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Found 9 results

  1. Hi, I have a hearing on this Thursday 2nd August for Fare Evasion using my Father's Freedom Pass to travel on London Undergrond. I have tried to settle the matter out of court by writing to the TFL three times but they have rejected my appeal. Kindly help me prepare a Letter of Mitigation for the court. Also I want to check if the court verifies the Statement of Income and Outgoings? I want to avoid writing my correct occupation if possible as I am scared to impact on my job. Please give me further information about this. Also will I definitely get a Criminal Record and will thi
  2. I recently received a notice of intention to prosecute from First Capital Connect, where they explained my case of ticket dodging and what the maximum penalties that can be imposed on me. I sent them a letter to explain the situation and they replied back saying they will be continuing with the case. However, I was travelling on the same journey again and was checked again by another Revenue Protection Officer. I explained the whole case to him and his opinion. He stated that going to court was the last possible option the Company would pursue. The Prosecutions Department did out of court
  3. Hi all, Hoping someone will give me some advise. I have been summoned to court for fare evading with the intent to avoid payment. I travel almost everyday from London Waterloo to Farnborough Main Station for the past six months. On a Monday morning I was caught up in the underground with delays longer than expected and reached London Waterloo with very few minutes to spare till I miss my train, and be late to my meeting at a new job. The queues at the self service ticket machines were extremely long (although they are supposed to be 3-5mins wait). So I boarded the train wi
  4. Hi last week, I was caught using my brothers 18+ discount card by a ticket officer. He took my details and said that i would receive a letter from TFL. My question is are they going to prosecute if I was given a penalty fare two years go, and if I explain what happened that day would they return my brothers oyster card, i'm worried sick.
  5. am i correct in my understanding that a fortnight's worth of fair evasion on a monthly season travelcard ticket that does not belong to someone (I borrowed my mum's when she was away on holiday and got caught) would be calculated on an individual or per day rate? (because this is what i was told by the revenue protection person who interviewed me) what i am saying is that i admitted that i used the ticket and it wasn't mine, but now they are saying that I have to pay 14 times the cost of a daily travelcard - one for each day i had it in my posession. whilst i accept what i did was wrong
  6. Hello, I was recently caught in a first class part of the train with a standard class ticket and a ticket inspector booked me there and then. I didn't have my wallet with on me so I couldn't pay the remainder of the fare. Yesterday I received a court summons and a date. I'm assuming that if I show up to court and plead guilty that I'll have a criminal record? I'm extremely anxious about this for several reasons. Firstly I'm planning a big trip to the USA in September and secondly my career. I called a solicitor who said there would be a 90% chance he co
  7. Hi, The other day I was caught without a ticket once I had left the train, I was cautioned and had a statement taken. If I would have stopped to get a ticket before boarding I would have missed it so thought I would get one from the conductor, who never reached me. I know that this shouldnt be done and that you should purchase from stations when available and I am not disputing the fact that Northern have a case against me. I have not yet received a letter but when I do does it always end up in court or can you settle out of court?
  8. Hi everybody, I have spent the past four days going over all the older posts concerning similar problems and have found them to be a wealth of information and support. I have a problem with first capital connect and their likely hood to prosecute for fare evasion and I'm am going around the bend! I have not yet found any posts with my particular set of circumstances, so any help and advice would be fantastic. So I'll try and make this as concise as possible; last Friday morning I boarded the train at my local station and it was busy as usual, the doors opened and I stepped on and th
  9. Dear All, PLEASE HELP! SHOULD I HAVE RECEIVED A COPY OF THE WITNESS STATEMENT THAT I WAS ASKED TO SIGN? I was recently caught using my husband's season ticket on a train into London. I was cautioned and signed a Witness Statement. The inspector said that I would hear from the prosecution department in the post. I then received a 'Notice of Intention to Prosecute' letter from First Capital Connect asking for information from my point of view. I explained that I was extremely sorry, detailed the reasons why I had done it and pleaded that they didn't take this to court. I then rec
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