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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all, I've taken a policy with eCar insurance for an old, semi-functional rusty Mercedes (800 pounds worth) end of October 2011. It was an impulse buy of a young man with more money than sense I paid about 200 pounds premium as first payment, and it was about 100 per month afterwards. Unluckily to me, due to my taking the policy out so late in the month, the debit date was automatically set to be 27th or so, and in November it failed due to my not having that much before payday on my account. I was living between 2 addresses at the time, moving homes, and I didn't notice it happened until about 2 weeks in, I called and it turned out the policy was already cancelled, because rather than attempt to take the debit again they gave me a posted deadline, and cancelled the policy, so to continue being insured I'd have to take a new policy. I was very unhappy with that because I'd already paid that 200 pound premium, so I just let the car stand for a bit, and then sold it to one of those companies putting fliers behind wipers. The fact that I'd have to pay a cancellation fee on top of that was such an insult to injury to me at the time, that it hasn't properly registered with me it appears, another factor was moving and degraded access to mail at old address. Fast forward 4.5 years, it's April 2015 and for 2 years I've been living in Poland. Earning far less, but close to family is what matters to me at the moment, and I receive an email from CRS debt collection that I owe 800 pounds to eGroup and I can pay by phone, www, etc. Some bullet points 800 pounds is over 1 monthly salary here, of which I have none left by end of month anyway I have more debts in the 8k pounds area which are consolidated with MKDP which I've been repaying over last few years and still do monthly - no complaints there in 2012-2013 I had another car with eCar and at no point was it mentioned that I owed them money I contacted ecar now, and they stated they contacted me on 12/12/2011 about cancellation fee, and 'then in february 2015'. So it seems between 2011 and 2015 they somehow sat on that fee, multiplied it manyfold I imagine (though they were unwilling or unable to tell me how much it was to start with), then tried to contact me again at address I'd left 4 years ago, and gave it to CRS as 745 pounds. For several reasons mentioned above, I am willing to fight in on the beaches, etc etc How to best get the amount to be reasonably equivalent to what it was a penalty for (a car policy cancellation), and then if possible have it spread taking into account my current situation, living in a country with cost of living and earning power far less than those magical self-multiplying into hundreds of pounds debts? Are they realistically able to harm me, abroad, should it take the worst turn? Please help, as it has litterally made me consider moving into a van to finally escape those ridiculous fees forever!
  2. jo_loop

    ecar NCD

    Hello, I had ecar insurance for the past 3 years. They offered me a renewal of more than 3000 a year. I asked for the proof of NCD and they sent me a letter saying that I had 0 years NCD and inviting me to renew. The only incident that I had was when another car hit me from the back while I was stationary at a roundabout. I notified them as I was supposed to, was given ref. no.and told they would contact me if there was any development. They never did. I didn't claim as there was no damage. I tried to contact them now but to no avail. The only companies that offer me 'quite' cheap insurance are underwritten by Souther Rock, same as ecar. They include Asda, Admiral, Diamond, Sheila's Wheels.
  3. hi recenctly posted 20 k debt 17 creditors so im working through my debts and this is debt number 2 of 17 its for £447.3 with ecar insurance for cancelling a car insurance policy last letter dated 8th january 2013. now this is my most recent of all my debts and its a cracker right here goes i took out this insurance on the 28/7/2012 through a price comparison website and stated on the site i had 6 points 2 x sp30s and i proceeded to checkout, checked my details were correct and paid the deposit 1 week later i get my docs and installment schedule and all paerwork to sign and send back i signed and sent back with photocopies of my driving license and just got on with my life stupidly i never checked over the details with a fine tooth comb but i was working 16hrs plus a day on a building job a month later they sent a letter saying i only declared 3 points on my original quote and when they recieved my photocopied licensee it had 6 points on it they were increasing my premium from £2000 to £3000 because they said i tried to falsify my points to get cheaper insurance. which i wouldnt do i live in merseyside and the police are all over car insurance up here it was inportant to get it right with the comparison site in the first place rather than have my van taken etc etc etc i paid them the original £430 deposit in the first place on the comparrison site to get on the road and the next payment was in 14 days for £168.44 then every end of month thereafter the second payment of £168.44 went out 14 days later as agreed a few days later thats when they wrote to me saying i falseified my details etc (wow) they are now gonna charge me 3k for the premium when it started around 2k (extra grand for an extra 3 points i declared in the first place ) and the finace people will write out with a new schedule so that came out and that was for £297.30 per month what a joke from £168 i sent them a cancelation request and hey presto now they're saying i owe £447.3 for cancelling to top it off i deliberately went onto their website and got a quote stating i had 9 points not 6 to see the outcome it come out at £2100 with 6 points more that what they originally said i put through the price comparrison this is a joke PLEASE HELP what should i do they're pulling a fast one here or a fast few ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,ps i have every doc they sent and the finace conpany even my insurance policy HOPE THAT ALL MAKES SENSE IN A NUT SHELL IT WAS 2 K THEN 3K THEN WHEN I PUT 3 POINTS EXTRA AFTER CANCELLING IT WAS £2100
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