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Found 9 results

  1. I purchased an engagement ring for my fiance and chose it off a stock ring they had in store, however I wanted a bigger stone. The store showed me a mocked up version of the same ring but with a bigger diamond than I requested. The bigger ring had a gap which the stock ring did not and I specifically asked the question (would my purchased ring not have the gap) as I preferred it without. The shop assistant presumed it had the gap because it was a mock up and may have been rushed. I wanted a stone sized between them both, which after speaking with the assistant thought it would arrive as planned because she'd reassured me. I waited a month for the ring to come in store and I was picking it up the day before I was leaving to go on holiday where I planned to propose. When picking up the ring I noticed that my ring did have a gap between the middle stone and the halo diamonds and have since come home and they have offered to fill the gap with silver (the one I have purchased is platinum), to make it appear more like what I originally saw. I just wondered where I stand on this as I feel that I haven't received what I was promised and although they're trying to rectify the issue, I would have much preferred the ring in its original form without any filling but just as I'd seen it. I was also advised to get the ring in a size M because I didn't know her exact size but did say she had skinny fingers. The ring is 7 sizes too big and because either side of the stone there are diamonds, she cannot have the same band made smaller because they can eventually fall out due to the amount of pressure put on it to make it smaller. We are quite disappointed with that as obviously she wants the ring that I proposed with but now we must have a totally new band and have all of the diamonds transferred into the new band. We were also originally told that this would take 2-2 and a half weeks and it is now taking 3 plus the time to fill the ring and transfer all of the diamonds across so it will be more like 3 and a half in total. Seems like such a polava considering it is a big purchase to make.
  2. New guidance to support staff engagement during insolvencies READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/new-guidance-to-support-staff-engagement-during-insolvencies
  3. I purchased a Diamond Engagement Ring from Vashi.com online and paid the full amount of £2,464.05 on 10th July 2015. I proposed to my partner with the diamond ring on a holiday to Barcelona. I went to great expense to get everything right,*which was very important to me. We stayed at a 5 Star hotel in Barcelona, I hired a table on a secluded veranda overlooking Barcelona, hired a Mariachi band who were playing a serenade where I proposed with the ring I had purchased from Vashi.com. Everything went and seemed perfect. On our return from Barcelona we asked Vashi.com to alter the size of the ring as it was too big and to upgrade to a different stting design, which we chose in person at the company’s London shop and paid a further £301. I received the amended ring at my home by registered post on 12th August 2015 and signed for it. The Engagement ring was given away to my fiancée as a gift at the blessing ceremony on the next day 13th August 2015. Vashi.com telephoned me on 18th August (7 days after I received the ring) checking if I have received the ring because their system showed that the ring is still in the depo and during their stock check they suspected an error. Upon my confirmation of receipt of the ring Vashi.com expressed the suspicion that I may have received an incorrect item and asked me to send our Engagement ring back. To cut a long story short we refuted their claims believing we had our ring we paid for. They then accused us of retaining a ring that did not belong to us saying that another customer wanted their ring back, giving us an ultimatum to return the ring or pay an additional £1000. Also the so called diamond certificate is not a certificate (has no number on the diamond) and is indeed their own appraisal. They have harassed my fiancee and I since and now have issued a claim in court against us! Any advice? surely this must be a breach of our consumer rights. We are in court on the 16th March 2016.
  4. I have claimed for my lost engagement ring thru direct line insurance and have filled in all the relevent paperwork and paid £200 excess. They passed me over to their jewelry assessor a company called LMG. They have in turn asked for more information including a photo if possible of the ring - which again I have supplied. They have now given me a valuation and 3 options which are - 1 a voucher for the valution for the Signet group which are H Samuel, Ernest Jones or Leslie Davis or 2 - a remake of the ring by one of their personal jewellers or 3 the cash equivalent but the cash is only half of the valuation and doesn't even cost the price of the ring way back in 2003!! So - do I have to accept these conditions? - I have looked at Ernest Jones and H Samuels websites but I don't see anything I love there however I have seen a ring I really like within the valution but with a different jewellers. I have agreed to get the personal jeweller out to see if she can help me. She is booked to come to my house to look at designs etc and perhaps make a new ring for me but on speaking to friends about this they have said that their experience with the "personal jeweller" was a rip off and the jewelry offered no where near the quality they would have gotten from local jewellers! Do I accept there is no way round this? I am already really down about losing my engagement ring - that I took months to choose - due to the fact that my hands are not the delicate hands of female kind but almost like man hands so a solitaire would look lost on them - unless I had a good few thousand to spend - which I don't! Any help would be appreciated...
  5. Hi Would you need to pay tax on the redundancy pay is you return to work for the same company after being made redundant, if so, how long do you need to leave it before returning before tax is incurred - would the same rules apply is you are employed as a contractor?
