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Found 9 results

  1. CCA Enforceability Thread I'm sure I've seen it stickied somewhere and cant find it for the life of me.
  2. Hi, I had a few questions on loan agreements. I was considering lending a large sum of money by virtue of a loan agreement (commercial purposes). However, I am unsure as to its enforceability and I am concerned about this. I was considering putting a clause under enforceability that enters into a secured loan agreement of property. My question is that how do I enforce this clause if for example, the borrower ends up selling the property without me knowing. Will just mentioning the secured loan in the agreement be sufficient or do I have to t
  3. Hi, I was looking for some advice on what to do with my Egg card. The agreement can be found by clicking the link below. Due to my lack of income my current status with this card is that Ive been on a payment plan for 6 months with them. This ended 2 months ago and since then Ive paid token payments totalling £26. They are hounding me now wanting payment, which I just havent got so what do I do? I know there's a case going through regarding Egg and this 'approved limit' statement but is there anything I can send them in the meantime? All advice woul
  4. Hello all, This is my first forum post. I would like to get some advice on my legal position. Company A has an authorised overdraft with bank. Director A didn't sign renewed personal guarantee but signed previous guarantees. Company B buys 70% of shares in Company A and Director B appointed to Company A. No guarantee is signed by Director B as bank have not asked him to sign one yet. Bank policy is all Directors required to sign PG (joint and several liability). Bank decides to enforce personal guarantee against Director A. Legal questions: 1. Can bank enf
  5. Hi My NRAM loan has been passed to Allied International credit. I wrote to NRAM directly in April telling them that my situation hadn't changed and I could only afford to pay a token £15 a month -my debt is £4949. I'm working with Stepchange at the moment to assess my options and have told NRAM that too. Unfortunately due to other family issues I haven't been able to progress this very quickly as I have other battles to fight for children at the moment and they have to take priority. I've been paying NRAM £15 a month but today received a letter from Allied. to c
  6. Hello all, Help needed about a signed application form received under section 78, of the act, with regards to a credit agreement. It's signed and dated by me, contains the prescribed terms of a running account, but is not dated or signed by the original creditor, nor does a signature box exist for the creditor either. (3) The signature of the said document shall be made in the following manner— (a)by the debtor or hirer, or by or on behalf of the debtor or hirer in the case of a partnership or an unincorporated body of persons, in the space in the document indicated for the purpose,
  7. Hello everyone, I have had a look at all the threads but I have unusual circumstances so ask for your kind advice (but sorry if I am just repeating what has been asked before): My partner is the executrix to an estate The deceased passed away in October 2008 The main beneficiary is my partner's daughter (grand daughter of the deceased - paternal side of the family) We have a number of credit agreements (see example below) and they form the debts of the estate as they were (completely) unpaid during deceased's lifetime Agreements were taken out in 2003 No substantial paym
  8. Hi, I would like to reclaim PPI and payment penalties on debts I am still paying off from 1999. The debts were transferred to collection agencies. My question is how do I go about reclaiming my PPI? Do I write to the original lender or the debt collection agencies? Is it possible some of these debts are unenforcible and if so how would I go about doing all 3 ie PPI, unfair charges and unenforceable agreements? Sorry for all the questions but new to this and really confused! Thanks
  9. I just want to be sure of this fact for my defence. Does a credit agreement need to have the address(es) of the debtor(s). if this answer is yes, what is the effect iof it does not. I have been referred to regulation 2(1) to check this, but I don't know 2(1) of what? Any help will be appreciated.
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