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Found 10 results

  1. Due to poor health, I had to take time of work, Jan and Feb, now from my wages I make sure I pay my Mortgage, Payment to the Debt arrangement scheme, and Council Tax Now I get weekly tax credits of £81, and around the 15 Feb, I received my bill from scottish Power of £298. Now from my tax credits, and working payments out on Excel, I have budgeted £30 per week to my account for Scottish Power, meaning by 5 May account should be paid in full On the 23 Feb, I emailed Scottish Power about my fiancial difficult, and included the payment plan for the account Now a few days later, I received a email, requesting me to phone them to discuss any payment plan I did this today, after receiving a third reminder this week, with " IF WE HAVE TO COME AND VISIT, YOU WILL BE CHARGED £37" Spoke to one of the Customer Service Advisors, explained my problem, have no suffiecent fund to make full payment as they requested, now she wasnt any help, infact all she was interested in doing , was to ask me if I was interested in a prepayment meter...quite honestly I dont want this Seems my problem is, Im a quarterly payment, and payment is due xxx date, and they cant change anything, as it is all down to the computer, I even asked before hanging up, if they would accept my offer of £30 per week for the next 6 weeks, but no I have even today, emailed Scottish Power for a second time, and expressed my concern, if I dont have the funds to pay of in full, but can at least budget £30 per week to my account, this should be good enough I have also pointed out, I find this very stress full, and because of heart problems, this going and coming dosnt help me, if we cant come to an arrangement, I gues I will have to stick it on to my remaining debts,and up the repayments
  2. I have sent in a claim to MBNA for a credit card agreement that clearly had no signature in the PPI box but it as added and so they have upheld my claim. Its only a small one in comparison to some others that are still ongoing but I'm not sure about the figures they have sent ie. Total Premiums £122.18 Associated Interest £11.70 8% Gross Intrest £138.03 Less Tax £-27.61 Total Payable £244.30 Now I attach my spreadsheet that I sued but this has no 8% interest on it and was wondering if you guys could just check it for me please? Thanks
  3. Not at this stage just yet, but when it comes do we have to put the income and outgoing of person named or household? i only ask because hubby got a CCJ last year and they went ballistic when he turned up with just his figures, they made him pay a huge monthly amount as they said as I worked we could afford it! Thanks in advance.
  4. Hello, My gas meter shows the amount of gas consumed via an LCD display. I looked at the meter today and the display is blank. What should I do? Thank
  5. Hi I have today received a letter from MBNA stating that they have now calculated the refund amount and a payment will be sent in full and final settlement of my complaint They state that they have reconstructed the statement balances by removing PPI and assoiciated interest. This will included interest arising because the ongoing monthly baance on your account was higher than it would be if you had made the same payments without PPI If there is any statement period where, after deducting your premiums and associated interest, your balance would of gone into credit, we will add 8% simple interest to your balance for that statement period. If there is no statement period during which your balance would of gone into credit you will not recieve any 8% interest Please note that the approach outlined above follows the refund guidelines set out by the FSA We have calculated the refund as Total amount of PPI charged £341.82 Total amount of associated interest £20.50 Applicable 8% interest £266.79 Total amount Payable £629.11 All I have is a list of payments made and the total PPi charged is correct but when using the FOSCIsheet v101 and putting an end date of sept 2009 as this is when it went to DCA and interest stopped I get compound Interest of £2322.99. Are my figures totally wrong or is it MBNA? Any help much appreciated Ali
  6. The US Government have announced a $1b lawsuit against Bank of America for toxic loans. There have been 8 others this year. Published fines from the FSA show the growing figures following market abuse in the UK. Here is their list from last 10 years. Total amount of fines in 2002 - £7,444,000. Total amount of fines in 2003 - £10,975,000. Total amount of fines in 2004 - £24,769,000. Total amount of fines in 2005 - £16,965,860. Total amount of fines in 2006 - £13,309,143. Total amount of fines in 2007 - £5,341,500. Total amount of fines in 2008 - £22,706,526. Total amount of fines in 2009 - £35,005,522. Total amount of fines in 2010 - £89,121,281.50 Total amount of fines in 2011 - £66,144,839. In 2011 fines were levied against a number of UK Banks and Investment companies,here is a list of some of the biggest fines; 11/01/11 £2,800,000 Royal Bank of Scotland and National Westminister Bank For multiple failings in the way they handled customers' complaints 18/01/11 £7,700,000 Barclays Bank plc For failures in relation to the sale of two funds 26/01/11 £1,127,559 Barclays Capital Securities For failing to protect and segregate on an intra-day basis client money held in sterling market deposits. 18/04/11 £1,400,000 Norwich and Peterborough Building Society For failing to give its customers suitable advice in relation to the sale of Keydata products. 25/05/11 £3,500,000 Bank of Scotland For the mishandling of complaints about retail investment products 21/07/11 £6,895,000 Willis Limited For failings in its anti-bribery and corruption systems and controls. These failings created an unacceptable risk that payments made by Willis Limited to overseas third parties could be used for corrupt purposes. 25/07/11 £630,000 Swift 1st Limited For unfairly treating some customers facing mortgage arrears. 14/09/11 £494,900 Towry Investment Management Limited For compliance failings in respect of management and protection of client money and Towry’s communications with the FSA. 20/09/11 £2,000,000 Michiel Wieger Visser For market abuse 17/10/11 £4,000,000 Rameshkumar Satyanarayan Goenka Financial penalty of US$ 6,517,600 (approx £4 million) plus restitution of US$ 3,103,640 (approx £1.9 million) for engaging in market abuse. 25/10/11 £5,950,000 Credit Suisse (UK) Limited For systems and controls failings in relation to sales by its private bank of structured capital at risk products (SCARPs). 07/11/11 £6,300,000 Coutts & Company For failure to comply with Principle 9 in connection with its sale of the AIG Life Premier Access Bond and Premier Bond, Enhanced Variable Rate Fund. 02/12/11 £10,500,000 HSBC Bank Plc For failings in suitability of investment advice provided by NHFA Limited 05/12/11 £3,500,000 Integrated Financial Arrangements Plc For compliance failings in relation to the FSA’s Client Money rules. 19/12/11 £2,800,000 Combined Insurance Company of America For breaches of Principle 3 and 6 that put customers at risk of receiving unsuitable advice.
  7. Its reported that the blunder will cost £40m http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-19809717 Only yesterday Firstgroup were anticipating that the deal would see them take over the franchise in December !! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-19797168
  8. Hi, Can you just confirm that I have this correct. Loan 5000 PPI 1972.11 Monthy amount 152.78 over 5 years. (mad, how could I have been such an idiot) So it is 28.28% which works out 43.206 ? is this right? Any mathematician out there can just confirm for me I would be really grateful.
  9. Hi, not posted much, but learn't alot from this site. I have managed to agree reduced monthly payments with TSB for Credit Card and Bank Account that is now closed (interest frozen). Have been paying these every month. Balance on Both about £ 3,500. (Have asked for agreements and upgrade agreements but none ever sent to me) Have got ppi claim in with tsb for various paid off loans over the years. I have now asked TSB for settlement figure on the credit card account and Bank account. They don't seem to want to know at the moment. Do you think this is because I have a claim in for ppi. and they are waiting to see the amount I get, so they can take them for the outstanding amounts. Can they do this or do you think I should get a settlement figure before my ppi is settled. Any advice welcomed. Stuck at present.
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