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Found 7 results

  1. In the great days of the British Empire, a new commanding officer was sent to a jungle outpost to relieve the retiring colonel. After welcoming his replacement and showing the usual courtesies (gin and tonic, cucumber sandwiches etc) that protocol decrees, the retiring colonel said, "You must meet my Adjutant, Captain Smithers, he’s my right-hand man, he's really the strength of this office. His talent is simply boundless." Smithers was summoned and introduced to the new CO, who was surprised to meet a humpbacked, one eyed, toothless, hairless, scabbed and pockmarked specimen of humanity, a particularly unattractive man less than three feet tall. "Smithers, old man, tell your new CO about yourself." "Well, sir, I graduated with honours from Sandhurst, joined the regiment and won the Military Cross and Bar after three expeditions behind enemy lines. I've represented Great Britain in equestrian events, and won a Silver Medal in the middleweight division of the Olympics. I have researched the history of....." Here the colonel interrupted, "Yes, yes, never mind that Smithers, he can find all that in your file. Tell him about the day you told the witch doctor to **** off."
  2. I need help in a possibly issue I have with Empire Magazine. Just over 3 months ago, I was called up out of the blue by Bauer Consumer group. They offered me a bunch of subscriptions for magazines, based on some advertising I'd apparently agreed to. I only ever agree to advertising if it's with a company I trust, and never allow 3rd party. When the lady on the phone began to list off the magazines, I recognised who they were. It was from a website where I'd entered a bunch of competitions, and even won a couple. I was offered 3 months of Empire Magazine for just £1. I explained there was no point, because I cant afford the £35 payment at the end of it. She told me not to worry, it's just £1, I can cancel at anytime, and that I should do it as soon as issue 1 arrives to make sure. Issue 1 arrived, I phoned, I cancelled it, I asked her to double check. She did. It was cancelled. Woke up this morning, checked my bank due to it being a day when most of my bills go out (everything leaves on the 26th generally, except a few small ones) and was shocked to see my bank £10 in red, and 1 payment had been cancelled. It was then that I noticed the £35 payment to BAUER CONSUMER MED. I've explained what happened to my bank, and they've told if I can get it refunded in 5 days, they wont charge me for going over my set limit which was nice of them. The company whose payment I missed wasn't so kind, and they've charged me an extra £6 because I wont be able to pay them now until next Monday. I phoned BAUER CONSUMER MED up as soon as I'd explained the situation to my bank and the people I missed paying, hoping for a quick resolution. Turns out that there is no record of my phone call when issue 1 arrived. Since I've not had an issue on the subscription yet, I asked can it be cancelled now. Yes it can, but I can't have the £35 back because I paid it and they don't offer a refund unless in an extreme case. They told me they could send me a different magazine from their range instead, but I can't be refunded. I've asked to speak to their manager, who said the accounts team would list to call that is on record (the first one) as it was a trainee and her call was recorded. If I ask her to cancel it on that call, they will refund me. However, I know I don't ask her on that call, because she told me to call after issue 1 to do it. We talked about cancellation, but I never asked to cancel, because technically there was nothing to cancel. Is there anyone out there (on here) who knows whether what they're doing is legal or not. Like I said, I've received nothing from them so far regarding issues on the £35 subscription and I definitely did phone to cancel it (I'm always quick to do anything like that, my budget is kept very tight and constantly checked) Thanks for any help.
  3. Hi, Does Empire Stores come under the umbrella for Redcats or Shop Direct? Would be grateful for any advice, thanks
  4. Hello all, I am after a bit of advice. I have been having an on off discussion with Robinson Way from approx. Feb 2012. They started by telephoning me about an old catalogue debt from 2002. It was from my previous address, which I did reside in at the time. I kept telling the RW staff that I could not remember ever having an Empire Stores catalogue. They kept telling me that I owe £213.30. This went on for a few weeks, pretty much a telephone call every day. Eventually I realised that the name they were using was my current surname, and that from 1995-2010 I was using my married name. Result I thought, so I waited for the next phone call, and told them this. They were very insistant that I tell them what name I was known as then, I refused, and kept requesting that they sent me whatever info they had in writing, as I was not prepared to discuss any further as I did not believe it was my debt. Long story short, and many letters later. I eventually found a template letter requesting that they stop harassing me, and proved the debt. Again I received a telephone call and the lady insisted that I should take the matter up with the police, as obviously someone had ordered goods in my name at this old address in 2002. Obviously I laughed out loud at this suggestion, as she could not tell me what was ordered or when, and as I explained to her, the police wouldnt take me seriously! I re sent my letter requesting proof, and refusing to communicate in any way other than writing. I received a letter stating that this would be passed to a doorstop collector on 4.7.12. Then 19.7.12 they wrote to note my dispute/query. Then 8.8.12 I received a letter stating that an account was opened, in my current name, with Empire Stores on 30.8.2002 at my previous address, and that looking at electoral registers, I was living there at that time. They hoped this resolved my query, and that I will contact them to make payment arrangements. I wrote back (8.8.12), insisting that I wanted to see signed proof of this debt, and that even if they could provide this, that I believed the debt was statute barred. 28.9.12 I have received a letter saying the following: "please note we have not yet received a response from the original seller. This is to let you know that we are continuing to seek an update, we will let you know the response as soon as we hear, your account remains on temporary delay. Thank you for your patience. Ok so if you made it this far, can anyone tell me what to do now? Do I report them? If so, where? Im losing the will to live! Thanks in advance!
