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Found 7 results

  1. Hi Can someone please tell me how to proceed. A company called Fidelite knocked on my door tonight but I wasn't home. He just handed my husband an envelope. The debt is with Cabot and the original creditor is a Barclay loan. Ive made no payments since 2012. What is best to do? Do I set up a payment arrangement with them?
  2. Firstly hello all, I'm a first time poster and have just been unwillingly entered into the world of Debt (alleged) Hi all! hope you are well, and hope you are able to shed some advice on my situation. I had an Orange contract phone well over a year ago that I cancelled after being provided with a fully funded work mobile. Taking the correct procedure I called Orange, cancelled the contract (which was already over term) and was verbally given a cancellation date over the phone. This all took place at the same time as me and the wife we moving house. After the final date, I chucked the SIM, sold the phone, and went on my merry way. 1month ago i got a letter from a company called 'DLC' in reference to a £148.26 debt following non-payment of a mobile contract. I called Orange, who would not speak to me as the debt was now with DLC so i contacted DLC and they queried the debt with orange, and wrote to me to tell me the debt remains... In this time I have now received a letter from Fidelite who apparently now own the debt and when I called DLC to check the progress of their talks with Orange, they couldn't tell me anything and informed me that the debt has been closed with them (DLC) and passed to Fidelite. I called Fedilite, (gave them no information other than the address they already have) and they guy just kept on talking about a payment plan. Now to me this all stinks of a company chasing a dead debt that I cannot clear with Orange as they don't hold the debt anymore, and in my eyes is a debt I didn't have as they hadn't properly cancelled my contract. my question is Who is fidelity, do they have any legal power, should i ignore this? Thanks in advance.
  3. got a letter from fidelite credit management saying i owe a debt of just under £350 to Admiral insurance company. Well as i have never been with admiral, i phoned admiral up and they have no record on me at all, even there many other companies including Elephant. - my details are not on the entire database. well, today i received a card in the door saying first time visit, call head office/ i was going to email them but the email button on website dont work - so i find this fishy, but seen on here about same company. do i just ignore them as suggested on other threads
  4. Hi All Came home yesterday to a hand written envelope posted to me. Who do these act for ? are they allowed to send doorstep visitors? and is there a letter I can send to them that tells them to go away ? Dont want to ignore incase they come back when I'm not here and hassle missus/kids. TIA
  5. Does anyone know if I can do a SAR request to Natwest Credit card & natwest bank in one go & save myself a tenner? I know that they are separate companies, but at a higher level, there must be a single company, but can I send a SAR to that company & get everything from the others, or will they respond with nothing, because the data is held by their subsidiaries? Grumpy
  6. Hi All, I've been paying Arden Credit Management for a few months now (after Moorcroft passed the debt on to them). This was in relation to a Lombard Direct loan. I've not been missing payments, but I get a letter every month, stating: "We wrote to you recently to advise that payments are not being received in line with our request for you to commence repayment of the remaining balance. We now require payment from you." I've paid by the due date and every time, I've requested the authorisation number for the payment. I've seen in another thread that Lombard have ceased giving out loans. They do, however, send me a statement once a year and notified me in writing that Arden were taking over the administration of my account. I am currently paying them £15 per month, although I'm on JSA. I'm going to phone them - I know everyone says don't, but I'm confident enough to do so - and inform them that the account is up-to-date and they should stop wasting their time, as I have proof of all payments. I will then offer them a new repayment plan of £5 a month. If they refuse, this will be reduced to £2 a month and then put in writing. If they don't want to accept it, that's their tough luck. My question, however, is this: If Lombard have ceased trading (as stated by Cerberusalert in another thread) then presumably the debt has been bought by Arden. Is it worthwhile me sending a CCA request if they refuse my payment offers? I'm not trying to avoid paying, just trying to fight incompetent bullies, using their own tactics - I want to legitimately clear any debt owed, but I cannot afford to do it on their terms. If the worst comes to the worst, I own no property, have no appreciable assets, no savings and my only income is JSA, so if they wanted to take me to court, my response would be, "Go on, then." I have nothing to lose, but would a CCA request be a waste of time and what little money I do have? Any advice gratefully received. Thanks
  7. Hi All . Had a letter a few weeks ago about a debt that is over 6 years old since last payment from Fidelite Credit Management and they actually called on me today and did not even ring bell as i was home all day , i know they used to be scott call , i can just tell them nothing is that correct ?? Thanks for all replies and help i have had in past from this great group Vauxman
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