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Found 5 results

  1. Hi there, would appreciate any help and advice!! Just don't know where to turn next... I'm trying reclaim money owed to me by an ex employer In brief I have been through an employment tribunal, awarded £2,200.00 – have a high court writ, instructed HCEO Bailiff to no avail as ex employer had been accepted for an IVA. Over a year, not a penny paid to me, I’m now informed the IVA has failed and according to the IVA company she “will seek alternative advice regarding her debt position”. I feel this is the best time to try and reclaim my money, but think I could benefit from some professional help this time Can anyone advise me?? thanks in advance
  2. Hi I’m someone who is simply tired of the whole system and the different information I am getting from all different sources. My story is explained below I used to work for a company let’s call it company A. On 2/06/2011 i gave in my resignation as I found another employment, my notice period was 4 weeks so i was hoping to finish on 30/06/2011. on 13/06/2011 company went into administration, company was operational under administration On 22/06/2011 all the business of Company A which was in administration was acquired by company B. (The name of business was changed into company B name). When new company took over I carried on working as normal and was never given redundancy letter or asked to leave On 30/06/2011 I left company on my own accord after serving notice period. Visual Company A Comp A in Admin Company B ===[]===============>[]=============>[]================>[] 02/06/2011 13/06/2011 22/06/2011 30/06/2011 gave in my resignation Company A went Company B aquired i left company in intention of leaving into administartion the businessand name on my own accord company after serving was changed after serving my notice my 4 weeks notice to company B name Now the painful bit, I had my outstanding wages i.e. some from May, June wage, holiday pay Company B had only agreed To pay my wages from 22/06/2011 till 30/06/2011 Administrators of Company A are saying that "You carried on working for the new company and decided to leave on your own accord. The new company takes on the liabilities of all existing employee even those who worked during the Administration period under Tupi law. I suggest you go back to Company B and claim any outstanding wages owed to you. It will also be Company B who will be issuing you with your P45/P60 forms." then I went on to get legal advice to find out who i need to make a claim against and they said I need to claim my wages from Insolvency service and fill in RP1 form as in this case all staff get redundant automatically and get rehired by the new company automatically. (To be honest i did not understand this at all so i told them i need this in writing before i fill in the form) I have both wage slip and P45 from both old company and new company (May and till 21 June 2011 payslip and P45 with Company A name on it) (22 June till 30 June wage slip and P45 with Company B name on it). Can please someone help me find out who is actually liable for my wages as my almost £1800 are on paper paid to me but I never got money for it. Thank you all in advance, waiting for your reply
  3. Hello and apologies if I'm posting to the wrong section. For the past 4 months, I have been providing consulting services to two individuals wishing to set up an investment managerment company. There is no company as yet, but it has been in the process of being set up for several months (hence I am consulting for the individuals). Here's the problem: I have not been paid despite constant reminders. Every time I ask (by email or verbally), I have been given assurances that 'the money is coming'. I have no written contract detailing terms of consultancy but I have verbal (with witnesses), email and text messages that I believe offer ample proof of consultancy. I have also attended several meeting with them or on behalf of the individuals. I have now issued an invoice (for the 4 months of consultancy) to the two individuals (one of whom lives in Italy). However, I don't believe they will pay. What should be my next step? Do I need to issue a Statutory Letter of Demand (SLD) now or do I need to wait until a reasonable amount of time has passed (from the date that I issued the invoice) before I can send the letter? Is there anything else I should do? One final thing: I have issued an invoice to cover up to the end of June - obviously the month of June is not yet in arrears given that we are only half way through it. But the other three months (March-May) are. Does that make a difference as to when I can issue the SLD? Any help would be hugely appreciated. Thank you
  4. Hi all, I really need your help. I posted up a few days ago a letter i received from my previous employer, claiming i owed them money from an overpayment of £325.01 despite them owing me at least 40 hours overtime during my employment there. Today i received a letter from Newman Debt Collection Agents stating the following:- I have already sent a letter to them the other day recorded delivery and obtained a signature of NEWMANS and all they have done is ignore me and now they are going to leave me with a huge debt from court to which i refuse to acknowledge. How can companies get away with this? All i wanted was a job, and now my personal records are going to be tarnished for being unwilling to pay money that i know for a fact i dont owe if only my previous employer would tell the truth! What can i do? I dont have time to ring them and letters can take more than 3 days to arrive, especially when i have no money!
  5. Hi, I'm desperate for help! I DJ'd at different venues for a man who had his own company supplying DJ's and mobile discos to parties, and I worked for him for 2 xmas periods for 2 years (maybe 15 nights in total) in which he paid me in cash on the night, or the next night. (All declared to HMRC). The last two parties that I did, he didnt pay me. He kept promising he would, then saying he'd posted a cheque, then said it'd got lost, then said he'd forgot. I tried again and again but left it for about 10 months, thinking it would arrive! I then got back in touch with him to ask again, and he said he would send it. He didn't. He then asked for me to work some more dates for the 2010 christmas period (cheek) which of course I expected and declined, and he asked why so I mentioned he'd still not paid me. He said he would. I then sent him some details so he could either post the cheque again or paypal me the money (£160). I requested the money officially through paypal 3 times and tried phoning and texting but am now being ignored. What can I do?? I've almost given up! I have definite proof of me being there, I did the same parties the year before and the clients requested me back. I don't know his surname, only his company name. Please help!
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