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Found 6 results

  1. Hi I am new to this forum so not too sure if this is posted in the correct place or not? This morning just about to take the kids to school when I noticed a big yellow clamp on my husbands van which was parked on our driveway. Sign in the window gave us a telephone number to contact which we did. The bailiffs said it was for an unpaid PCN issued to us more that 12 months ago. We were not aware of this PCN nor have we received any of the 5 letters they said we had been sent. The bailiffs returned within 5 minutes to issue us with the paperwork. We asked why they had not knocked on the door and they stated that it was at 6am when they attended and they dont like to ring doorbells at that time of the morning! Rubbish cause all our lights were on in the house clearly for them to see at 6am. They were only 5 minutes away from us and were able to return very quickly when we telephoned them which was at 8:45am a good 2 hours and 45 minutes later so surley they would have hot further than 5 minutes away?! Anyway, they get the paperwork out and will not show us the warrant until we have paid the costs for release. We are then handed the itemised breakdown:- PCN Amount £82.00 Letter: £11.20 Levy fee: £28.00 Attendance to remove goods / vehicle: £130.00 VAN: £120.00 (handwritten onto the receipt whereas the other costs are printed) VAT on enforcement costs: £57.84 Total due today:£429.04 I can not get this to add up for the life of me so some help would be appreciated on this. When I asked about the 'van' costs they said it was their costs for clamping, I said that I thought that was the attendance to remove goods/ vehicle and they said no it covers the cost of our van being here - how do you think we got here by flying? - Sarcastic co**! I was of the impression that a bailiff would attempt to contact in person upto 3 times and charge a fee for attendance prior to coming and clamping the vehicle? These fees seem very excessive for a charge of £82? I am requesting a copy of the original ticket and photographic evidence of a contravention. This is not my main beef though it is the charges which these thugs have added to the costs. Myself & my husband are not intimidated by big bullies but I imagine that many others are which is why they send out these stereotypical bailiffs with shaved heads and fat! We had to pay to be released as my husband needed to get to work in his van. Is it too late to attempt to recover any of this money? The name of 'enforcement officer' listed on the original sticker on the vehicle is not a certificated bailiff - i have checked the register. The chap that was with him was though can this get us anywhere? What is a levy fee? I know there are a lot of questions but it is something I have never come across before and dont know where to start so any advice please??? Many thanks Deborah
  2. I have attached the pdf shows the warrant and all charges. I had this bailiff turned up and demanded the money or take my car away. I paniked and paid on my debit card, I have done some research now and seems that I have been charged a lot of fees that may be illegal. I would like some help reclaiming it. I have no problem paying a £60 ticket but over £500 for a £60ticket seems very wrong. I have tried to recover the money through the bank unde s75 but I have been fobbed off my Natwest. Can someone kindly put me to the right direction. Thank you TaskForce_Silver.pdf
  3. Hi, I'm hoping someone out there can advise me so thank you in anticipation. I shall try to be as concise as possible. Last August I was convicted of a criminal offence where I was given a community service order (completed) and £600 court costs payable at £10 per week direct to the courts. I paid for several weeks even though it was a struggle as I was only working part time on minimum wage, I sent a written request to the courts asking for the payment to be either reduced or frozen until such times I could afford it. I was refused and subsequently I received a further steps notice for being £30 in arrears in October. I brought this up to date but on 19th December . I received a cheque from the courts for one of my £10 payments stating that they had issued a Distress Warrant and could no longer accept my payments and I should make payments to Excel Civil Enforcement. Fair enough, my own fault for getting behind in my payments because I chose to pay my rent and other utility bills before the court costs. i wrote to Excel on 16th January and offered to pay £50 per month starting on 3rd February and also asked for either a payment card or their bank details as they do not have an online payment facility. Please bear in mind, I do do not dispute the fact I have to pay the money and I am willing to pay what I can afford. I received no reply from Excel until Thursday 9th Feb when getting home from work I found a hand delivered letter saying the bailiff had been round thus adding an extra £220 to the amount. I have been advised not to speak to bailiffs on the phone unless I can record the conversation, I immediately responded in writing saying that I had not received a reply etc, and asking again that they accept my payment offer and drop the extra £220, I then received a letter in the post today from M3PR who seems to be part of Excel stating that they will be round in 5 days to remove goods unless I pay Excel in full. This letter was dated 10th Feb so they would not have had my written response at that time. My questions are: 1. Can they enter my home if I'm not there (will be at work)? 2. Are they obliged to accept my payment offer? 3. I want to complain about them, who do I complain to? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks..
