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Found 6 results

  1. I have been a member of Amazon UK since 2003 and have rarely used the seller feedback option on the UK site. I was appalled to learn that I have apparently left pages & pages of 5 star feedback for sellers. This, on a quick perusal yesterday, goes back to 2009 but I suspect it goes back further. I assume Amazon do this to instil consumer confidence in the sellers listed on their marketplace which seem to be around the 95-99% rate on average. I have not left this 5 star feedback so I contacted Amazon 3 times in the last two days but they have not responded which is unusual. Since I have not posted this feedback I have addressed the matter to Trading Standards & CMA but I am never sure how effective they are. I am appalled to be treated dishonestly and basically used in this way. I note that Amazon have started taking legal action against people who fraudulently leave feedback on items they sell. Can anyone stop them from using customers this way? This is not the first time Amazon's business practices have been highlighted but I suspect this particular problem is rife on their sites across the world. As soon as my last items appear, I shall be ceasing trading with this company. Has anyone else noted this and if so, what is the best way to address this and let others know what is happening? Many thanks
  2. Hi. To say I'm fuming is an understatement. On 30th April I bought a speedo from a seller on Ebay. It was a very reasonable price including delivery. 15th April I opened a case as it hadn't arrived. 20th April I got an email from the seller apologising, saying that my order had been missed and would put it out for delivery the next day. It was during this email that he stated that the speedo would be coming from the Czech Republic. This was not made clear in his ad. 28th April I contacted the seller again as I still hadn't received it. On 30th April it turned up. Obviously I left negative feed back to the effect of I just happened to look at my own feedback today and spotted this gem. Compare that with what he told me in the email. Anyone who knows me would know this is not true. I have emailed him demanding removal 'or else' I have taken a screenshot of it. How very dare he!
  3. Hi, I thought I would give you some feedback on a 'newbie' perspective of the website. Firstly there is confusing information on the welcome post, the youtube video says explain your problem etc whilst the welcome screen says dont, so you end up saying hi then being asked to tell a bit more...two posts instead of one. Then your thread is moved and unless I am incredibly thick, its really hard to navigate and find it, my thread was moved and although its been seen by around 300 people not a single word of advice...I only asked if you have to fill in expenditure forms? The concept is great bit its really easy to be overwhelmed as a newbie and lost in the multitide of information. Thanks Mick
  4. Hi All I am three months into my six month probation period. After three months of absolute positive feedback and being told they were satisfied they had made the right decision when employing me, my manager now tells me I have been a huge negative influence on the team since the moment I started. I'm convinced this is the start of them trying to a find a way of letting me go after my probation period ends. The manager has only been in the team for two weeks and the previous manager is his wife, who is now his deputy (which is the first problem). His wife was the one giving me constant good feedback; saying how impressed she was with how quickly I learnt the job and how I was a positive influence in the team. When the new manager started, he reiterated this saying that he has heard nothing but good about me and that he also during his short time in team was impressed with the quality of my work and how fast I was picking things up. Then this week he announces that the feedback he has received from the management team (there are 4 managers to a ratio of 9 staff) is that I have been a negative influence during the past three months and have brought the dynamics of the team down. When I questioned this, he said that this was the now and previous feedback received by the last manager (his wife) no longer mattered. These were his observations and I should accept them or leave. He then offered to "fix me" so I could contribute to the success of the team. When I joined the team there was a certain anamosity towards the new starts (2 of us started at the same time). Existing staff would tell us we shouldn't be learning beyond the basics until they felt we were ready. We were told that we were bringing the reputation of the team down amongst the other departments as it was taking us longer to do the work and we were making mistakes. As for the mistakes, this meant it was taking longer to check our work therefore this was impacting their personal lives as they were required to work beyond their normal working hours. What a great welcome!?! I raised this with not only the manager but the team leader that was training me, and how this was impacting my confidence in my ability to do the work and that I didn't feel welcomed. It is this team leader who has raised a complaint against me, saying that I had a negative approach to his training and was doing this openly with in the team, thus being a negative influence. This is the same team leader who gave me constant feedback how impressed he was with my learning progress and my willingness to learn. There was a debate within the team about some misinformation he had fed the new starts but I had little involvement in this, only to say that I hadn't been trained fully in the process and wasn't aware of why I had to do this particular task. The person that actually said to this guy that his training was lacking was his friend that he socialising outside of work. I have witnesses, including the person who made the offending comment, that are willing to back me up. Since starting there have been 4 leavers all citing management as the reason, bearing in mind that 2 of us started at the same time as well as someone who started a month before us. So that's 7 new starts and leavers within 4 months!! The management are saying that these things happen at the time at every company. Not at any previous company I've worked for!! Another thing, I was pulled up for my personal internet usage (another concern of this trainer/team leader) which I accepted. Immediately following this feedback this team leader sends links to websites (not work related) to all the team which they all proceeded to browse and discuss... except me, I'm not allow to use the internet for personal use during working hours!! What I have started to do is record everything in writing and send my manager transcripts of our conversations. That way if my worse fears are realised and he is trying to end my probation then I have evidence. I will also start to tape our 1:2:1s. Now the thing is, they've been working on one of my colleagues to the point they are now off on long-term sick leave. It was the same thing; positive feedback all of the sudden turned negative, accusing them of things they aren't capable of doing. So I think it's my turn, they've worked their way through the established staff and now it's the newbies turn. Any advice beyond what I'm already doing? It this technically harrasement??
  5. Hello, I'm having some minor conversations here about small stuff, and today for some reason, I re-read my Nationwide Card thread just reminiscing I suppose. It reduced me to tears. I can today hardly recognise myself in those posts, I was so immersed in consumer law its just mind boggling and at that particular time my mental, physical and financial health was literally being put through a meat grinder. What seemed like a never-ending mountain of documents and law was studied, taken apart and written, learned and practiced with the encouragement of CAG. I am still, most profoundly grateful for the incalculable hours of SPARE TIME that the people at CAG here dedicated to this little fat chick in the arse end of Hampshire and her fight with a credit card company. There just isn't enough emphasis on the effects this kind of crisis has on a person and without CAGs help this would surely have broken me into pieces. Over four years on my credit rating has remained "excellent" and in the top 4% of the country, I'm healthy, happy and as financially secure as I can be. To anyone who is reading this, as I said right after I got home from court: "Don't give up, don't back down, even when you are at your lowest point and wish it would all just go away - get up and keep fighting - the worst that can happen is you lose, that's all. But if us 'little people' don't stand up for ourselves, these bullying so called big-boys will just continue to bend us over a barrel. Take a stand, you WILL be pleasantly surprised." Just wanted to say thankyou again to everyone that even looked in on that thread to wish me luck and a personal thankyou particularly to mrmarmite and pt2537 who quite literally held my hand and dragged me over the mountain. As it's my birthday today, I will be having one in your honour. Just know that you saved me. Thank you SO much, four years on Samantha.
  6. I recently got feedback from a interview that said "I wasn't sure you were so confident with Excel". I have been to college and gained good marks in units using Excel, and I'm pretty sure I completed all the tasks he asked me to using Excel. It makes me wonder what is the point of going to college to gain certificates if a Interviewer can just say you are no good based on a 2 minute test?
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