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  1. Hello yes I am a new be 4 weeks ago we turned our heating on and it seemed we had a problem with the pump. My Partner asked a friend if he could recommend a plumber. ...He was given a phone number he phoned said he had been recommended and could they come to give us an estimate for work that might need to be done. The Plumber came 2 days latter I said hello at the door let him in showed him the tank/ boiler ( boiler is approx. 4 years old) He immediately said our heating was installed all wrong and when he went out side to see the flue he said it needed to be cemented better for our safety and all thou not asked made up about 50ml of cement and filled around the flue. I did not like his manner much and was pleased when he left I gave him my email address so he could send his quote as he left I told him I was getting another quote so I would chose who did the job. At no time did he tell me he charges £70 for his estimate. 3 days later I receive email telling me he will charge me £1079.25 ...... ...cleaning the system /new thermostats etc... ..I emailed him back telling him we would not be using him but I would pay him for the cementing he did (2 minute job) the next day he emailed me an invoice for £70 for estimate. also £1.00 for cementing. My Partner replied to him telling him that at no time had he informed us of the cost of estimate and If he had we would not of asked him to come to our house. so there for we will not pay invoice. 1 over due invoice was then sent again my partner replied The plumbers reply was full of how our heating was not safe and he could get the gas cut off in the road to our house if we did not pay !!!!!!! Today I get CCJ claim against me. Sorry so long can any body give me some advice Please. Oh and the new pump for my heating cost me £210.00 is now working well.
  2. I used to hire a studio space upstairs in an office building which was decorated by me. Then just recently I became a paraplegic and am wheelchair bound and could no longer get to my studio space so had to give up renting it. I agreed with my landlords that they should get someone in to do the work needed for them to re let. They provided me an estimate and I paid the money there and then. Although I was never given a copy of the estimate. They have now come back to me four months later asking for an additional 350 pounds on top of the 950 pounds I have already paid. Apparently it is to cover the cost of work which was not initially included in the estimate total but was written on the form as work that may needed to be done. This I did not see and certainly didn't agree to. Where do I stand? In my opinion the extra should have been agreed with me before going ahead. Although is it dodgy ground as in my rental contract I should have returned the space to its former state before leaving?
  3. Hi My daughter moved in to a property last September with 4 other tenants who all got on together. Two of the tenants, right at the beginning of the tenancy told that they would not be in the property for 3 months in Jan, Feb and March as they would be on placement. It was agreed that they pay the rent but not put towards the gas and electricity (apart from the standing charges). As they are all new to this my daughter came home for Easter not happy and unsure as to why the bill for Feb/Mar was £185 (one month) when all the others have been around £60 to £85. I looked in to this and all the months apart from the first one have been Estimated readings apart from the end reading of this high bill which is an Actual reading. I explained to her why and showed her all the previous months estimates and usage: GAS not inc VAT Period Previous Present Kwh Charges 19 Aug to 17 Sep 2012 9213 9219 A 67 £5.47 17 Sep to 18 Oct 2012 9219 A 9255 E 403 £24.46 18 Oct to 15 Nov 2012 9255 E 9322 E 750 £36.14 15 Nov to 18 Dec 2012 9322 E 9427 E 1175 £52.90 18 Dec to 17 Jan 2013 9427 E 9533 E 1186 £52.27 17 Jan to 14 Feb 2013 9533 E 9635 E 1142 £54.24 14 Feb to 13 Mar 2013 9635 E 9945 A 3478 £150.88 as you can see from above the usage in the above GAS (Electricity is separate which shows another £39 which makes it a total of £185) it is obvious that the last bill's usage should have really been split on the other bills as well if they had done the proper thing and given actual readings every month. My daughter now understands and she has text the two that have been away. We know that there is no proof but common sense and it is obvious from looking at the figures. All we have asked is for them to pay £35 each towards this bill and the rest of this year they will have to do proper readings. One of the girls said OK but the other one is just been silly. Texts from her saying that the readings shows that they have to pay £150, etc. etc. etc., and it is what has been used!!. Spouting on about how her mum is a landlady so she does understand !!!!! All we are asking is for a fair contribution of £35 from each of the two that have been away. If she does not pay would we have any grounds to take to small claims court. I know it sounds silly but it is principle. It is just a fair, common sense request for them to contribute. Thanks in advance Lisa
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