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Found 11 results

  1. Hi all Background My 12 year old son has a condition called Sinusitis. This is where he has severe Head aches, in the morning, gradually decreasing through out the day. He has been off since late January. He has been for a M R I scan to check his brain, all came back clear. So now it has been referred too County, Missing Education and Child Employment department. We have a meeting scheduled,on May 9th. 1- Has anyone been through one of these meetings and can Offer advise. 2- I have been informed that at the start of the meeting, We will be cautioned, 3- Do I have to accept this caution, ( I assume this is a caution the Police use ) 4- Would it be prudent to Record the meeting, either covertly or in the open. I would appreciate any advise as I have a feeling we will be stitched up. all I want is a resolution, and help for my son. Leakie
  2. READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/enhanced-learning-credits-further-and-higher-education-scheme-changes More information on the Enhanced Learning Credits Scheme is here: http://www.enhancedlearningcredits.com/
  3. Finally managed to find a ES567SJP form online that I have printed off and started to complete. As I have MWA hanging over me, not sure how to answer some of the questions as not sure whether MWA counts as a job opportunity. Question 6 in part one asks - Are you willing and able to change the hours of your course so that they do not overlap with the hours you said you are available for work in your Jobseeker’s Agreement? Now if I answer yes to that will it be claimed I can do MWA and fit college around it? I have attached the form and the guidance they use. If anyone can shed any light then please help. I have a feeling that because I was referred to MWA the same day I found out I had an interview for college then they will use this to say the MWA takes priority and will have to give up the college course Thanks
  4. Hi, firstly, my partner and I, along with our child have lived in this house since 2011 and in this street since 2006. Last year I applied for his secondary school place and was awarded the school of our choice, the school is 250 metres or so from our front door (one of the reasons that we moved to this street in 2006). Last week I received a letter from the LEA Admissions officer telling me that I had to prove where i lived in October last year, they want 5 pieces of paper, 2 of which are A V5 document , I dont own a car, my partner buy s and insures our cars, also, proof of receipt of CB and or Tax Credit, we receive neither of these. I cannot ring them until Monday, but this sounds very strange, part of the letter states that he is not necessarily doubting where I live or where our son lives, actually, that is precisely what it sounds like to me. Whilst we have nothing to hide and have not made a fraudulent application, I cannot provide them with something that I do not possess, does anyone have any advice please.
  5. Hi. I'm 24 and looking to go back into education in September (by which time I'll be 25) to study Animal Behaviour. I was told by a university this week that I would need either A Levels or an Access to HE course to allow me to apply. There seems to be plenty of funding available for university students, but I can't seem to find any for full time college students, as you can not apply for student living grants/loans until uni. I am living away from home and have been claiming ESA for a while now, but that will be ending soon. I know I can get a loan to cover the cost of any course and exam fees (from 24+ Advanced Learning Loan), but does anyone know of any help with living costs, or even any benefits I can claim whilst at college to pay for rent, food, bills etc? I don't know if this is the right place to post this thread, or even if anyone here can help, but I thought it was worth a shot as CAG has been very helpful in the past, and I'm struggling to work out what to do now after being turned down by the university. Thanks. Matt.
  6. Hi Guys, Im not new on here, couldnt find my email and password so had to re-register! I hope you can advise on this, its like jeremy kyle but here goes. My husband's ex has numerous kids by different fathers, there's 8 in total. Her two youngest kids are 19 and 16. My husband is on the 19 yearolds birth certificate as her father although, he is definitely not her father (he met the ex when she was 6 months pregnant). The 16 year old is supposed to be my husbands child, although the ex has said he isnt, but shes an idiot and we can only go on her word. The ex, took the kids out of education, the eldest at 14 years, the youngest at 9 years old and was supposedly 'home schooling' them. She hasnt and the kids arent too bright, they have no qualifications and she has certainly not home schooled them, unless Mr X-box has come up with a whole new concept! Weve started to get letters from the CSA demanding information. Firstly, im my husbands employer so Im not really happy about the CSA asking for my husbands details through my business, but i dont want a fine, but i certainly dont want to help them. Obviously, I want to fight this as much as possible and not be taken as a meal ticket for the feckless ex, who has never worked and uses the kids as an income. My question is: the CSA state in all their literature 'the child in full-time education' but he hasnt been in education for 7 years. We are wondering if the 16 yearold has been made to go to college to try and get him reading and writing? but it still wouldnt be full-time education. Also, we want to DNA test both kids, we know that my husband is not the father to the eldest, but because he was such a moron, the CSA want to put this on him. I understand that if the kids and ex refuse this the case is closed. Also would they be able to back date the CSA? Were ignoring their communications at the moment until, i have some information. The family live on the next street to us, but the youngest isnt allowed to acknowledge my husband, even when my husband says 'hello' to him in passing. The ex threw my husband out in 2002, so its not as though he walked out. Hope you can advise... thanks
  7. Hello The Specialist Advisor at the education centre I go to has been non existant in supporting me. A snooty email or two and an email survey is all I got this academic year. She is the only one supposed to help me because of my condition. Can I request that somebody else less qualified support me instead who doesn't specialize in my condition? And can I request that she has no further input in my support? And that my profile be removed from her care? I hope this makes enough sense it's late and I'm getting tired now A little advice would be appreciated, thanks.
  8. I need to do GCSE English and had a meeting last week with disability support. There are a few issues with what was said: - Not being allowed to walk out if I have sensory overload, which can be painful. They won't allow me to use a traffic light system and I have to tell someone. I can't talk during sensory overload if the overload if noise. (my response is to put my hands over my ears and walk off) If I need the toilet, I can just walk out. - They won't give me 1-1. I've had this issue before. They have told me that I've got to learn to read by myself. I am sight impaired. It's not that I am incapable of reading, (as in, I know what that word says) it's that my disabilities make reading physically tiring. - They won't provide coloured paper and have told me I have to buy it myself. I was told to use my DLA. What DLA? That will be taken by social services, a few groups I attend and any equipment I need. I have just spent £160 on a pair of noise cancelling headphones. (that was a one off; but most of the equipment I need is very expensive) DLA doesn't cover everything.
  9. hi all, i am currently paying csa at £400 a month for my daughter who is 18 and in full time non advanced education, she only does 2 days week and not sure how many hours that entails as the training farm she attends are being pretty cagey when it comes to giving me details, i think its 9 till 3. should i be paying, as the csa guide lines state that the child does a minimum of 12 hours per week not including dinners, and also is the farm recognised by the secretary of state as being equal to a school or college, any help would be great, thanks.
  10. Hello, I am asking this on behalf of a friend who is staying with us at the moment. A bit of background : He has children from a previous relationship and the CSA have been in touch to say he owes them 4 months arrears. He notified them of a new temping job in June and they said the would re-assess him (he had been unemployed previously). He called them again end of July and they said they were still trying to assess him. So this week gone he got a letter from the CSA saying he owes arrears and must pay immediately - he does not dispute this at all. BUT they have assessed him until 2011. He is going to be leaving his job in 1 week and returning to college Full time, he has already given notice to his temp job. He has been saving from the job he had to see him through until the college holidays at which point he will try and get another job. He will be living with myself and partner rent free as the college is only 10 minutes away. So my question is : After he pays off the arrears which he has set aside anyway, will he have to continue paying the rate they assesed him at until 2011 ? This will leave him with no means to go to college. He is returning to FT education to retrain so he can earn a decent wage to support his children.
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