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Found 6 results

  1. Hello folks, Infringement date: 11/01/2018 NTK date: 22/01/2018 Received: 25/01/2018 Schedule 4 of The Protections of Freedoms Act 2012 is mentioned Number plate photos were included I have not yet appealed Euro Car Parks are the company (BPA member) Vehicle was located in Bishops Centre, Taplow Was in Frankie & Benny's too long. Entered the car park at 18:50:40 and time on my receipt is 20:53:26, but we stayed chatting until close to F&B's closing time (11pm). Exit time was 22:59:16. Therefore I should have left at 21:50 and overstayed my welcome by 1hr 9mins. Most other outlets on site close at 10pm - the car park was practically empty. I do not think £75 for 1hr 9mins parking from 9:50pm is justifiable, expecially since 3 hours is free and you can park in Maidenhead town centre for £1.50 for that entire duration at night. I know the steps are: appeal, reject, request popla, appeal, win (hopefully). Given the above, which template should I use for my first appeal to ECP? Thanks peeps 2018-01-27-bishops-centre-taplow-sign-and-pcn.pdf
  2. Hi, On 18 Nov 17 I received a Parking Charge Notice (PCN) through the post stating that my vehicle was parked longer than the maximum period allowed on 07 Nov 17. On the 19 Nov 17 I sent the following appeal to ECP: Dear ECP As the registered keeper of the vehicle, registration xxxx xxx, I have received your invoice number xxxxxxxxxxx. The driver at the time tells me that they did not notice any signs telling them about the time limit and that the fact that it’s a free car park they didn’t even think of looking for such sign. Whilst parked she was shopping at Tesco then headed to Costa to meet an old Friend for lunch, and that she is therefore not liable to pay you any money as she was using the shopping facilities. On conducting some research about Bishops Centre car park and shops; unbeknown to us it is possible to speak to the staff in the shops and restaurants and request that your car is exempt from charge, which is also free of charge. This means the 3 hour rule isn’t a rule in which must be complied with at no exception. As she was parked there on a Tuesday morning, school hours; the car park was less than 40% full, therefore she was not taking up a space that someone else could have had and no losses would have been made. If you reject this appeal, please issue me with a valid POPLA code. At POPLA I shall be asking for a breakdown of the genuine pre estimate of loss that the charge must represent, which might I add that since it was a free cark park, and also it was far from "at full capacity" then there was no loss. Yours Registered Keeper. Since then they rejected my appeal under the grounds of my vehicle being in breach of the terms and conditions of the car park. In the rejection letter i have also noticed that it says "This signage is quite clearly states that if your vehicle is in breach of the teams and conditions of the carpark then a PCN will be issued. To me they have admitted that it doesn't CLEARLY state this, but it QUITE clearly states this meaning they are not 100%. I don't know if this is worth mentioning. I personally feel that this is an unfair charge as my wife was genually shopping in the facilities where she was parked. And that it it possible to be exempt from paying if you speak to the shop managers, which isn't stated in there terms and conditions. I have a unique POPLA code, my question is, do i have grounds to continue with my appeal or should i just pay Thank you so much in advance. Zoe2640
  3. Hi, firstly thanks for reading this post!! i'm gonna try and keep this short and simple and skip why its been this late.. the car overstayed in BP petrol station Hatton cross for 11mins from 13:53 to 14:34 on 05/03/17. I received two PCNs from ECP (double dipping?), both identical but with different PCN numbers (my dad did say he left and came back to buy something else). i've been away (dad has no english to deal with this) came back to find a Notice to Keeper from ECP, and debt recovery letters from two different companies. Again, both compaines have sent two identical letters but with only different reference numbers. I've only included one copy of each as they are identical. Here are the dates (each of these have identical letters with different reference numbers): - 10/03 first PCNs received, "pay £60 within 14 days for reduced amount.. or full within 28days etc.." - 30/03 Notice to keeper, "£100 payment should be made within 28 days of the date of this letter" - 09/06 debt collector letter from DRP, "£160 reduced to £136 if paid by 23/06" - 24/07 debt collector letter from Zenith, "£160 reduced to £99.99 if paid within 14 days" see attahced images for more details. A few points: - The evidence is the number plate which is just a black rectangle with the number plate. Is this sufficient? - DRP in their letter saying, "they're [ECP] willing to accept £136 instead of the full amount of £160", but ECP never stated £160. - Zenith also stating, "able to pay reduced amount £99.99 within 14 days or will revert back to £160". ECP have never stated £160 in their letters. Is this something to argue? I've challenged many PCNs before so i had no intention to ignore.. but its come to this stage and i don't know what to do / where to start.
  4. Hi Guys, Another case of NTK for over 3 hour stay at Bishop Centre Taplow from Euro Car parks. I received letter in the post to registered keeper with photo of my number plate at entering and leaving times. Unfortunately my partner did exceed the 3hr free parking time stay there. But done bit of shopping there which would be visible on the bank statement. I am preparing appeal to the ECP in hope they will cancel their invoice. Can you suggest any more legal wording I could add to the below draft? Dear Euro Car Parks As keeper of the vehicle, registration XXXX XXX, I have received your invoice number xxxxxx. The driver at the time tells me that they did substantial shopping at several shops in Bishop Centre and that they are therefore not liable to pay you any money. Please find attached redacted bank statement with charges from Tesco and TK Maxx confirming they were legitimate customers and to substantiate their length of stay on site. I kindly ask you to allow this appeal on above mentioned grounds. Should you decide to reject this appeal, please issue me with a valid POPLA code. At POPLA I shall be requesting breakdown of the genuine pre estimate of loss that you charge must represent. Since it was a free car park and not filled to 75% percent at the time there was no loss. Look forward to hearing from you, Registered Keeper
  5. Hi I got a window invoice on the 22nd of march from ECP in Sainsburys for parking over the white line onto the dashes lines on the end of a row, the ticket was for £30 if paid before 14 days and £60 from 14+ I then received (28 days later) a letter in the post to the registered keep of the vehicle, being me, saying that i owed the full £60 to pay withing 28 days. I haven't contacted ECP but i have contacted Sainsburies as after looking through my bank statement i spent £59.18 the day of the fine and i regularly do a weeks shopping there and that i am discussed that they would give a valued customer a fine. hopefully they will be able to waiver the fine. What should be my course of action if they cannot? should i Appeal the fine to ECP and ask for a POPLA number? what grounds should i use to appeal it?
  6. hi, this is my first visit to this site. on the 31st of july i parked in a car park in govan glasgow for about 3 hrs, which i have done a few times in the past, i returned and drove home. well today i got a threatining letter saying that i now owed £80 because i hadnt payed their fine. there was no ticket on my car when i returned to it, and today was the first time that i was aware of any fine. can i just ignore it, and are scottish laws on this the same as the rest of the uk. should i bother appealing this and threaten them with my trade union lawyers, or just ignore it . thanks
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