  5. Hi, I purchased a cooker from my mums catalogue around 9 years ago. About 6mths after my husband had a mental episode and was hospitalised and i had to give up work to look after him and our children. As i couldn't afford the repayment each month to my mum the account was passed to me. The debts started mounting up so we seen a debt specialist at the CAB office who sorted out all the debts and offered them all £1.00 each (apparenlty we had to offer all debt companies the same amount). Empire catalogue accepted the £1.00(shop diect) payment and everything was fine. Then the debt was passed to droyds debt and collections services who accepted the £1.00 payments. The on the 14th july 2008 i receieved a letter from NDR saying that they had took over the account and to keep on paying the amount offered of £1.00. On the 21st march 2009 i received a letter telling me they were adding on £12.00 as payment not receievd even though it has always been paid by standing order every 28 days and that they require the full amount - does state on letter £1.00 received. This was the start of my problems with them. I sent them a letter stating that they had accepted the £1.00 offer, and a copy of the letter, to which they responded that that was now out of date and they now require £40.00 per month. I wrote to them explaining my situation which now included the fact that i couldn't work as our son was diagnosed with a life threatening illness so i have become his fulltime carer and included income/expenditure form. I received a letter telling me that they were not going to accept the £1.00 but would hold interest on the account for 6mths, if i paid the £40.00 per month. Since then they keep on adding £12.00 to the account which now stands at £800 - all the other debt have now come off my credit file and most were paid off when we had to sell the house 8 years ago, but it was the large debts we paid off. NDR will not accept my £1.00 offer, nor will they accept a settlement arrangement, as i asked them if i could settle the amount for a lower figure and they have turned me down. This debt is still on my credit file as they never defaulted the debt but shows up late payment each month. I did send them a letter asking for copy of my credit agreement which they sent me a blank credit agreement, but this was back in 2011. I have had phone calls to them to try to lower the amount since and letters but they always turn it down, lowest amount they will take is £39.00. I haven't had time to deal with this debt until now due to personal reasons beyond my control but now i want to try to resolve the matter but i am getting nowhere with NDR, told by them to speak to a debt advisor and get letter off them saying i can only afford £1.00per month, which i did last week and three companies weren't interested due to the amount owed only being small. Any help will be much appreciated. stacey
  6. Hi, I recently sent the PPI Questionnaire to Recats about an Empire Stores account I held up to 2005/6. First of all they sent a reply stating that I had the wrong account number after which I sent them a copy of an old statement. Their following response was that since my account had been dormant they have no records and cannot varify my account. If I send them a SAR together with the £10 fee are they obliged to send me information about my account? Would this then give me the right to pursue my claim or should I just send this to the Ombudsman? I have sent other claims to the ombudsman and am still waiting. Thanks for your help. -JS-
  7. Hi, Everyone, I have a Panasonic TH-42PX600B Plasma TV which has developed a nice blue line right down the middle of the screen. No problem I have a 5 year extended warranty. I Start to do some digging around on the net for phone numbers and find out the supplier Empire Commercial has gone bust! Oh dear! The TV was part of an Direct Line insurance claim. So I don't have a receipt only a few emails to state the delivery date and the additional money I payed for the upgraded TV. Direct Line forced me to go through their preferred supplier Empire Commercial can I go back to direct Line? Can I go back to Panasonic, as I have found out from the Forums that this is a common problem with this particular TV model? Or am I just stuffed? Thanks in advance for any advice. Kind Regards DesignTime
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