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Found 7 results

  1. Yes ladies and gents, it's our good friends at minicredit again! Stupidly, I have 5 PDL's, and have managed to get an agreement for a repayment plan on Txtloan's and 1monthloan's so far. Sent several emails to CF1 and WDA, WDA want my last month's bank statement.. rather not.. Anyway, to the point. I borrowed "£100" from them (turned out to be £80.50.. sound familiar), rolled it over twice at a cost of £34 a time plus a ridiculous £5.50 fee until my card was blocked by my bank as these people have been trying to raid my account daily. They whacked £25 on top and the block couldn't be lifted until I could get to a branch on the Monday, which whacked another £55 on top plus 4 attempted payments at £3 a time. All in all, 4 days cost me an extra £92. I offered them a suitable repayment plan which was flat out refused. The balance is now £525 and it's beyond silly. I really can't afford to settle it in 1 swipe, it'd basically cripple me. Just had a bizarre car accident involving a flying brick which destroyed my radiator and air con unit for £540 and when I finally got home I had a bill for £757 from my MOT.. brilliant. What on earth do I do? I've requested all payments made to them (which I believe is £33+£5.50, £33+£5.50 and £35 they helped themselves to, totals £112) but they've not replied to any email I've sent. Phoning them is a waste of time too. Where do I go with this next? TIA
  2. Cyber criminals who hacked a branch of Barclays bank have now given themselves up in the face of catastrophic losses on their account. The [problem] was running like clockwork after the gang initially succeeded breaking into the system and stealing £1.3 million of customers’ money. However, things started to go wrong after an unsolicited call from Barclays investment arm offering to double their money through derivatives trading. Despite the plausible sales patter, lead hacker Julian Brown revealed that by the end of the first week the Barclays traders had lost them £4 million. ‘We were then hit with £500,000 in unauthorised overdraft fees. The man rang back and said we should double up as we could make a fortune betting on something called the Libor. It all sounded too good to be true but we were in too far to say no.’ The hackers were shocked to discover that in the second week Barclays traders lost them a further £9 million as someone had apparently fixed the Libor rate. ‘It was just such bad luck, of course we were then charged £1.5 million in overdraft charges, interest and returned direct debits. We nearly had our broadband cut off, which would have been embarrassing for the reputation of an international group of computer hackers.’ To add insult to injury, the hacking group had their identity stolen and a further £4 million was removed from their account while they were on their way to give themselves up. Complained Brown: ‘Our card was skimmed when we got some cash out for the taxi to take us to the police station. It’s disgusting, you just can’t trust anyone these days.’ A Barclays spokesman said: ‘We offer all our customers the same terms and conditions, whether they are legitimate customers or fraudsters. We should remind you that investments can go up and down and we like to think of losses more as commission opportunities. By the way, there is a charge of £50 for the letter we will send out tomorrow to repeat all these points in a slightly less comprehensible way. It’s all in the small print, you know.’
  3. Hi, any advice or previous experience greatly appreciated! I have recently had my account emptied by ARISTE HOLDING LTD, which you probably know is a trading name of cash genie. I got paid on 07/09/12 for the first time since March as I have been out of work. I checked my balance on-line at approx 1pm, after using my debit card at a well known and reputable retailer. By 4pm I had £70 available. Now, the cash genie loan I took out was on 14th December 2011 for £180. I paid them £60 on 23/12, but was unable to pay them the remaining balance in January. Also worth noting that at the start of January I lost and so ordered a new debit card meaning cash genie could not possibly have my new card details, right? Anyway in the recent months I have been receiving a lot of e-mails and spoken on the phone to a company called Carter Forbes who I believed were now in "charge" of collecting this debt. I did also have quite a long conversation with them at one point telling them my situation, how I was unemployed, and that I simply couldn't commit to any kind of pay back schedule until I was back in employment. Also that once I was, I would arrange some kind of settlement. They didn't seem to understand this and were extremely keen to get me to sign up to any sort of repayment; I now know why! So the charges they made on Friday were as follows: £200, £193, £100 and £10. There were also a list of about 15 other charges for varying amounts which didn't go through as the bank had stopped my card by that point. I saw this list in person in a branch of my bank (HSBC). An employee of the bank told me I would definitely get the money refunded and even allowed me to withdraw £200 cash over the counter, money which I didn't have available. I have since spoke to the bank over the phone and they say I need to wait for the charges to leave the