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Found 19 results

  1. Good morning everyone, I have been asked by my ex-wife to help her after she got a letter threatening her with bailiffs, She got herself into debt with EE and of course because she was dealing with depression she started to "bury her head in the sand" The consequence is that The lovely Leeds Losers (aka Lowell) have got involved, I only became aware of this situation after she got a letter from the county court, saying that they were about to get the bailiffs after her. My question is, why have they only chosen to partially enforce the judgement, this is something I have ne
  2. Just the basics if anyone has any experience here please: I work for a private sub-contractor providing transport logistics, servicing the NHS. I come into no contact with patients or healthcare professionals, but do have to move equipment that has been in hospitals. I don't want to have a HepB injection. I was told by my line manager that as a 'duty of care' issue they can 'force' me to have the injection. I refused. My objectionable manager took great delight in telling me this will be gross misconduct. Despite the confrontational language used, I imagine the
  3. Hi A Germany collection agency is trying to collect debt of about 1,300 euro from my son. I would like to know will it affect his credit rating in Canada and can the German collection agency take my son to court in Canada? and what is the consequence if he leave the debt unpaid? The collection agency keeps adding interest and different fees in the total amount, is this legal? Can my son just paid the original debt amount? the original debt was about 1700 CAD Many thanks in advance.
  4. Despite the new bailiff regulations having been in force for over 18 months, it is very worrying to see that a number of the 'Beat the Bailiff' Facebook pages continue to advise the public that if an enforcement agent is enforcing a judgment that has been transferred to the High Court, that the agent cannot charge VAT on bailiff fees. Such information is inaccurate and highly misleading. In April 2014 the Taking Control of Goods (Fees) Regulations 2014 were introduced and provide for statutory fees that can be charged by enforcement agents. In relation to county court judgments transferr
  5. This week, I received response back from Restons for my Halifax credit card debt, for a case which is already in court. But in their response they provided an approximate date of credit card agreement and said '... Halifax card agreement entered into by the defendant on or around 22 August 2011...' Can they still get a judgement without providing an original date of credit agreement. They provided a reconstituted credit agreement with some dates at the bottom but they do not match with the date they mentioned above.
  6. I am receiving letters and phonecalls from a debt collection relating to an old debt from ROI. I left the country some years ago, and no judgment was obtained in the Irish Courts. Can they now enforce it over here without a judgment? I am due to go on Maternity (statutory) so I definitely cannot afford to pay anything, even though I don't recognise the full value of the debt now being claimed. What do you advise?
  7. Ok here is the deal. Around Feb 14 - We had a parking fine in Swansea council car park. Appealed to the council, got rejected. Went to the court (TEC) and the amount reached £82. Andrew James got involved, TEC helpline suggested I do an out of time application. Somebody from Andrew James visited the business premises to inform us that we need to pay £392. He went away that time without much hassle. Did out of time application but the appeal was rejected. Amount o/s at this time - £82 I spoke with Swansea Council who didn't accept the payment and told that I d
  8. Hey guys need a point in the right direction with a situation as regards to returns to work after a period of illness. Basic summary can elaborate further if required. OH is FTE with a 37hrs per week contract, been there approx. 4 years. Due to ongoing medical issues was recently (and generously I think) given a 4 week period of best described as rest leave which was fully paid and without the need for medical certification as was at the suggestion of the employer. Idea was then to return to work next week however following a review meeting yesterday they have s
  9. Hi ALL Just a quick one, i'm on a zero hour contract, hours set one week in advance, on the day of your actual shift if it is quiet, the mgrs are now forcing people to finish early, are we not contracted to that shift? are they allowed to force you home early, and the flip side in theory they can make you stay late as well, essentially they can do anything they want to do....is this right? any advice appreciated thanks guys! x
  10. Our company has had a long-standing arrangement that staff can work from home, for at least two days a month. After this it is generally at the manager's discretion, but it is very rarely declined on the basis that a home-based employee that is working is better than an employee that is not. I suffer from rapid cycling bipolar disorder, and have on several occasions had to take extra work-from-home days due to anxiety issues preventing me from leaving the house. Our systems are all online, and I can usually be almost as productive. As such, my previous line manager (who now manages the de
