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Found 16 results

  1. On the 11th Hour, 11th Day, 11th Month the First World War Ended "Armistice Day" In Flanders Fields Poem In Flanders fields the poppies blow Between the crosses, row on row, That mark our place: and in the sky The larks still bravely singing fly Scarce heard amid the guns below. We are the dead: short days ago, We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow, Loved and were loved: and now we lie In Flanders fields! Take up our quarrel with the foe To you, from failing hands, we throw The Torch: be yours to hold it high If ye break faith with us who die, We shall
  2. Firstly, EVERY point in this review and statement here is backed up with copies of emails, court filings and recordings. So whatever WMS say in response it is true and court records reflect that. What to say about WMS? http://www.wmsgroup.co.uk/motor-trade-warranties/car-warranty/ Sit back because this is a hell of a story. Well my father in law purchased a 5 star policy from them to cover his Range Rover Sport. He paid extra to have main dealer work undertaken should anything go wrong. 2 years into the agreement the engine was destroyed by an incident where was breached
  3. hi everyone, almost 3 weeks ago like a plonker I rear ended a bmw causing £960 pounds worth of damage which im going to settle out of my own pocket save my insurance. it was totally my fault so cant complain and I was in my my 1 year old car so insured fully comp and and the car I went into was a 12 plated bmw. to save any further claims after I have paid out is there any kind of form I can print off get him to sign which he says he will so he cant make any further claims agiast me ? many thanks for any help folks.
  4. I have an 18 year old friend who bought a brand new Ford Fiesta in May 2016 on HP. She drove it for just 1 month – in hindsight she feels was shoe-horned into the deal & was given 30 days free insurance by the dealer to get her on her way quickly. The car has been parked up since June (all monthly payments have been made) but no one would insure her at the end the 30 days free insurance period. Yes .. she should have looked into insurance BEFORE signing up (Naïve 18 yr old girl) Does she have any form of re-dress with the manufacturer (dealer doesn't want t
  5. we had a loan with blemain, which I will admit we didn't run well, however we got right through the 99 month term and paid as per the instructions and monthly agreed amount. However after the loan term ended I contacted them to make sure that we were clear and got told we still owed £14009 as far as I can see from the breakdown they have sent me this is charges for missed payments/letters/phone calls etc etc, but this is nearly 50% of the original amount we borrowed and just seems completely and utterly wrong, I got in touch with the ombudsman but because its an un
  6. Hi - my daughter completed her degree this summer and left her rented accommodation at the end of June. She forgot to cancel the standing order from her bank account to the letting agents and so a payment of £912 was paid to them at the end of September. The rent was paid quarterly and I think the summer one didn't get paid as she had no money in her account. She had just received her first month's salary which meant there was sufficient funds for the standing order to be paid this time. She called the letting agents as soon as she realised what had happened and they said they would send her
  7. I was a Plusnet phone and broadband customer until I found a better deal with another company for the same services at a cheaper price. I telephoned Plusnet before my contract ended to ask if they could give me a better deal or at least match the deal I would get as a new customer. They couldn't do it so i signed up with a new provider. I have changed providers many times when contracts have ended and usually have no problems My contract with Plusnet ended on the 15th of June 2015 and I moved to my new provider. I even received a refund from Plusnet for the overpayment I had made fr
  8. Hi I would be grateful for any advice. my mortgage with santander has come to an end and i have a shortfall of 40000. I work full time have no arrears. I can continue with payments but will they want to repossess for outstandnig balance.
  9. Hi I am having an issue with my current employer, I have received a letter inviting me to a meeting to assess whether my probation period is going to be terminated or extended on the basis of sales targets that have not been met . This meeting is to take place AFTER my probation period has ended? Can they do this, does this not mean that the probation period has ended and they therefore have to give me 4 weeks notice and can no longer extend the period? My contract says that they can extend my probation period but nowhere does it mention meeting any sales targets? Thanks for your
  10. Hi folks, just joined and looking for advice. In January 2012 I entered into a 3 year trust deed. After about a year I sustained a serious head injury and was left with brain damage which meant I could no longer work or afford the £200/month payments. I contacted the company and they seemed very helpfull and agreed that while I was on benefits I would no longer need to make the payments. Last summer I was contacted by them and they asked if I could have a letter from a medical professional dealing with my case to confirm my injury was long term with a view to cl
  11. Can anyone please give me some advice on the following problem.... My daughter has been doing temp contracts for the past year and the last one ended at the begining of July, the company she worked for (for 6 weeks) was in the process of being transferred to South Africa and the building is now empty. Anyway to the problem, last month she was paid a full months salary which neither of us are sure she should have been paid and again today they have paid her a months salary and even deducted an amount for a pension! We know she cant keep the money if she isnt entitled to it but we have
  12. Hello, all you wise and wonderful people. Heard about The Group from a friend, and would welcome any advice you can offer, on behalf of my son. He has a mortgage with Northern Rock and currently owes £67000 with no arrears. On 8th July 2004 he borrowed £17,400,he cannot remember who from, but subsequently G.E. Money Home Lending took over the loan.(He rather thinks 'his company' was bought out.) The monthly installments are £288.64 Current monthly rate was 0.750% He is a self employed steel fitter and has struggled finding work over the past few years, consequently, h
  13. hello after recent atos medical I went from support group to zero points taken off esa on 9th april rang dwp to ask them to look again at my case my doctor gave me a sick note and updated my medical reports which I sent in got a letter from dwp saying they will pay me £71 from 9th april and in the next paragraph says they cannot pay me from the 10th april as I have reached 365 days on contribution based esa does this mean I will not get any payments whilst in appeal I cannot get income based esa so do I still need to send in sicknotes any ideas plea
  14. My husband has been ill and receiving sickness benefits for nearly 2o years. He was assessed last year and put into WRAG group but wasnt well enough to appeal for a move to Support Group. Our money stayed the same in the changeover from IB to ESA but now his contributions based has ended we are £30 a week less - all I claim is Carers and CTC. So much was made of nobody losing out, and it seems although we are lucky to still be getting ESA, financially we're worse off than ever. Am I missing something somewhere?
  15. I was employed on the basis of basic plus bonus (the bonus was the majority of my wage). I ended my employment with holiday pay outstanding. The company have since confirmed in writing that 1) Holiday pay I received is for basic salary only. 2) Holiday pay is based on average earnings (basic plus bonus). 3) Other employees have confirmed in writing they were paid on basic plus bonus for holidays taken the same month. 4) My ex employers will not offer any explanation for the shortfall. I cannot go to the Employment Tribunal as it is out of time but any advice is appreciat
  16. I have recently ended a probationary trial period myself. I discussed the reason as to why with HR two weeks prior and stated that I did not approve of the office politics. After ending my trial period I handed in a Med 3 and self certification to cover myself. (two months). Do you think this will be the end of the issue or will the company make waves for me, as I am unsure of how much notice I should have given. Fortunatately I had not received a full contract of employment only a brief terms of contract in my offer of employment. I have no intention of making waves or ta
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