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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, this is my first post on the site and I hope someone can help. I had to take my tenants to court in order for them to leave my property. They caused extensive damage to my new build property - removing boiler, radiator's all the built in goods and smashing through walls. The Police have arrested the ex-tenants due to the extent of the damage and the matter is still pending - although the Police have informed me they are not hopeful of prosecution I submitted a claim in April on my Landlords insurance building cover through Endsleigh. A few days after Endsleigh’s loss adjuster visited and carried out an assessment of the property. He stated that the damage was extensive and that the policy would only cover to the value of £25,000 and that I would have to cover the rest. Over the last couple of months I have been emailing and calling the insurance company chasing up the claim. Endsleigh say they are waiting on the loss adjuster and the loss adjuster says its the contractor company. The contractor says its the loss adjuster. I complained a couple of weeks ago and the loss adjuster contacted me and said everything was now submitted and it would be sorted shortly. He also informed me the costs were over the cover level of £25,000 (but would not tell me the amount) and I would have to cover the rest. I was relived as it was finally getting sorted. The rental of the property is a source of income for me (I am retired), having to find the costs for service charges & council tax etc is having a impact on my finances the longer it takes to sort to out and I cannot recoup these charges. Now to my surprise, today I received a message informing me that AXA will be sending out a loss adjuster from a Crawfords. I am informed Axa are the underwriters and they have said it’s because its over £25,000, although I am not insured for anything over £25000 I am now back to square one again. I do not know why they are employing another loss adjuster but this is going to delay matters further. Can I ask Endsleigh 1) To base any settlement on their original loss adjuster’s report ? I am confused as to why they are not doing this anyway as I have waited months for Endsleigh & the loss adjuster to complete their process & report's. 2) Request the original loss adjusters report as they seem reluctant to provide me with this - am I entitled to this ? 3) Can I, not agree to allow Crawford’s to go through this whole process again? as I have read complaints about their process, online . Axa say the reason Crawfords is involved is because the damage to my property is over £25,000 but yet my building cover does not exceed £25,000. I would really appreciate an advice Many thanks
  2. I have been insured by Endsleigh car insurance for many years. Never had any problems - but reality is that you only really get to know your insurer in times of trouble. In October 2015, a false allegation was made against me by a third party. The third party claims that I have crushed into their vehicle and darted off without stopping. The third party claims that they have CCTV of me - and there is even a rumour that this CCTV was handed to the third party by the police themselves. Very curious, because on the day of the alleged incident I was overseas on a business trip. One would think that I can easily prove my innocence, right? I have a stamped passport showing I left the country before the incident and arrived after the incident; on the day of the incident I used my credit card in a foreign country; on the day of the incident I made and received calls on my mobile phone, clearly showing that my location was overseas; my vehicle was parked in the airport car parks before the incident and was collected after the incident; the car parks have written to confirm that in this type of car park you do not have to submit your car keys - therefore the only pair of keys was with me. Despite all of the above, my insurer sent an engineer to assess my vehicle. The engineer could not find any damage consistent with the allegation. Yet, several months on, as I write this on April 2016, I am still being treated by my insurer as though I am guilty of a crime. The case is ongoing, and my insurer has now written to me saying that I have lost my 8 years of no claims discounts - despite the fact that case is ongoing, and despite my overwhelming evidence. The third party has been challenged to show us the CCTV. They can't, or they won't, and Endsleigh keep "reminding" this third party to give us the CCTV. Not once did they think that in the absence of the CCTV being sent to us they should close the case. Most incredible of all is that when I made a complaint to Endsleigh, it took them half a day only - just HALF A DAY - to find against my complaint and to send me a leaflet with the Ombudsman details. Brilliant show Endsleigh - expert box ticking on your behalf. If only you were THAT quick with everything else that you do. Months and months have passed since you have found against my complaint, and you are still scratching your chins wondering what you can do next to prove me guilty. You have seen all my evidence - there is no chance in the world that I could have been, or my car could have been, involved in the alleged incident. How can you still have this as an ongoing case, and how in the world did you only need half a day to find against my complaint? What's even more impressive is that when the allegation was first made against me, Endsleigh did not bother to tell me. They started working on a case against me, recording details that the third party sent to them, but they did not call me or message me to tell me. Two weeks after the allegation I found out when the third party sent me a letter to say they are making a claim through my insurance and there's nothing I can do about it - this is just for "information purposes". At that point I rang Endsleigh, they told me that they tried to contact me leaving "a voicemail and a message". I did not receive a missed call, a voice mail or a message. In any case, does it even matter that they tried to contact me, IF indeed they did? I was under the impression that their contractual obligation is to ACTUALLY contact me, not to try to (and fail) at contacting me. At least if you could prove that you have sent a message to me, or an email, I could put it down to just bad luck for not hearing from you. But this isn't the case at all is it? Shame on you Endsleigh. You stole my no claims discount over nothing. I am dealing with an insurer who has no sense of urgency and no sense of justice. I will have a new born in 2 months and clearly I have better things to worry about - I guess I should just move on to another insurer, lose my discounts, and accept the fact that people in your line of business are the judge, jury and executioner of us poor motorists.
