIG]45751[/ATTACH] After cancelling her direct debit with the bank she received this letter sent out on the 15th June 2013, [ATTACH=CONFIG]45753[/ATTACH], which seems straight forward enough and she assumed that as the payment for June had gone out, this would take her to the cutoff/end date of the 17th July 2013 as mentioned in the letter and she just put it aside knowing she was not renewing. Then today, she received this letter [ATTACH=CONFIG]45754[/ATTACH], a FINAL NOTICE asking for the payment of £17.34 and the usual threatogram spiel mentioning debt management companies and agents etc etc, which as of course got her in a panic. She has received no interim letters between the two shown above. So my question is this, what the hell are they playing at? haha, really, what I want to know is, has anyone got any input on how to get this resolved, she spoke to them and they were less than helpful, the woman was only interested in discussing the payment options and threatening her. So I said, tell them you are not discussing it on the telephone any more, and that you will write to them, and got her to end the conversation. I know from past experience that companies like to play the heavy handed approach in the hope that customers will cave in, but I don't at this point see that she owes them any funds and told her not to pay them until they can clearly show where/what this payment is meant to cover. I plan to write in and ask for clarification regarding the policy and period this payment is supposed to have covered, and why in their initial letter they make no mention of any potential outstanding payments due on the policy. My real concern though is this, FINAL NOTICE, how can they just issue a FINAL NOTICE when no other notices have been issued? and this is like 18 days after they sent their first letter, even IF she owed this payment, which I am not convinced about, surely 18 days to issue a FINAL NOTICE is a little cheeky as the payment would have only gone on the 8-10th July anyway, so its not even 30 days past when it should have been paid 'in their eyes', i.e. when this letter was sent, she would have even been less than 30 days in so called arrears and yet already they've issued a FINAL NOTICE to her. (I hope that makes sense!) It seems a little over the top IMHO and a bit heavy handed for £17.34 and I plan to get to the bottom of it! So any input and advice on how to approach this would be most useful and grateful... Thanks all...
  3. My wife received a fine of £300 for owning an un-insured vehicle. The court date was on a working day and couldn't take time off work to attend. We sent documents to state this was merely a typo and was corrected the same day - however wasn't good enough. Just had a knock at the door, wasn't expecting visitors so didn't answer it - and had the following posted for my Wife; FINAL NOTICE DESPITE PREVIOUS NOTICES AND ATTENDANCE(S) YOU HAVE FAILED TO PAY THE OUTSTANDING SUMS DUE. TAKE NOTICE THAT UNLESS FULL PAYMENT IS MADE IMMEDIATELY I SHALL REMOVE YOUR GOODS FOR SALE AT PUBLIC AUCTION: After 7pm Today Balance due as at today: £625.00 IF PAYMENT IS NOT MADE IMMEDIATELY YOU WILL BE LIABLE FOR SUBSTANTIAL ADDITIONAL COSTS The balance has escalated outrageously and I simply don't have the money. I've read up about Marstons and can't see them accepting any affordable payment plans that won't bankrupt me. I thought the Mrs had sorted something out with the Courts to pay this but clearly she hasn't. Is there anything I can do to make this affordable?
  4. Marston have visited with a final notice for my ex-partner, who no longer lives with me, for unpaid court fines£698, said they would return with police as there is also an arrest warrant. My ex tried to arrange a payment plan back in May and Marston said no. He was unemployed, obviously could not pay in full. He started working a couple of weeks back, but does not have the money to pay this all in one go. What can he do? Mine is his last known address, so I am worried as to whether they can take my possessions? My main concern is for advise for my ex.
  5. I've received a Final Notice from Westcot Credit Services regarding an alleged debt with RBS. According to the CCA request timings, the debt entered default on 17/05/2011 because Westcot failed to provide the documents required. Westcot kept responding that I should write to their client, and I repeatedly reminded them as they were pursuing an alleged debt, it was their responsibility to provide the information or to obtain it from their client. Westcot even returned the £1 PO I'd sent. I sent the "Account in Dispute" letter on 11/08/2011, but today I received their Final Notice dated 12/09/11. I had read previously on this forum threads about final Notices having to have complied with various rules, and was hoping a kind member would direct me to the thread, as I can recall which one it was. Also, can I just write back to Wescot telling them it's invalid as the account is in default and currently unenforceable? Many thanks, Dave
  6. Hello, For the past six months or so, I have been receiving letters at my house for my brother - who does not, and has never lived here for one of his debts. this DCA obviously found my name in the phone book or something and thought they'd get lucky. I have asked them to stop calling, and after the last letter I sent them an email as follows: Since sending this I have had two more letters, one now advising me of a doorstep collection. Am I within my rights to go ahead and sting them for harrassment? Advice appreciated, Thanks Sam
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