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Found 11 results

  1. Hi I'm sure this has been covered many times but I've tried searching and not found anything specific. To cut a very long story short I purchased a second hand car on the 17th Feb 2018 on HP through first response finance via a local dealership. On the 6th May an injector fault code had shown up after many tooing and throwing between myself and the dealership and the finance company an attempted repair was carried out by the dealerships approved garage where they fitted a new injector. I picked the car up on the 17th May (yes it did take that long for this garage to fit a
  2. Hello all. Been following these threads and others as I am in the same leaky boat I have sent Erudio the template letter (not their own forms) requesting deferment and three months payslips as I usually did with the SLC. Sent it by recorded mail. They completely ignored it and sent me out a new erudio application form saying my own form was undated and unsigned (it WAS both dated and signed by me.) I set up a hotmail account to deal with them faster (no way I would use my real one with these people) will be sending all email correspondence by recorded mail also
  3. Firstly, Had an 'ECO' grant towards the cost of solid wall insulation all taken care of by Energycare Group of Haynes. http://www.energycaregroupltd.co.uk/about Surveyor came and said it would take a 2 weeks or less in Nov 2013. Work was completed in March 2014 after 50 calls to them. I was told by the surveyor and installers there was a SWIGA (Solid Wall Installation Guarantee Agency). The quality of work was very poor and they had to come back numerous times and caused damage to the property. Due to sight problems in the winter light I relied on their super
  4. Hi I have been served with a notice to quit on my home, because the landlady is selling to a developer. I have been at the property for two decades. I signed one tenancy agreement in that time - with a previous owner - the original one when I moved in. It was initially for six months but he said if all went well after that I could stay as long as I want. I have never missed a rent payment. Have kept the property in good repair - even paying for improvements like a new shower, new bath. Replacement of worn work surfaces in the kitchen, replacement taps. Plastering work after a floo
  5. Hi all, only just signed up to this website so very new so please bare with me. my sister was parked on a private college car park (ST HELENS COLLEGE BROOK STREET CAMP) which requires a permit to park. my sister was only gone for about 20mins and came back to a parking officer and was given a "PARKING CHARGE NOTICE" from "PCN (NW) LIMITED". Not sure if this would change anything but the man who give her the ticket was in plan clothes. The reason for issue was "NO VALID PERMIT ON DISPLAY" it states the fine is £100 but will be reduced to £60 if paid within 14 days. My questio
  6. In March last year I accidentally tapped the rear end of a car in front of me. In short we were both at a roundabout stationary, she set off on to the now empty roundabout, I looked to the right to see if it was still clear and started to lift my clutch, as I glanced back I noticed she had stopped half way onto it and bumpers touched - no more than 3-5mph if that. Now I know it was stupid, should have checked properly she had gone however I'm still confused why she decided to stop when it was empty. .. anyway that's beyond the point. I received a letter from the 'no
  7. Good Morning to all, I am new to the forum and this is my first post. Apologies if it is in the wrong section (Please advise) On the 27/11/2014 I parked in a PPS ( premierparkingsolutions ) controlled car park. The car park in questions is Station Road, Didcot, Oxfordshire. The car park was ram packed, a couple of parking bays were flooded to the point no one could park in them. So I decided to park on the end of a row which still allowed plenty of room for other motorists to get around the car park (see attached pictures) I parked up, Paid my ticket, Placed it in the windo
  8. Hi everyone I need help with completing my defence against a claim from a well known DCA that needs to go in 5 days from now. The particulars of claim are .... The Claimant claims the sum of xxxxxxx being monies due from the Defendant(s) to xxxxxx bank Plc under a bank account facility regulated by the Consumer Credit Act 1974 and assigned to the Claimant on 8/12/2011. The Defendant(s)'s account number was xxxxxxx. It was a term of the bank account that any debt balance would be payable in full on demand. The Defendant(s) has failed to make payment as required b
  9. Hi I wanted to ask if there was a solicitor who would be willing to help me out on a no-win, no-fee basis, to take on a logbook loan company. I do not want to go into too much detail yet as they currently have possession of my car and are known to read these forums, if any one can help I am willing to go as a far as I can and will not give up on this, it is time to get justice and stop these companies milking the financially disadvantaged for everything they can get!!! If anyone can help or knows someone who can, please let me know, I will post more details when I have paid the ludi
  10. Hello all I read somewhere something about sanctions being unlawful due to the Wednesbury Principals. My understanding is that any decisions taken to sanction a persons benefits has to be reasonable and all facts must be taken into consideration and it to be proportional. Can anyone explain in what circumstances these principals would be used and would they be effective in appealing a sanction? For example is a person who has had no other sanctions within the last 12 months imposed and had produced more than satisfactory job seeking searches previously would it be reasonable and pro
  11. Hi everybody. I have a toughie to crack (and it’s a bit long winded). I have been dismissed by my company for repeatedly complaining about their (very questionable and in some cases very illegal) internal policies. I complained about that too and have been told that as I am in fact a “contractor” and as they are registered off shore (Caribbean) I have no right to do anything. The company is registered offshore for tax purposes, operates worldwide (as did I), but has its operating headquarters in the UK – the CEO, finance, logistics, business development etc. are all based in the
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