account before they can look into it further. I am planning to ring them tomorrow morning as the charges now appear on my on-line banking statement. I have read several similar stories on line but none seem to have such a delay from the original loan to the "stealing" of money. Also I don't know how they got my card details or if they even need them? Can they charge with just your account number and sort code? Also are they allowed to charge a different card to the one that I've knowingly supplied them, without first contacting me? Their T's & C's aren't the most transparent. I feel that as long as I can prove that they have acted unlawfully I should be fine. Ultimately what I want is my money back! I would very much appreciate any help and advice on this matter as I am completely lost as to what I should do first. I have no idea exactly what is and isn't allowed and have realised from searching the internet that my bank are not going to just hand me my money back no questions asked. Likewise contacting one of the many associates of Cash Genie seems to be.. pointless. Please let me know if you need any more details about myself or this whole situation. Many thanks,
  4. Tower Capital have raided my bank account of my job seekers allowance, this is for £55 i have severe diabetes and am hypoglycemic and need a stable diet they have my weeks money i have not authorized them to take this money as i have been disputing charges on the account. my bank are Halifax and they are refusing to do anything to assist with this. this money is surely covered by social security act 1988
  5. I have had a debt with QQ and received many letters , calls and texts and ended up setting up a mandate using debit card to clear the debt . I filled out the mandate with a payment scheme and was advised i had to text my card 3 digit security code to them . First payment was to go out on the 20th September 2012 of £15 . Now by chance i'd asked for a period of holiday pay to be put into my account through Bacs by my employers and you can probably guess the rest , on the 20th (yesterday) MMF took the whole of the debt amount from my account of £420 ! . I contacted my bank to which they said they couldnt stop the transaction until it had gone out and further said i'd given my card details so really they couldnt see a problem with said amount taken if it was what i owed !. I rang MMF and told them they'd left me with £11.24 and i was more than happy to them take a portion towards debt but not all of it and of course i got an unsympathetic No Hard Luck but at least you cleared the Debt . I have spent hours dealing with bank yesterday and today to try and stop the payment still being processed but they say until gone they can't deny transaction i can only dispute afterwards , to me thats as good as letting a burglar sell your goods infront of you before you can act to get them back ! . I have a copy of the Mandate given to MMF and they only acknowledge ive agreed to pay the debt , They had the nerve to say i paid a lower amount than owed because they could take one lump sum payment . Ive cancelled my bank card and claimed it was stolen as i'm told this should stop all transactions from my bank account but i'm not convinced . I can seriously hope the whole team of MMF gets some serious diseases as to leave people in such a position is nothing short of criminal .
  6. I had a loan from these people of 100 . I had problems so emailed mini credit to explain, umsympathetic , rude, brash on the phone, anyhow as time went on i simply told them i wasnt able to afford and so on goes all the fines etc, MAY I REMIND MINI CREDIT EMPLOYEES THAT A PERSON IN DEBT IS NOT A CRIMINAL !!!!!! Anyhow my bank card was changed and so mini had been trying to claim off my old card , but, because the funds werent there 100 turned into 320.50 Mini credit never had my new card details but the next payment on my income i am left with 6 pounds as they had taken the total ammount out , i was in receipt of a hardship form from them but i returned it to wrong email address although i still have a copy of what i wrote. does anyone now know how i can proceed, I feel that due to the umpteen emails i sent and phone calls prior and during , to knowing that id be in difficulty that i told these people about I see it as they should of worked with me as they have a record of them sending me a hardship form on the 30 th july. Do i really have to hire a muck spreader and pay a visit ;-p jk
  7. Victims are seeing their bank accounts emptied after fraudsters set up fake accounts to take out Wonga loans and use stolen card details to push the debt onto unsuspecting consumers, a This is Money investigation has found. In a series of cases raising concerns about the payday lender's security checks, the first victims know is when they notice that money has been taken out of their account by Wonga. When they call their banks to report the crime they are told to contact the payday lender directly, yet those who have come to This is Money for help have typically found it to be slow to help - leaving them missing almost £1,000 or more for long periods. Read more: http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/cardsloans/article-2192482/INVESTIGATION-Wonga-fraudsters-push-debt-unwitting-victims.html#ixzz251SBwbXE
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