  6. Hi All, Unfortunately my fiancee lost has her engagement ring. It was lost sometime during a 48 hour time window. During this time she was only out of the house for 3 hours. The insurance company told me during my initial phone call that it was insured as my policy covers individual items up to the value of £12,000. After a more detailed discussion with my fiancee they have decided to reject the claim as they say there is a possibility that it was not lost within the property but outside. In my opinion its far more likely it was lost inside the property as she was only outside for a minimal period of time. Thoughts anyone? Neil
  7. Hi, I am new here but I am stuck as to what I can do about my engagement ring. My fiancee purchased the ring from a local Ernest Jones branch in November 2012, he gave the ring to me a few days within the 30 Day refunds/exchange policy. I loved the ring and there was nothing apparent wrong with it so I kept it. However, a month later I noticed that the solitaire diamond was moving inside the setting - almost rattling. This was a very expensive ring and I was terrified that the diamond would fall out, so we took it straight back for a repair. One of the prongs (it is a 4-prong setting) had apparently weakened, so it was fixed and returned to us. I thought nothing more of it until a few days later when I noticed the diamond was still moving. We took it back again, where the shop assistant tried to tell me that it was "supposed to move" because it wasn't glued in! I looked it up on the web and found out that any movement of a stone indicates a weak, unreliable setting, which can lead to the diamond falling out. I also discovered the terrible reputation that EJ has with other couples who have purchased faulty (very expensive) jewellery from them. However I took the ring back to be fixed a second time with the warning that if it happened again, I would be taking further action. We have just taken the ring back for the 3rd time for the exact same problem, insisting on a refund rather than another repair. The sales assistant admitted that she thought the ring itself was faulty, but said she could only offer us an exchange for another ring. Due to reading about a great many other customers having the same problem, along with my own experience, I felt that I did not want to be tied in financially to the company for the next 2 years (the ring was purchased on finance). The sales assistants told us that they would get back to us about the refund situation within the next few days. Today we received a call from Ernest Jones telling us that they were going to have to assess the ring for customer damage, since the palladium band is badly warped/deformed which to them indicates that "excessive force has been used on the ring". Not only is this ridiculous as I am extremely careful with my ring and would be hard pressed to manage to warp it, but I have only owned it for 5 months, in which time i have had to have it repaired twice. These engagement rings are supposed to last a lifetime; if it is possible for me to badly damage the ring from gentle everyday use, then the ring does not fit its purpose and is not worth the inordinate amount of money it cost. Besides, the warping of the band was most likely caused by the 2 previous repairs that had to be done on it. I don't know what to do now; if they send the ring off for assessment, I have the feeling that they could do anything to the ring to try and prove that it was my own fault. I do not want to be stuck with a faulty unreliable ring which my fiancee will have to pay off for 2 years and I do not want an exchange of a different EJ ring which could have the exact same problem. Has anyone else had any success with dealing with a problem like this? Should I contact Trading Standards or Citizens Advice before the ring is sent away or should I allow them to assess the ring and go from there?
  8. Hi Last night I left my wedding and engagement rings at a studio we use at the local sports centre. My husband and I were the only ones using the studio and the last ones out of the sports centre. I realise I'd left them on the table in the studio half way home, tried calling but no answer. I phoned first thing this morning to find that the cleaners had already been and nobody had handed anything in!! I have phoned the police to report them stolen, but wonder were I stand with my insurance policy, we added all of our rings to the policy when we bought them, so they are listed in the possessions section, but wonder if the fact that I forgot them will be a problem. Any advice would be gratefully received. Thanks Tx
  9. Hi All, I bought an engagement ring for my fiancee from H Samuel. 0.5 carats, with a large stone and 3 smaller ones either side. Not bad, £900 represents a major investment for me, a decision I want to get right, so I was attracted by their 30 day coll off period. So I gave my fiancee her ring, and all was gravy, until I noticed it didn't really sparkle. Even in the sunshine. I've now had the ring properly checked out by an independent jeweller and they say the stone is off colour and has a massive flaw! nice. So when I took it back to H Samuel to claim a refund under the 30 day policy I was told I couldn't get i refunded due to it being worn and there being small marks, not scratches, but small marks on the underside of the ring. You can barely see them, even with an eyeglass. Ok, so I lost my cool a bit, but my main argument was how can you offer a 30 day policy with the caveat that it can't be worn? And anyhoo, I'm returning it due to a massive flaw in the diamond whereas they are complaining about tiny marks in the metal, which could probably be polished out anyway. It left off with the rude assistant telling me to come back at a later date when there is a manager present. Now, I'm thinking to get it polished by another jeweller so I can give it back in pristine condition. But then I worry they will say that I've then damaged the ring. Or should I just go back and stay calm and point out to them that they are a jewellers and can probably arrange to have it polished themselves, that a ring is meant to be worn, that's what rings are for, that I'm completely unhappy with this ring etc etc. Your advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading.
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