  11. Hi Guys, I hope someone can help. I will be as clear as I can - the long and short of it is that I appealed a parking ticket as I was unaware that I had one until the baliffs came calling. All paperwork was sent to my old address so I did not get the opportunity to sort it out. The council dont want to know and I had a hearing at my local court to which they threw my appeal out. The baliffs are demanding £497 (for a £25 ticket) - I have written a letter to the baliff company as advised on one of the forums and stated that guidelines state that where the bali
  12. Looking for help / advice on this please. My daughter works at a care home in Scotland (17yrs). Early in 2011 doctors found she had arthritis in her spine and prescribed her painkillers. She informed her employers as they have what they call a “hoist” to move. This is a two person job one to push & one to guide. A risk assessment was carried out and it was decided it was ok for my daughter to just guide the “hoist”. The last week in June 2012 all staff at the home had their yearly assessment. At my daughters assessment she was asked if her back was ok and if she was still on pain
  13. I have a question about an issue that my employer is proposing to enforce on myself and my colleagues. Due to a recent situation where staffing levels fell short the management are proposing to enforce a contact change whereby employees may be compelled to provide shift cover with little or no notice. This would impact on the personal lives of myself (as a single parent) and my colleagues in similar ways. Is this proposed change to our contracts legal and is it something that can be imposed upon us considering the problems it will inevitably cause to all our personal lives?
  14. Hi - Im new to this but need some advise ref my employer. I have over 20 yrs continuous service with my employer. Recently they bought over a failing competitor, but made the ex-owner a director / my new boss with my existing employer. The business is doing well and we do not have enough staff at the minute to cope with the current workload. My department have all been advised we are to have our contracts changed and effective wage cuts imposed, by way of "department restructure". This was initially advised via a 1 to 1 meeting with the director who advised my post was effectively being mad
  15. Hi All, I was hoping for some insights into my predicament About 2.5 years ago I moved back to the UK from Australia with a substantial amount of credit card debit. I have been paying off the minimum payment for the last 2.5 with the exception of the last 6 months as I have been unable to make the minimum repayment due to reduced earnings (resulting from a chronic back issue). As such, Westpac has sold the account to Recoveries Corp who demanded the full amount ($23,001.26) by the 16th October 2012. I was unable to make this payment and therefore the debt will be referred to Mason B
  16. Hi everyone, hope i have posted in the correct area ! i have been searching these forums for many months but keep reading conflicting information. I am emigrating to AUSTRALIA in June 2013 ,cant let this opportunity go by ! My story is i have had 2 operations in 6 months and have been on the floor ,never thought this would happen to me as i am the only bread winner in the family ! I have basically defaulted on 2 credit cards £4000 and £2000 ,now i really dont like running away from my commitments but i am now in a low paid job and cant see any way out !!!!!! What i would like to know is ar
  17. Hi, I need some advice for my friend. She has been repaying a bailiff £50 pm but de-faulted and hasn't paid since April. She recieved a letter stating they would be visiting her on 31/08/12 if she does not pay £300 now. She rang them to try to arrange something but they told her if she doesn't pay the £300 and then £50 pm there after they will be visiting her property with the intention of gaining access to remove goods with the aid of the police. She stupidly let them in the first time and she signed WPO. Any advice would be greatly appreciate as she is in a
  18. Hi All. Apologies if posting in wrong forum, couldnt find anything similar elsewhere. I am basically looking for some advice to make sure I dont leave myself open to further issues. For the record, I am, and all action, is Scottish based. Following my divorce back in 2004, it was decided that the legal expenses were deemed payable by me. The Scottish Legal Aid board then demanded payment (£3447.21) and I explained at the time I was in no position to pay, with barely enough income to allow me to eat at the time. They sent a chap to my house, who filled out a form with me, pretty much conf
  19. Hi everyone i hope i have posted in the correct forum ! I have just defaulted on 2 credit cards and owe money on my overdraft due to long term illness last year and again this year . i am dissapointed with myself and will take what evers coming ! although in about 18 months i have a fantastic opportunity to emigrate to OZ no returns !!!!! and what i would like to know is would these debts be ENFORCABLE in OZ ??????? the amounts are £4000 with RBS £2000 with halifax and a £2000 overdraft with HSBC . I only work part time (20) hours for £6.50 an hour and when i get back to
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