  3. Hi all, I've just got off the phone with Endsleigh, who have confirmed that my car insurance was accidentally cancelled due to an error on their end. It was cancelled from last Friday (18/03), therefore I have not had valid insurance for the past week. I was not given any explanation, only apologies from Endsleigh. However, I feel cheated by by insurer as I could have potentially lost my license had I driven unaware of the insurance cancellation and been stopped by the Police. They did not give me any notice of cancellation (although their policy booklet states they must give 7 days), and it was only until I logged into my online account last night that I realised my insurance had been cancelled. I am seeking some sort of compensation to make up for this inadequacy on their end, and have begun to lodge a formal complaint. Has anyone got any experience in a similar incident? If so, suggestions for action? Thanks.
  4. Hi from a newbie, apologies if anything is done wrong. I took out car insurance on 16th November 2015 with Endsleigh. To the best of my knowledge I filled in everything about the quotation correctly, but then got an email and letter from them on 25th November saying that my during their validation process my policy has flagged up a problem. The letter/email states that they asked "Have you, or any person.....been convicted of any motoring offence..." etc To this question I answered 'Yes' and stated the following facts (as I thought) I obtained 6 points in April 2012 for speeding (this went to court as the driver couldn't be ascertained - I run a cleaning business and various people use my cars, but unfortunately as the driver wasn't willing to 'step up' it was muggins here who had to take the rap or risk being prosecuted for failing to provide driver details ) The court date for this was Oct 2012. I personally got 3 points for a SP30 in April 2015 (my first EVER own offence since passing in 1992 ) All 9 of these points were declared. To cut the story short, the problem lies because I mistakenly told them that the date of the 6 points was October 2012, when in fact I should have put April 2012 down as that was the date of OFFENCE. I thought they wanted the date of CONVICTION, as that was when the matter was dealt with (surely I was classed as 'not guilty' until October as this was the date the licence was endorsed?) So, yes, I made a human error there. They say that had they have known I had those points in April instead of October the underwriters would have refused to insure me. This process dragged on from Nov 2015 with me sending them whatever documents they requested (by email, so I have proof of sending) and the last I heard from them until recently was on 4th January, acknowledging yet another explanation letter of mine so I presumed everything was sorted. I have been away this past 2 weeks and came back today to a recorded delivery letter and an email stating that my policy will be cancelled tomorrow as I failed to provide correct details! All I did was make a simple clerical error with regards to dates, and in fact by saying the date of conviction was October 2012 instead of April 2012 surely should show that I'm not a fraudster, as it would mean the points stayed on record for longer!!! In addition, their documents seem to only show the 6 points and not the last set of 3 obtained last April! I'm hardly likely to be on the fiddle if I'm declaring points that for whatever reason they don't have a record of!!! (It all shows up on the DVLA records though?) Can anyone help me? I have tried calling Endsleigh but they can't help with it being a Sunday - they have limited advisors available and I need my car for work tomorrow so am in a right state! Thanks for any advice
  5. Dear all I am unsure how to proceed with Endsleigh regarding a claim on a stolen camera I have a content insurance contract with Endlseigh since 2009. I took an option to cover my camera outside of my home. I specified on the contract that the camera is a Nikon D300 worth £1500. The camera was recently stolen and now I am being challenged to get a proper reimbursement from Endsleigh. The situation is the following: - My first mistake: I registered the item to cover as a Nikon D300 but it did include a lens as part of the package. I did purchase the lens and camera body at the same time as part of a package worth £1570 and that is why I put the amount of the item to cover to be worth £1500. The individual components are worth c. £1000 for the camera body and c. £500 for the lens - My second mistake: I lost the receipt but I do have a bank statement referring to a purchase from a well known camera shop worth £1570 Endsleigh has proposed a replacement for my loss as a Nikon D300S (which is the next version of my camera) but have excluded any lens as part of the replacement. My challenge to them is that the Nikon D300S is worth c. £1000 and therefore is not a like for like replacement for my loss given it would not come with a lens and I would need to buy one separately. Endsleigh refuses to take into consideration that I had a lens as I did not specify "Nikon D300 + lens" as part of the item to cover. My counterpoint to them was that it would not make sense for me to cover an item for £1500 if the purchase price was £1000 and that the lens is for me an integral part of the camera and did not occur to me that I should have specified that the camera was coming with a lens Am not sure how to proceed next. I do acknowledge mistakes on my side related to lost receipt and inaccurate description for the camera but also do think that they are not treating me fairly by trying to replace a camera + lens insurred for £1500 by a camera body only worth £1000 Do I have an angle somewhere or should I just let go and be more careful next time? Thanks in advance Karibu
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