  4. Hi all, I'm afraid it's another case of Bailiff blues.... I have recently fallen foul of the Bailiffs for non payment of business rates on my little office. My girlfriend and i took the space 4 yrs ago and though for most of that time there has been a suspension of rates due to the rateable value (below 2600) there was a portion that we are liable for in the first year that we took the space. We were a bit naive in thinking we wouldn't be asked for it as the Building is a big rambling victorian rabbit warren of a factory building. Just before Christmas we received a summons to magistrates and then a liability order was given, we were a bit tight as we're creatives and often have to fund our projects before we receive payment so we weren't able to make any payments. Yesterday I called the council to pay the arrears I was told the acc had been passed on to chandlers bailiffs Bromley. I spoke with chandlers who referred me to them they in turn put me onto our Bailiff. I called mr. bailiff and I was informed that on top of the original debt i now owed an additional £340 this was for attending with a van with the intention of removal of goods. Am I right in thinking that the only charge that they can make in my absence is £24.50 for a first visit? From reading around on this life saver of a site it also seems that charges can only be made for a van if goods of worth are removed as part of a levy, and that they have to first ascertain whether or not there is anything of worth to seize? Also am i correct in the assumption that i would have needed to be informed of the impending visit in advance in writing? I decided to go back to the council today and pay the arrears in full which they happily took, though I'm not exactly sure what to do next. -Should i call the Bailiff and offer to pay the 1st visit fee and ask for a breakdown of costs or should that be a conversation initially with Chandlers? -If the Bailiff refuses to take my money what then should i send a cheque to Chandlers recorded delivery? -Do i go back to the council? as there is no debt can they chase me for the fees? I would really appreciate any help on this as i'm a bit unsure of what i'm doing, and i don't want to give them any ammo, I would really like to ring the bailiff should i be recording the conversation if so do i need to inform him? Many thanks!
  5. I'm new to the site but just came across and need some advice. I'm one thats usually very good with finances so this is all new and scary to me. Anyway, about 3 months ago I received a parking ticket, I didn't pay it as I was disputing it due to it being a bank holiday. The rejected my claim but stated I could dispute again, however, due to new job and finishing uni (excuses) I just kept putting it off. The original fine was around £70 and then went to £112. Anyway still putting it off I received a letter from Equita. I barely read it and stuffed it in a draw to deal with the next day. However, 2 days ago a bailiff turned up on my door. Luckily no one was in but my sister came home later to find a hand delivered letter. I called the bailiff and he told me my balance had now gone up to £414+ and I must pay now unless they'll come tomorrow and increase again around £150. I was absolutely stunned. But to cause any further costs I unwillingly paid and then decided to try and fight it rather than fighting further costs. I am waiting of a breakdown of the costs but as my claim will probably get rejected again I take it I'm not entitled to claim anything back? But surely these costs are ridiculous and I've been overpriced? It will be the last time I put something off anyway. This has crippled me. Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated.
  6. Recently bailiffs attended our premises to carry out a removal on behalf of our landlord for rent arrears. This went smoothly, we offered no resistance, and have subsequently paid all outstanding amounts and received the goods back. Due to the nature of the amount of stock removed, the bailiffs had to request a large Panel van which came to remove the goods. This they charged us £500 for on their Distress for Rent Rules 1988 (Form 9) Removal Expense Form. They also charged us £500 for 2 Bailiffs to attend, and 3 porters, £480 for driving up in their own vehicle and £200 for extra waiting time. I would like to dispute the charge of £480 for their own vehicle as completely excessive. This vehicle was not used to remove any goods, and the bailiffs would have to travel to our premises in any event to effect the removal. Additionally as we have been charged £500 for the bailiffs own attendance, why have we been charged for waiting time? They have to attend to remove and they knew how much stock they would be taking from the distraint form, so they knew how long they would be here for. Why is waiting time being charged? I have twice requested a Scale of Fees from them, and they have refused to provide one. I REALLY do not want them to get away with this.. is a Detailed Assessment the way to go or should I file a small claims case? Many thanks
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