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Found 3 results

  1. Hi please can someone help me. I was awarded a suspended eviction order on 9th November 2009. Whereby the judge ordered if I had to go again I had to go before him and He would basically chuck us out (due to me being there previously) That was dated until November 2010 - Will this be relevent now. Mortgage is with Santander. I have fell behind a few times since just before xmas, but ALWAYS made it up. I am up to date with my payments. And dont owe anything til end of September. My arrears currently stand at £856.71 I have been away on holiday, and come back to a Warrent for the possession of property. Eviction will take place at 28th August at 10.20am. Santander, phoned me in on 20th July - My payments where up to date. Requested I went through a income expenditure with them - right there and then on the phone. I was at work and requested they put the forms in the post. I promptly filled them in and posted them back. Santander say today that because they didnt get them & I defaulted on court agreement they either want the Full £856.71 or the House. Please help me Please help 1 small child and a pretend teenager. Reading through some of the other threads, people have been evicted for being up to date. Really starting to panic Forgot to say I do work, and can pay the mortgage. Just messed my money up a few times this year. But It was payed as soon as, And I am up to date
  2. 10,098 in arrears on a 35k mortgage. It's my parents mortgage, they've had a warrant for possession. They offered Santander 18 days ago a proposal, they look 14 days before they acknowledged it and I went higher. Eventually they turned it down because of constant promises to pay missed payments etc. They've left us with 5 days to find a solicitor 2 of which are the weekend. My dad has been off sick for q considerable amount of time, meaning they only had my mothers state pension coming in. He was tired and signed off tests revealed immune thrombocytopenia. He's still on medication but can go back to work. Myself and my partner have moved in and will be paying £370 towards the mortgage. We have offered £2500 down payment, £750 a month on the arrears and the contractual payment each month. I can prove we can afford this, not only that we should be able to clear the arr are in October from money in their Greek bank account. I've explained this in the application. However the stress has recently caused me to miscarry and I'm terrified. They've already had one cancelled by Eversheds and I'm worried the judge will jus flick it out straight away. My dad has appointments with the haematology department on Tuesday and can't attend my Mother has anxiety disorders and can't either. If I contact the court do you think I could attend as a litigation friend? Also I would like some realistic thoughts on the outcome of this, if it's highly likely he's going to throw my case out 2 days before the actual eviction date id like to know now. I did say on the end of the application if not possible to suspend please allow time to find alternative. We have two children under two living here.
  3. Hi, I really need so,e help and don't know where to turn. We have been sent a notice of eviction letter from Eversheds, over missed arrears payments, from a suspended eviction order in 2008. Sorry about too much info, but here is the story. The original court order was for a suspended eviction and we had to pay £100 on top of the mortgage amount, which we did. There were a couple of times we missed payments, but I negotiated with the lender to stop going back to court and increased the arrears payment to £250 a month. The arrears were close to £10k at time of judgement, but the last statement is £6600. This is because they charge us £85 a month as a mortgage arrears fee. My husband had a brain hemorrhage last year (June) and they found an additional aneurysm which they managed to coil in late September, but they could not touch the 1st one, due to its fragility. My husband lost his job due to the amount of time he was off work, which we are fighting for unfair dismissal. He was awarded ESA (contributions based), but we have now had this moved to income-based ESA and back dated, so that we now are able to claim Support In Mortgage (?) allowance. Ours is an interest only mortgage. This was sent off last week to DWP. I've had to take time off work, especially last year, as the affects of the bleed are similar to a stroke. The mortgage company did send an assesor / councilor to see if there was anything they could do to help and I explained the situation to him, it was him that let me know about the various schemes to help. I have a mortgage statement that shows the payments made and missed. I also admit that they were not alway made on time, but they were in the month they were supposed to be. The council have just helped make alterations to the house, so that it is easier for my husbands care and I can't lose my home. I've been doing everything I can and my work has now stabilised. My work have been brilliant, they have set me up at home with all I need, so that I can work from home when I need to, so now my money will go back to normal. Please help, I can't speak to my husband as he can't cope mentally. I have 2 young children and I have really reached the end of my tether, I don't know how much more I can take...
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