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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, Just joined this wonderful place hope I can be of some assistance to others too, here is a problem I am facing. I recently moved into a properly just before Christmas I've been sent a bill from Haven power for £4000+ the bill is not in my name, obviously a previous tenant has ran up a bill and left.. . I tried speaking to them on the phone but they are telling me they will access my apartment THIS WEEK (well their agents face2face) to collect the debt and put a smart meter in... . I have no account with Haven Power and also, just renting the space from the lease holder. ..I have a young baby and I'm rather worried about what my rights are here.. I sent a letter to tell them this, via recorded delivery, they have responded with some legal documents saying it doesnt matter if I'm not the person who owes them money, they will still access the property... Any ideas? Thanks Alan
  2. Account with British Gas for Gas, currently in credit and have been for some time. Bill is always estimated. They want to check the meter for so called safety reasons, no problem with that. However, they come out, nobody is at home, they leave a card saying when they'll be back and then don't come back at the time they say they will, this has happened several times over the years and as the occupant is registered disabled, getting to the door sometimes can be a task and by the time they do the gas person has gone. Last week they received a letter from face2face naming them or the occupier( reminds me of InterimJustica for some reason) Letter is headed British Gas & Face2face no signature at the bottom. It gives the details of the account number and dated the last week in April It goes on URGENT: WE ARE GETTING A WARRANT TO INSPECT YOUR METER Dear Customer. We are working on behalf of BRITISH GAS British Gas is required by law to inspect your meter every so often, and your meter is due for inspection. We've made a number of attempts to gain access to your property without success. We have also written to you on several occasions asking you to make an appointment for us to enter your property and inspect your gas meter. We are now serving notice in writing of our intention to make an application for a Warrant of Entry. This is in accordance with the Rights of Entry ( Gas and Electricity Boards ) act 1954, Section 2 ( Amended 1995) from .......INSERT COURT ADDRESS HERE) You may attend this application The purpose of our court attendance will be to apply for a warrant to enter your premises so we can inspect the meter in accordance with our rights under paragraph 23(2) of schedule 2B of the gas Act 1986 You should be made aware that if we are granted the warrant we have the right to enter your property, if necessary by force. If we do have to do this we will make sure your property is secure when we leave. ---It goes on to say: If we do not hear from you the warrant will be executed within 28 days of the application' who is to say they will be granted it? All very vague. Yours Faithfully Face2face Contact L-mited Authorised Officer of British Gas ----- Ordinarily the person named on the letter (they are NOT the owner) would have made an appoinment to let BG in but as BG don't seem to stick to their info on the card stating when they are coming back but then dont...then the occupier is pretty upset they've now got the faceless wonders face2face issuing threats and are reluctant to enter into any dialogue with them given it's British Gas who they are with. The letter seems wrong on several points, maybe it's just me but its sort of unclear who is wanting to enter, it quotes British Gas have to inspect your meter every so often...which im sure they do ( they dont say how often though? ) but then says 'we've made a number of attempts to gain access....but who? British Gas or face2face ? This is the first they're heard from face2face? It goes on to say they're also written? who has? face2face has not written previous from what I can gather. At the same time as this it is not clear if Face2face are authorised to check the meter? There is nothing on their website to say they're 'GasSafe' , what authority do they have? If it were me dealing with face2face I would make things as difficult for them as I could, no other letter has been received from them and the first contact and they send then above, useless articles they are. Any pointers/advice is welcome (other than to contact face2face which isnt going to happen) Thankyou!
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