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Found 7 results

  1. From the Guardian today. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2018/sep/10/boot-out-bailiffs-debt-collection-councils-ethical-schemes HB
  2. Hi - I have also received two sets of letters from ZZPS, relating to parking notices issued at Brighton University on behalf of Ethical Parking in October and November 2015! Whilst I remember receiving the notices and not really doing anything about them (I've checked back over old bank statements to see if I paid them - and I didn't), I have not received any correspondence since then. Same address and same car as the date of the original PCNs. The only thing I think that has happened is that these letters have been sent to me since I recently parked in the university car park again on a weekend when it is free for a particular event. I assume the cameras picked up the registration plate and it has triggered some kind of recall at 'Ethical'. I received one set of letters at the end of April 2018, and ignored them. I've now received two more. ZZPS are claiming that if I do not pay within 14 days they will pass this to QDR Solicitors. Both letters demand £130. Do you think it worth ignoring them still - there is no mention of a fine but of an 'outstanding debt'? NB: During the time of the original PCNs, I was a student at Brighton University with a valid parking pass. The two incidents relate to my apparently being parked in one parking area which I wasn't entitled to, and the other to being 'parked in roadway'. The latter relates to my squeezing my car into a space in the car park which wasn't intended as a parking space, but as there was no other available and I'd seen others do the same, I decided to park there. It's odd that they've suddenly decided to pursue this but I wonder if they are purging their database of unpaid PCNs or they hold them until a certain point then escalate it? This is my first post on this forum, so apologies if I've hijacked any one else's but thought if might be worth adding to this, as it seems like ZZPS may be purging their database of unpaid notices and perhaps just seeing what they can get. OR is there a shelf-life on unpaid PCNs and subsequent debt collection before it has to be escalated? (doubting that last point somewhat).
  3. Hi, Hope everyone had a good bank holiday. I (and three others!) missed crap signage and got a Contractual Breach Charge from Ethical Parking on my windscreen over the weekend. Just double checking that it is currently still best to do nothing until a notice to keeper arrives (between 28 and 56 days) before I take any action on one of these? Then if it (NTK) arrives on time post photos of it and signage on here for assistance? Just don't want to get it wrong! Thanks!
  4. Hey guys, I got issued a parking charge notice in January for parking in a visitor space without a permit in Brighton in a flat block. Was not aware that you needed permit for visitor space to. There was 2 small signs around car park which I barely even noticed as writing was small. My friend who lived in flats above told me to ignore it as there is nothing they can do. So I did. The sign has the Ethical parking ltd name on. Now got a debt collector letter which says they will suggest their client takes me to court. I don't have original parking charge notice that was put on car as I threw it away as thought I wouldn't need it. Would this affect me if it went to court? Shall I carry on ignoring them? Should I ask them for prove of parking as I don't remember getting sent a picture of car in bay? Should I just pay £160 parking charge notice ? I have till the 4th to pay the parking charge notice to debt collector before they suggest client goes to court.
  5. While away on holiday my Father removed our Ethical Parking Permit ( as he thought it was the permit for our road) from our car which was parked on our buildings car park. We then received a ticket on our car saying we have a fine. The fine is for a "Contractual Breach" as our car was parked without displaying the permit. We own our flat and really don't see why we should pay this as it seems like blatant opportunism on their part as we have explained that we live there and it was a mistake. Does anyone have any advice? Many thanks in advance
  6. Hello, I got a parking ticket at Brighton Uni over 3 years ago as per advise at the time ignored the ticket and have been left alone, this week I received a letter from a solicitors asking me yet again for payment. Shall I ignore this also or do I need to take a different action now it is from a solicitor. At the time of parking I wasn't even illegally parked !!! Thanks in advanced
  7. Hi I know there are lots of articles on here and other sites about this with conflicting information, and the laws have changed a bit in the last year but I was hoping for some help for where I stand. Just moved into new flat and parked my Motorbike on some empty ground opposite so as not to use up any of the residents minimal street parking spaces. This morning I came out to find a Contractural Breach Charge on my seat (not stuck on). I looked around and EPM have put some signs up on the back wall but with no lighting and I couldn't see them when I got there last night. There are no bays marked out and no entrance or exit, it is just some empty land next to the side street and I was tucked up against a tree. The side street is council permit parking only between 9-6 Mon-Sat. It appears the advice is no longer to ignore them but if it had been windy this morning, I wouldn't have even found the ticket. It states it was observed for only 10 minutes and 9 seconds, colour not recorded, and the location is noted as a Solicitor's 2 streets away. Doesn't have my street name on it anywhere. I know this is an invoice etc but I clearly did not accept entry to any contract by parking there as the sign proclaims. What is the best course now, appeal to EPM then POPLA? Thanks Dom
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