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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, please, i have question, my friend have a car in czech, this car is permanent to export (but have plates, and certificate - see attachment), and now. I have interest for this car, is possible to get back registrate in uk? When yes, how is process? Thank you! Removed by Admin this is certificate of car.
  2. We are a family of 4 with a British mum and a French dad (me) and have been living in the UK from 2004 to August 2010. Both kids were born in the UK. We have bought a car registered in the UK in 2005. Before going to live in France in August 2010, we have informed HM revenue and customs and London borrow we were becoming permanent resident in France, and got our revenue and local tax refund in October 2010. Before leaving the country, with our UK registred car, and crossing the channel, I’ve insured our vehicle with a French insurer and stopped our insurance in the UK. While in France, I’ve scheduled the French plate registration (which takes some time while you start a new job, with all sorts of other administration work to do on both countries): · In October 10: I’ve removed the UK headlights with French ones I’ve bought on line · December 10: I have paid to receive the certificate of European compliance from the head quarter of the car maker · January 11: I’ve passed successfully the French MOT: “contrôle technique” · March 11: I’ve paid for French plate registration at the "préfecture" called the : "carte grise” · March/April 11: sent the V5C/4 section 11: notice of permanent export to DVLA End of July and beginning of August 2012 we have received 2 letters from a Bailiff & Debt recovery agency for Late Licensing Penalty issued the 01/01/11 on behalf of DVLA. Both letters were issued in April and May 2012, but took more than 2 months to reach us as the streetless address was the aggregate of our French village with the correct French post code, France and our previous town in England with a wrong post code !! We were very lucky to have a descendant of Sherlock Holmes working at the Royal Mail and a nephew of commissaire Mégret working at "la poste" in France working as a team to deliver the 2 letters. I’ve called the Bailiff & Debt recovery agency twice, the first time I’ve informed them it must be a mistake because we were permanent resident in France before the DVLA penalty was issued, and they have kindly recommended me to contact DVLA, but was apologising for not having any entry point for DVLA to give me (not the standard case). The second time, before DVLA’s answer, I’ve asked them what would happen if I didn’t pay the penalty and did refuse to travel to County court from France, noticing my address in France, they have answered, they can’t do anything about it , which I suppose puts us in a safer position to fight back against this unfairness. I’ve mailed and emailed DVLA, in a similar way, except there was more evidence in attachement about our residence in the paper version. I’ve received quickly an email answer from DVLA : "Thank you for your email received on 31/7/12. Your email reference number is xxxx. Having checked DVLA records, I can confirm that we have received the notification of export of your vehicle. However the date supplied on the notification is not the same as you have quoted in your e-mail. Please see the advice below which may be of interest to you. If you have received a penalty letter from a debt collection agency, sent on behalf of DVLA, you should follow the instructions on the letter you have received. If, however, you believe there are circumstances, which should be brought tothe attentionof the debt collection agency, you must put these in writing.Their address canbe found on the front of the letter you have received. This information will then be considered before any further action is taken.” I’ve already answered with all the detail, to DVLA, which can be summarised: we acknowledge we have sent the notice of export in Q1 11 after the penalty was issued (01/01/11), but that is not our point Our point is: We were resident in France at the time the penalty was issued in January 2011, and have received a tax refund letter in October 2010 from HM revenue and customs which acknowledges this fact. Once becoming resident in France, we were governed by French laws and so our belongings, including our car staying permanently in public roads in France, therefore we are not liable to pay this penalty as were released from our DVLA licensing duties once leaving the country permanently. It seems it would have been preferable to send the notice of permanent export to DVLA when leaving the UK and before the 1st January 2011, but the V5C/4 section 11 document does not define the permanent export, and I find it easier to officialise the permanent export once you have registred with the new plate, as it is quite a long process with a date difficult to plan beforehand. In fact I've learnt more from others who were in the same situation on forum and web sites, and if we have left the UK, earlier in the year,r we would haven't faced the issue. Depending on years French laws forces you to registre an imported car in the first month, or the first 6 months after your arrival, the have changed the laws several times, but they do not check it, nor issue a penalty, as they don't want to put you off the registration of french plates which bring them €200. The background questions of the dispute are: ·which law prevails in that case? ·if the county court is not competent for that case which court is it? ·known any similar case and outcome? ·How do DVLA manages penalty recovery and a dispute abroad ? ·Chances that DVLA drops this case (this case is rather a head ache for DVLA, but still to good to share with other guys in the same situation)?
  3. I am having a nightmare with the DVLA. We have a Sprinter motor caravan whch we brought with us to France on UK plates and kept it taxed and insured in England until such time as it had passed its French safety checks etc, when we re-registered it here. The officious woman at the French Prefecture insisted on keeping all of the V5 and would not let me take the export slip to send off to the DVLA. I somewhat rashly assumed therefore that the French vehicle authorities would communicate the change of registration to the UK. Que je suis idiote! There was only just over a month's tax left to run so I did not bother to send it back to the UK for a refund, as I reckoned by the time it got there I would not have been eligible for anything back anyway. In due course the DVLA sent me a tax disc reminder by post (forwarded on from the UK) and I immediately used the DVLA's online messaging system to tell them that the vehicle had been exported. I have copies of my original text and their acknowledgment. However, today I received a letter saying I was to be fined, and threatening to prosecute me for non-declaration of SORN! We have been trying for most of the morning to phone the DVLA but they have put up an effective Chinese wall between them and the public and we cannot get hold of anyone who will deal with this. Some of the numbers you can find on the site (if you look really really hard) are just recorded messages and others don't work at all. Some are just fine collection clerks who say "you'll have to write in". I am going to send off photocopies to Swansea of the old V5 (which I made before I gave it to the Prefecture) and of the new Carte Grise. I have emailed the MP in my old constituency to ask if she can help. Is there anything else I can or should do? Hell, why should I have to do anything?
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