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Found 3 results

  1. Summary of problems: Admitted they overcharged me for 3 yrs, eventually got money back, Want to go on sky fibre, but had to cancel my existing broadband to do so as this was on a separate contract, cancel as they said And now 4 weeks later after placing an order over the phone I still have no broadband and now no telephone. Keep being told start date after the next to point I'm now so sick of it I'll have to go else where. I've been given wrong numbers, told wrong policies, Told incorrect contract lengths, and a whole lot more. Please someone tell me I'm within my rights to cancel this order as they've specified a date several times and still have not provided a service.
  2. Hi Everyone, I am determined to go for the jugular with these 2 clowns, namely MBNA and Moorgate. I would love you good people to let me know if what I am contemplating is the correct thing to do and give your valued opinions and advice. On 6th May 2006 I took out fixed term/fixed repayment loan with MBNA via Virgin Money. The amount borrowed was £3000 and the repayments were £69.75 per month for 60 months. This was via direct debit. In about July I asked MBNA to take the direct debit out on the 1st day of the month like all my others instead of when ever they decided. This did not happen and when that months payment was taken in the last week of the month there wasn’t enough funds. This is the only month that the funds were refused all other payments were on time. I must admit I forgot about the payments until I received a letter from MBNA in August 2011 informing me that my loan was ending and that the final payment of £248.59 would be taken out via direct debit on 6th September 2011. This was payment for the arrears, I phoned them up (I know!!) and told the girl there was no way I could pay all that, she was very helpful and told me to cancel the direct debit and make different arrangements to pay the amount over the next few months, so I cancelled the direct debit. This got me thinking and I thought stuff it, you’ve screwed me enough and I promptly forgot about it all. On 5/2/2012 a letter arrived from MBNA informing me that the current arrangement was due to end on 31/3/2012 and that a final payment of £0.00 would come out. On 20/2/2012 a further letter arrived from MBNA and in the same envelope was a letter from Moorgate. MBNA informed me that a letter was enclosed from Moorgate stating that my loan account was being transferred to AOF 2 Sarl as the loan had been purchased. The Moorgate letter gave a new account number stated that the terms and conditions remained the same and as from 16/3/2012 Moorgate will collect any direct debits. Various letters followed and on 11/4/2012 there was an amount of £392 quoted. Then came the incident that made my blood boil. After numerous letters I collected all the MBNA stuff I had determined to check it all out, these included bank statements of which June 2012 was the latest. Looking at June’s I saw a direct debit for £69.75 to AOF2. I phoned the bank and discovered that for 3 month Moorgate had been taking unauthorised funds from my account. I went ballistic received a refund and made sure the direct debit was cancelled. At the same time I looked at the MBNA papers and its unbelievable they have been helping themselves each month to whatever funds they deemed necessary between these amounts £69.75, £94.75 and £84.80. Of the 2 only statements there are extra charges of £25 for a default sum and interest of £23.74 each month. Also when I got copies of my CR files only Experian showed the loan with AOF2 as the owner a default date of 31/1/2012, default balance is £462 and current balance is £253. Unbelievably agreed payments of £69 over 72 months are quoted. The file also shows changes to the loan period on 4/12 it was 60, on 6/12 it went to 70 and on 7/12 it went to 71. I am spitting feathers to say the least especially when a letter from Moorgate arrived thanking me for requesting a direct debit instruction and asking me to complete it. I am toying with the idea of phoning them to come out so I can chase the toads up the street with my crossbow, seriously though I was planning on doing the following;- Sending a CCA request to Moorgate, then, Sending a SAR to MBNA so that I can start to get the charges etc back. Is this the correct action to take? Would you mention in the CCA request to Moorgate about the unauthorised deductions from my account? Thanks and sorry for the long tale of woe….
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